Barrendale Mesa – Where are the Planet Coins? Complete Guide

Where are the Planet Coins at Barrendale Mesa? You may ask… I’ll show you their locations one by one.
All the Planet Coins are rewards for a Quest, so let’s say, just do all the Side Quests you can find and you will get all the Planet Coins! See all Side Quests and how to complete them listed below!

After you’ve collected all the Planet Coins, you will get a Gold Prism as reward. Use this Gold Prism to unlock the Spark branch for any Hero’s Skill Tree.

A “Fowl” Attraction
A Lost Art
Barren Gateway
Be a Depleter Defeater
Blue Coin Challenge
Build Bridges
Cannon Front
Courageous Duo
Darkmess, Uncontained
Desert Highway Darkmess
Gate to the Abandoned Settlement
Generator Investigator
Green Coin Challenge
Launch Site Secrets
Magikoopa Hunt
Red Coin Challenge
Spellraiser Hunt
Stuck at Work
The Brawn and the Brain
Riddle of Barrendale Mesa
Toadette Trouble
Victor’s Barrendale Mesa Invitational
Worksite Hazard


This is the Quest with the locked pipe. You’ll need all the available Sparks (30 Sparks) to do this.
The access point to this golden pipe is where you did the long bridge puzzle in the Story Quest to drop the ladder of the crane.

You can scan for a bridge across to the golden pipe.

Defeat the Giant Magnafowl.

Access point on the map
The golden pipe in the distance.
Scan for a bridge across…
… to get to the pipe.


In the south east of the Barrendale Mesa Map is a statue with a missing head next to a clogged white pipe. You need to find the head.

The location of the statue on the map
The Quest Giver.

Next to the quest giver is a big purple tile on the floor that you can use to stabilise the bridge. Do so and cross it.
Just after you’ve crossed, notice the rock with the yellow whirl on it. When you scan ist, it will point to the left. Scan this area to the left and you will discover a ladder.

Use the bridge stabiliser…
…then scan for a ladder up.

Ignore the blue pyramid key for now and climb up the other ladder.

Next to the quest giver is a big purple tile on the floor that you can use to stabilise the bridge. Do so and cross it.

Ignore the Pyramid Key for now.
Instead take the other ladder up.

At the top of this ladder you can scan for a yellow bridge across. Cross this bridge and slide down.
Here you can drop a ladder and also destroy a big block with your WAVE ability (ZR). Destroy this block.

Scan for a bridge and go across.
Then destroy the big block in your way.

The item on the other side is just a distraction. You can actually scan for another yellow bridge and cross it.
On the other side is a bridge stabiliser tile on the floor. Use it.

Scan for another bridge and go across.
Use the bridge stabiliser tile.

Now you can go and pick up that pyramid key. Carry it over the nearby stable and purple bridge to put it inside the device. The pipe is now open.

Pick up the Pyramid Key…
…and carry it over the bridge to the device.

Next to the now open pipe is the statue’s head. Pick it up, slide down the pipe and put it on the statue’s shoulders.
The Planet Coin container appears and you are one coin richer.

Pick up the head of the statue…
…slide down the pipe and make it whole again.


Madame Bwhastrella has another Dimensional Drift for you. Defeat it and you get this Planet Coin.

Madame Bwahstrella on the map.
The entrance to her house.


In the west of the Barrendale Mesa Map is a lonely Defeater guarding a round treasure box with the Speedway Kaboomer Weapon Skin in it.

The Depleter’s location on the map.
There it is in the distance…


South of the crane is the usual blue pipe. Slide it down and do the challenge. It’s all about building bridges with the ZR ability stabiliser. There is also a Techno Crab as reward with the GALACTIC ATLAS: BARRENDALE MESA as reward.

The blue pipe’s location on the map.
Enter it and do the challenge.


South west of the Barrendale Mesa Map are a couple of barriers that need to be taken down to get a Planet Coin and here’s how to do it.

Quest location start on the map.
Barrier in front and the white pipe to the right.

Take the pipe up. At the other end, jump down onto the purple bridge. Turn right and jump down on the ground floor. You’re now at the other side the of the Darkmess Barrier.

Jump down from the top of the white pipe.
And from there, jump down on the ground floor.

