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Terra Flora – Where are the Planet Coins? Complete Guide

Where are the Planet Coins at Terra Flora? You may ask… I’ll show you their locations one by one.
All the Planet Coins are rewards for a Quest, so let’s say, just do all the Side Quests you can find and you will get all the Planet Coins! See all Side Quests and how to complete them listed below!

After you’ve collected all the Planet Coins, you will get a Gold Prism as reward. Use this Gold Prism to unlock the Spark branch for any Hero’s Skill Tree.

Album Cover
Blue Coin Challenge
Bridges and Blinkers
Clandestine Cliffs
Corpse de Battle
Dive into Darkmess
Efflorescent Gateway
Green Coin Challenge
In Full Gloom
Magikoopa the Magnificent
Magnafowl Hunt
Obstacles to Victor(y)
Oozer Hunt
Over the Hills and Far Away
Red Coin Challenge
Swallowing Sound
The Riddle of the Engineer’s Guild
The Sluggish and the Puckish
The Warrior and the Windbag
Toad Trouble on Terra Flora
Treasure Hunters
Victor’s Terra Flora Invitational


Get rid of yet another Darkmess Puddle in the south eastern corner of the Top of Everbloom Tree.

The position of the Darkmess Puddle on the map.
Another fight!


The Blue Coin Challenge is inside Mt. Spout. The closest Fast Travel point would be DEPTHS OF MT. SPOUT.
Start the challenge and go down the ramp. Before entering the white pipe, stabilise the upper bridge with WAVE on the purple tile on the floor.
After beating the challenge, you will get the Galactic Atlas: Terra Flora Memory inside a techno crab.

Blue Coin Challenge location
The pipe leading down to the challenge.


We’re going to cross over to the island north of the Everbloom Tree. There is a big purple growth tile on the floor. Use the purple WAVE ability (ZR) multiple times to grow a bridge across.

The location of the purple growth tile.
Use your WAVE ability.

Cross the bridge and use WAVE (ZR) on the purple tile on the floor to stabilise the bridge. Cross the purple bridge and move the big WAVE block with the ladder to the left.

Use the WAVE ability on the purple tile to stabilise the bridge.
Move the WAVE block to the left.

Now you can climb up, dash and take the Egg and use it to destroy the Darkmess Eye.

Grab the egg…
…and destroy the eye.

Now you can go get the square key for the device. But how? You can scan for a bridge between the area where the key is and where the egg was.
Then drop the square key on top of the WAVE block with the ladder attached.

Scan for a bridge near the square key.
Carry it over, drop it onto the WAVE block.

Climb down the ladder, move the WAVE block to the right, climb the ladder up and pick up the square key to put it inside the device.
The barrier drops. But how do you get across the unstable purple bridge?

Move the WAVE block to the right – with the key on top.
Put the square key inside the device.

Go down the ladder and move the WAVE block back to the left. Now cross the stable purple bridge and use WAVE on the big floor tile. This will make the bridge to the Planet Coin stable, but the other one unstable. No problem! You can go to the left and use the yellow scanned bridge to get to the other side. Just climb down the ladder from the WAVE block, move it back to the right, climb it up again and you can now reach the Planet Coin!

Stabilising the Planet Coin Bridge at the top.
Crossing now over the yellow bridge.


North of the TERRA FLORA CENTRAL STATION FLAG, at the cliffs – the world border – is a ladder down. Climb it down and you will see a destructible wall. Use the WAVE power (ZR) to destroy it. There’s a Planet Coin behind it.

Ladder location on the map
The ladder down.
Cracked wall.
Planet Coin container behind it.


At the top of the Everbloom Tree, there is a Squashette guarding a round treasure chest with the WILDWOOD BOWZOOKA Weapon Skin in it.
Fight, win and the Planet Coin is yours together with the Weapon Skin.

The Squashette’s location.
Waiting for a fight.


Inside the Everbloom tree, work your way up to the top right corner of the map. There are two blocks you can destroy with your purple WAVE ability. Inside one of the blocks is another box so you have two in total with one pressure plate. But where is the second pressure plate for the second barrier? There is a wall you can break with your purple WAVE ability just around the corner (marked with an “X” on the map below).

Now you can move both boxes on a pressure plate each and get the Planet Coin inside the propeller container.

The Quest location on the map – destructible wall marked with “X”.
Two barriers in the back.


This Darkmess Puddle is inside Mt. Spout, just below the big red decorative diver. Discover a yellow bridge with your scanner to get to the puddle.
Behind the Puddle is a techno crab with the Mt. Spout Memory.

Darkmess location on the map.
The said Darkmess Puddle.


After you’ve defeated the THE WARRIOR AND THE WINDBAG Darkmess Puddle, you can go down the ramp just there and you will discover Madame Bwahstrella. Complete her challenge to get a Planet Coin.

Madame’s location.
Cozy cave.


For the Green Coin Challenge, travel to the Everbloom Tree Flag inside the Everbloom Tree. Take the ladder down towards the south west and you will be on the right track.

Green Coin Challenge on the map.
Go through the green ring to start.


Fight and defeat the Darkmess Puddle at this location.

Side Quest on the map.
The Darkmess Puddle.


Collect 28 Sparks and you will unlock the pipe at Mt. Spout, near the DEPTHS OF MT. SPOUT FLAG.

