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How to solve the Riddle of the Engineer’s Guild

The Riddle of the Engineer’s Guild is inside the Everbloom Tree at the “Top of Everbloom Tree Map”. To get there, just head right after you’ve entered and stick to your right until you see Prof. Backpack who needs your help.

| camzillasmomcom
Where to find Prof. Backpack on the map.
| camzillasmomcom
At the start of the riddle.

Enter the riddle to the left of Prof. Backpack and move away the big WAVE block in your way by using the purple ZR ability. It’s an – how I call it – an elevator block.
There is a blue box with train tracks on top of it on the other side. Push it onto the big WAVE block elevator and send it straight back up! But stay on the “not-Prof.-Backpack-side” otherwise you can’t do the puzzle.

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Lowering the big elevator WAVE block…
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…and send it back up with the box on top!

Now go all the way to the top of the riddle. Do you see the big toy train table that is missing some parts? That’s the one you need to fix. Cross the purple, stable bridge and grab the box we’ve just sent up by elevator and pull it on top of the yellow pressure plate. Yes, you can pull it over the purple, stable bridge.

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The toy train and the triangle barrier next to it.
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Move the box we’ve just sent up onto the yellow square pressure plate

The barrier drops and we can now access the purple bridge stabilisation contrals (the big purple tile behind the barrier). Use it once and cross the second bridge over to the little “island” to push the box onto the WAVE block, over the purple bridge. Yes. Over the purple bridge is the right position for this box. If the WAVE block is not over on the right hand side, next to the “island”, go down and move it with your purple ZR ability.

Put this green box onto the triangle pressure plate for now. There it is close to where it has to go.

| camzillasmomcom
Use the stabiliser, make the second bridge stable.
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Cross over and move the box over the purple bridge.

Go down and move the big WAVE block to the left. There is a box at the back of the toy train that is in the wrong position and has to be moved to the front (see first and second screenshot). You can only move it while the big WAVE block is on the left position.

Now you should have the first box in the correct position. Three more to move.

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Moving the first box from the wrong position…
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…around to its proper place.

Now, the one that was in the position we’ve just filled goes to the back position. Move it the same way we just moved the first box. Up, over the WAVE block into the back middle gap (see screenshots).

Now the second box is in position. Two left.

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The second box. Move it up across the barrier…
| camzillasmomcom
…over the WAVE block into the straight piece gap.

Next, I’m moving the blue box with the bend into position. But I have it on the yellow pressure plate. So I first go down and move the WAVE block to the right side next to the “island”. Then, I go up and move the bendy box over the first bridge, and the green box on top of the yellow pressure box. I still need access to the bridge stabiliser purple tile.

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Move the bendy blue box over the first purple bridge…
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…and put the green box onto the yellow pressure plate.

Because now I stabilise the second bridge by using the ZR purple ability on the big purple stabiliser.

I move the blue bendy track box over the now stable second purple bridge and put it on top of the WAVE block. Now I go over to the bridge stabiliser and use it the last time, so the first bridge is stable again. Cross the bridge and go down to move the WAVE block to the left.

Back up again, the bendy blue block can be pushed into its position in the corner (second screenshot).

Now the third box is in position.

| camzillasmomcom
Over the second purple bridge on top of the WAVE block…
| camzillasmomcom
Move the WAVE block to the left and the box into the corner position.

Only the green box left. Push it in the only left gap of the toy train.

You’ve now completed the riddle.

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The last green box…
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Goes into the nearby green gap.

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Developer: Ubisoft Milan and Paris
Publisher: Ubisoft
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