There is one WAVE block that you can use as an “elevator”. Send it down with your ZR purple WAVE ability and push the nearby box on top of it. Send the “elevator” WAVE block with the box on it back up!

Calling the WAVE block elevator down!
… and sending it back up with the box!

Next, we have to drop the barrier. Walk underneath the big purple bridge. On the other side you’ll find the yellow cube key for the Barrier Device. Carry it to the device and place it inside.

Get the yellow cube key from around the corner.
And drop the barrier with it.

Next to the barrier device is a big purple tile on the floor. It’s a bridge stabiliser. Use your ZR ability on it.
Then, go through where the barrier was and use the white pipe again. Jump down! You will fall through the first bridge onto the one below.

Use the bridge stabiliser.
Go back up and jump onto the bridge below.

Cross the bridge and use the bridge stabiliser on the other side. Now you can push the box over to the blue pressure plate.

Another bridge stabiliser to use here.
Bush the box over the bridge onto the pressure plate.

Use the bridge stabiliser again and cross over to where you can jump down on the ground floor.

And again, the bridge stabiliser.
Cross over and jump down to ground floor.

At ground floor, use again the stabiliser. Then, go up the white pipe, jump down onto the bridge and go get the Planet Coin!

This time the ground floor bridge stabiliser.
Up again onto the purple brige.


To get to this area, you have to complete the TORTURED ARTIST Spark Quest.

Quest Start location on the map
Lower the Bridge WAVE block.

Cross the bridge, dash and pick up the egg. Then, on the same ground level, go over to the Eye, as close as possible and throw the Egg. The Eye should be highlighted. Then you know it will work.

Pick up the egg…
… and use it to destroy the Eye.

Now the ramp is free from Darkmess and you can go down. Move the WAVE block to the left with your purple ZR ability so you can access the white pipe above.

The ramp is now free.
Move the WAVE block to the left.

You can now climb up the ladder and use the pipe to the other side.
Here you can jump down to a movable box and a ladder you can drop down. Do so and climb down the ladder.

Up and through the pipe.
Down at the other side.

Next, we’re going to move this box onto the WAVE block. Move the WAVE block on ground floor to the right, go up the ladder to push the box onto the WAVE block. Go down again and move it, now with the box on top, to the left.

Move the WAVE block to the right…
…and with the box to the left again.

Pull the box along the yellow strip all the way to the other side.
Lower another WAVE block to push it onto the yellow pressure plate.

Moving the box along the yellow strip.
Lower the WAVE block and you can get it on the other side.

The barrier to the device is now dropped. We now need a blue pyramid key for it. Lower the WAVE block below the pyramid barrier. The Pyramid key is behind it. Raise the other WAVE block (the first one we lowered to pull the box to the pressure plate) so you can get to the device. Carry the pyramid and drop it onto the WAVE block close to the pressure plate. Then send it back up. Make sure you’re standing on the same side as the pressure plate.

The Pyramid is behind this WAVE block.
Put it on this WAVE block and send it up.

Now you can go up the ladder, pick up the Pyramid and put it into the device to lower the barrier.
Go down and raise the WAVE block near the barrier, where the Pyramid was. Otherwise you will realise, like me below, you can’t get the Planet Coin, after you’re scanned for the bridge!

Open the propeller container near the cannon to get the Planet Coin.

Pick up the Pyramid and put it into the device.
Scan for a bridge across.


North east of the crane is another Darkmess Puddle. It’s a special one, since you’re only allowed to fight with Mario and Edge.
As reward you’ll get the Steampunk Dual Slinger Weapon Skin and the Mario memory

The Darkmess north east of the crane.
Free Barrendale!


Get rid of the Darkmess Puddle south of the crane. You can only reach this puddle when you move the container blocking this passage away with the crane.

The Darkmess Puddle on the map.
Get rid of it – again!


Free the Highway in the centre from the Darkmess Puddle!

The Darkmess Puddle on the map.
Free the Highway!


Free the Gate to the Abandoned Settlement from the Darkmess Puddle!

The Gate on the map.
Free the Gate!


