Palette Prime All Memories Locations – Complete List

There are 14 Memories to find at Palette Prime. Here’s where to find them. They are listed here in the same order as they appear in the in-game menu.


This memory entry is in the hills west of the spaceship. The access point to this area is at the small lake south of the spaceship. You need to build a bridge over the lake with your Scan Ability.

Access Point on the map – the lake
Build a bridge over it.

A bit further up, you have to fight the Darkmess near the Woodshed so you can go uphill from there.

Darkmess near the Woodshed on the map
Get rid of the Darkmess

Because it’s here where you can use your Scan Ability again to build a bridge over to the Techno Crab with this memory.

Build the bridge here…
…by using the Scan Ability.


Is Memory is at the Pumpkin Patch east from Paletteville. Don’t know how to get there? Here’s how:

First, there is a Darkmess barrier at the water north from Paletteville. Walk around the big animal snake head nearby to find the square key for the barrier device.

The barrier and the device that needs the square key.
Here it is, behind the snake head.

Now pass the barrier and follow the path up to the right, east of Paletteville. Here, down a ladder is another barrier that requires a triangle key.
Follow the long path north and you will see the triangle key next to a roaming Wildclaw. The device for the triangle is on the path parallel to the one you came to get the key!

Roaming Wildclaw with the triangle to the right.
Triangle and its device

Now you can use the key and go through the barrier towards the south – the Pumpkin Patch. There is a barrier there with a Techno Crab behind it that holds the memory.

The memory location on the map
The crab with the already lowered barrier.

There is a pressure plate behind the crab. Go up to the back of the house. There is a box you can push and drop down onto the pressure plate. Now you can get the memory.

Box location at the house.
Drop the box down onto the pressure plate.


Just above the beautiful pond in the Spellbound Woods is a little alcove behind the bushes. Here is a little techno crab with this memory.

Memory location
The crab behind the bushes.


Go back down to the underground passageway you have to take from Woodrow’s house to Paletteville. Coming from Woodrow’s house, you cross the first yellow bridge. Then, go down to where you had to move the first plate onto the pressure plate. Cross the bridge, and in a little cave is the techno crab with the memory.

Deep inside the well…
The bridge going to the left.


There is something well hidden inside the Abandoned Well in the Spellbound Woods.
Go down the long, curved wooden path inside. In the middle of it stop and focus on the left. There is a “Wave” Plant you can destroy and then you can go further to the left. That’s odd. So when you scan the area, you’ll get a bridge leading to the left to a Darkmess Puddle.

Fight it and you can also get the memory from the techno crab.

Cross the bridge to the right.
The techno crab inside the little cave.


Beat the Blue Coin Challenge and you will get this memory.

Memory location
Just beat the Blue Coin challenge


You can buy 3 memories for 2 Planet Coins each at the Shop. They’re called Depleters, Medicians, Ghostly Walkers


Complete the THE FALLEN KING Story Quest to get this Memory.

Quest Start
Quest End


Do the “The Princess and the Prima Donna” Side Quest: From the Spellbound Woods Entrance Flag, walk east, where you can climb a ladder to fight a Darkmess Puddle. The fight is to be fought only with Princess Peach and Rabbid Peach.

The Darkmess Puddle on the map
Time for a little fight…


Complete the Side Quest THE KID AND THE KING in the town centre to get this memory.

Quest Start
Quest End


Complete the first part of the Spark Quest: A DRYAD’S DREAM to get this memory. It is the follow-up quest from the BURY THE HATCHET Spark Quest.

Quest Start
Sweetlopek’s waiting for us.


Similar as with the previous memory, you now have to complete the Spark Quest: A DRYAD’S DREAM to get this memory. It is the follow-up quest from the BURY THE HATCHET Spark Quest.

Quest Start
Sweetlopek’s waiting for us.

Release: October 20th, 2022
Developer: Ubisoft Milan and Paris
Publisher: Ubisoft
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Guides by camzillasmom.

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