Tortured Artist – Spark Quest Walkthrough

Here’s what you need to do to get the Scoper Master Spark from the Tortured Artist at Barrendale Mesa.

Quest location on the map
The Tortured Artist

To start this quest, look for yellow footsteps not far from the Artist (see arrow in screenshot). Use your scanner (ZL) to follow them to a wall. They walk up the wall!

Footsteps pointed out by a red arrow.
Footsteps going up.

Of course we can’t walk up the wall. So we go up the normal way – the path we came from to meet the Artist. Up here, scan the ledge and you will find the footsteps again. They lead to a rocky bridge that goes over the area where the Artist is.

Footsteps leading from the ledge away.
And to the rocky bridge.

Cross the bridge and go all the way to the back, where you meet the Artist again. Scan for a bridge that goes to the area to the left.
Enter it (this area is closed off if you don’t do this quest) and you will discover an Egg to destroy a Darkmess Eye and a WAVE block at the back that you can move with your WAVE ability (ZR).

Scan for a bridge going to the left.
There is an egg on the ground floor.

Dash and pick up the egg. Then go to the big WAVE block at the back and move it away (ZR ability) so you can walk to the other side.

Pick up the Egg.
Walk with it past the WAVE block.

Go with it all around until you’re standing in front of the same WAVE block again but at the other side.
Move the WAVE block away from there and you discover a white pipe. Take it up and throw the egg at the Darkmess Eye from there.

Move the WAVE block away from the other side.
Go up the pipe with the Egg and destroy the eye from there.

The Darkmess has disappeared and you can now go down to access the other WAVE block. Move it down with your purple ZR ability and you’ll discover a blue ball key on the other side. Pick it up and drop it right on the top of the WAVE block and send it back up with the ball.

Drop down the WAVE block to see the blue ball key.
Put it on top of the WAVE block, send it up.

Take the ladder up and pick up the ball. There is another WAVE block you can move down. Behind it, you can scan for a yellow bridge and finally reach the Darkmess Barrier Device. Put the ball in to be able to reach the white pipe at the top of the area.

Pick up the key and go straight ahead to the device.
Scan for a bridge at the end so you can cross over.

Now we need to go to the pipe. Don’t forget to raise the last WAVE block again before you go there, otherwise you can’t get to the white pipe! Now walk the same way as you did with the egg to destroy the eye and take the ladder up to the top to get to the white pipe.

Raise the WAVE block again behind you.
Now you can reach the white pipe at the top.

Slide through the pipe and continue to follow the yellow footsteps. Scan for a yellow bridge and cross it.

You can now follow the footsteps again.
Cross the chasm by scanning for a bridge.

At the other side, all you need to do is destroy the Darkmess Puddle. In the fight, you have to get rid of all the Darkmess Eyes before they destroy Dada…
Scoper Master Spark will join your team.

Fight the Darkmess at the other end.
Destroy 14 Darkmess Eyes.

Release: October 20th, 2022
Developer: Ubisoft Milan and Paris
Publisher: Ubisoft
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom

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