South of the Windmill is a green pressure plate, a green line where you normally could push or pull a box – but no box!
Go to the end of the green line and use your scanner (ZL). A box appears…

Location of the box on the map.
Scan for the box here!

Push the box over the edge, onto the pressure plate. The nearby barrier opens. Behind it is a battery.

The box onto the pressure plate.
The battery behind the barrier.

Enter the nearby white pipe with the battery in your hands and put it into the device at the other end (see second screenshot).

Enter the pipe with the battery.
… and put it in here.


Take the white pipe up from down below to be able to start this Green Coin Challenge.

Challenge start on the map.
Go through the ring to start.


North east of the Barrendale Mesa Map is an area with a Darkmess Eye…
Climb up the ladder and enter the cannon to start.

Quest location on the map.
The Darkmess Eye has to go!

First of all not essential for this quest but still useful: drop the ladder for easier access.
Then, scan the area! There are footsteps leading to a hidden ladder down. Climb down this ladder.

Drop the ladder near the barrier for easier access.
Then scan for footsteps and the ladder down.

Use your WAVE ability (ZR) on the lowered WAVE block so it’s up and you have a bridge across to the yellow cube key.
Pick it up and drop it on the WAVE block.

Raise the WAVE block with your ZR ability.
Go up and drop the cube on top of the same WAVE block.

Go back down, lower the WAVE block, pick up the cube and put it inside the nearby device. This will drop the barrier to the only spot where you can throw the egg at the Darkmess Eye. Now go back up but make sure you raise the WAVE block again so you can cross over on top.

Placing the cube into the device.
Going back up to the other WAVE block…

Move this WAVE block too, so you can use it as bridge. Then, go up to the Darkmess Egg by climbing the ladder up. Dash and pick up the Egg.

Move the other WAVE block with your ZR ability.
Then go up to pick up the egg.

With the egg, slide down the nearby ramp and go up where the barrier was. From here you can throw the egg onto the Darkmess Eye.
Don’t forget to pick up the Planet Coin in the propeller container.

With the egg, slide down the ramp.
Throw it from the platform up here.


Just north of the garage is a Rabbid who needs help hunting and defeating 3 Magikoopa’s.
They are the ones that look like magicians and you can find them all over the Barrendale Mesa Map.
If you are struggling to find all 3 of them, travelling off planet or to another map and come back resets them.

The Quest’s location on the map.
The Quest Giver Rabbid.


The Red Coin Challenge is just behind the Gate to the Abandoned Settlement in the east of the Barrendale Mesa map.
For this challenge, you have to take the cannon right after you’ve gone through the red ring and then run around the settlement. The last two rings are behind the white pipe.

Location of the Red Coin Challenge
The red ring just next to the cannon.


In the centre south of the crane map, there is a Rabbid who wants you to hunt down three Spellraisers.
The Spellraisers are those floating Rabbids with the purple hair.

Side Quest location on the map.
Quest Giver.


There is a Planet Coin inside the container that the crane moves. Use the crane controls to rotate the crane to the left.
Now you can Fast Travel to the BARRENDALE WINDMILL FLAG and go down with the green pipes. Use your ZR ability to open the container where the crack is at the back.

The container’s location on the map.
The green container with the crack.


The Brawn and the Brain is a Darkmess Puddle right next to the Secret Zone Door. Get rid of it!
This is a survival fight with Bowser and Luigi over 6 rounds.
You’ll get the Steampunk Bowzooka and the Bowser Memory.

Darkmess location on the map.
Another Darkmess!


South of the crane is the Riddle of Barrendale Mesa:

Riddle location on the map.
Prof. Backpack

This is how you need to rotate:


Toadette is stuck inside a Darkmess Puddle. The access point is where the Side Quest A LOST ART is. Do this one first and you know how to get to Toadette. Fight the Darkmess to get the Planet Coin.

Toadette ‘s location on the map.
There she is. Stuck in the Darkmess.


Here we go again. Catch the fish like you did before and you get a Planet Coin!

Victor’s location on the map.
Victor and his challenge!


Clean the Darkmess Puddle north of the crane.

Darkmess location on the map.
Ugh… not again!

Release: October 20th, 2022
Developer: Ubisoft Milan and Paris
Publisher: Ubisoft
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