The pipe’s location inside Mt. Spout
The pipe


Enter Mt. Spout. Just inside, by the exit, is a Rabbid who seeks help to hunt and fight three Magnafowl (those big black bearlike rabbids).
There are 3 Magnafowl roaming inside the mountain. Two in the lower level and 1 in the upper level. If you can’t find them all, leaving the mountain will reset them.

The quest giver inside Mt. Spout
There’s the quest giver.


Inside the Everbloom Tree, north of the entrace, is a big Darkmess Puddle. Fight it to get the Planet Coin.

The Darkmess Puddle’s location on the map.
Here’s the Puddle.


Just close to the Terra Flora Meadows Flag, there is a Rabbid Farmer who wants you to hunt and fight 3 Oozers. Oozers are the purple green ones that shoot goo towards you. You can find them in the big wide meadows area. It helps if you have freed the whole area from Darkmess Puddles. Roaming enemies reset when you leave the planet. So you can always hunt them down this way if you can’t find all 3 at once.

Side Quest on the map.
Talk to the farmer.


Next to the Everbloom Tree entrance and the big bee, there is a bridge you can grow. You can see a big purple tile at this location. Use ZR multiple times.

Bridge growth location on the map.
The big purple tile on the floor.

Then climb up the only available ladder, where the barrier and the barrier device is.

Moving away the block.
Going up the ladder having a look at the barrier.

Now, climb down the ladder that is hanging on the WAVE block, afterwards use your wave ability again to push the block towards the egg.

Climbing down the WAVE block.
Pushing the WAVE block forward.

You can now climb up to the egg and lower the ladder. Climb this ladder down and move the WAVE block again.

You can now access the egg.
Go down the ladder and move the WAVE block again.

On the other side is another WAVE block. But this one can be used as an elevator. Send it up and put the egg on top.

WAVE block going up!
Just put the egg on top.

Lower the same WAVE block again, pick up the egg and throw it towards the Darkmess Eye. Pick up the blue pyramid barrier key and drop it onto the elevator WAVE block.

There goes the Darkmess Eye!
The Pyramid Key goes on top of the WAVE block.

Raise the WAVE block up and move the other WAVE block back towards where the egg was. Now pick up the Pyramid Key and put it onto the other WAVE block.

Move the block back to the left.
Then put the key on top of it.

Move the WAVE block to the right again. Finally, you can go up the ladder, pick up the Pyramid key and use it on the Barrier Device to get the Planet Coin!

Move the Pyramid key to the right.
Now pick it up and put it into the device.


You can only get to the Red Coin Challenge from higher ground. Travel to the Mt. Spout Station Flag and go to the south. There is a cannon there that takes you straight to the Red Coin Challenge. But remember to drop the TWO ladders…

The cannon you need to take to get there!
South of Mt. Spout Station Flag.


Walk underneath a small tunnel north of Everbloom Tree and you can reach this Darkmess Puddle to fight it.

Just underneath the bridge on the map.
Darkmess Puddle ahead.


Prof. Backback needs help fixing a toy train inside the Everbloom Tree.
You can find the complete walkthrough of the RIDDLE OF THE ENDINEER’S GUILD here.

Prof. Backpack’s location on the map.
Prof. Backpack in front of the riddle.


Grow another bridge with the help of your WAVE ability and a big purple pile on the floor. Check out the TREASURE HUNTERS Side Quest below on how to get here.
Once you’re across you have to defeat yet another Darkmess Puddle! It’s a special one, because you can only fight with Rabbid Rosalina and Rabbid Luigi.

Grow a bridge at this location
Alright, another bridge to a Darkmess Puddle.


This Darkmess Puddle is near the Mt. Spout Station Flag. Fight it to get the Planet Coin. In this fight you have to destroy 20 Darkmess Eyes.
You will fight with EDGE and RABBID MARIO. At the end of the fight, you receive the Steampunk Blade Weapon Skin and the EDGE Memory entry.

Just underneath the bridge on the map.
Darkmess Puddle ahead.


Just by the DEPTHS OF MT. SPOUT FLAG, inside Mt. Spout is a Toad in trouble. Fight the Darkmess Puddle to free it!
Behind the Puddle is also a techno crab with the memory THE DRUIDS’ VISTA.

The Darkmess Puddle’s location on the map.
The Toad needs help!


South of the Terra Flora Central Station Flag, you can enter a cannon and be shot across a chasm.

The location of the cannon on the map.
Enter the cannon to get to the other side.

At the other side, climb the ladder down and use your WAVE ability on the WAVE block to lower it. There is a little cave. Use your yellow scanner and a box appears. Pull the box on top of the WAVE block and send it back up with your purple WAVE ability (ZR).

The box on top of the WAVE block
Ready to move the box onto the pressure plate.

Move the box onto the pressure plate. This will lower the barrier to the Planet Coin. All you need to do now is to climb down the ladder, lower the WAVE block once again and get the Planet Coin.


Victor is also at Terra Flora and wants you to catch his fish again. Succeed to get a Planet Coin.
But first you have to clean away the Darkmess Puddle that is blocking the way to him.

Victor’s location on the map.
Another fish challenge awaits!

Release: October 20th, 2022
Developer: Ubisoft Milan and Paris
Publisher: Ubisoft
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