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All Possible Choices with Consequences - Chapter 3

All Choices with Consequences
The choices you make and how they are shown at the end of the chapter.
Here, they are in the order of appearance in Chapter 3.


Location: The Black Lantern
Ryan: You're the only tiebreaker we have...

A) Alex chose Steph to distract Diane
B) Alex chose Ryan to distract Diane


Location: The Black Lantern
Alex: What's the best way to rile her up?

A) Alex made Diane sad
B) Alex made Diane angry


Location: The Black Lantern
Student Customer and the Earworm

- Scan the student customer with Alex' power. She has an earworm called "Where are you girl from Rome".
- Ask Steph and Ryan about it.
- Ask Jeb about it.
- Take the CD at the cash register behind the bar.
- Use it on the Jukebox.
- Play it. It's called "Alabaster Daydreams" from Think of the Children
- Scan the student again.

A) Alex helped the student focus on her work
B) Alex didn't play the song stuck in the student's head


Location: Home
Turntable - listen to some music (album choice matters)

A) Alex listened to Kings of Leon in the apartment
B) Alex listened to Sugar Pie Riot in the apartment
C) Alex listened to Brianna Lilac in the apartment
D) Alex didn't play a record


Location: Rooftop
Weed two garden plots

A) Alex did some weeding on the rooftop
B) Alex didn't weed the rooftop garden


Location: Haven Main Road (LARP)
Look at the gem poster in the tavern. Answer the question with the heroes names, not the gem names to get it right.

A) Alex and Ethan solved the Jester's riddle
B) Alex and Ethan didn't solve the Jester's riddle


Location: Haven Main Street (LARP)
There is a poster in the record store about the ingredients he needs.
Iron, Goblin Ore, Fire Powder

A) Alex and Ethan helped the Blacksmith with his work
B) Alex and Ethan didn't tell the Blacksmith the ingredients


Location: Haven Alley (LARP)
Ethan: It's gonna attack. What do you want to do?

A) The serpent was slain in battle.
B) The serpent was put to sleep (with the bell from the Black Lantern's Gnome)


Location: Flower Shop

A) Riley found out about Eleanor's dementia
B) Riley doesn't know about Eleanor's condition.


Location: Haven Bridge (LARP)
Ethan: What do you think we should do?

A) The troll was killed in battle.
B) The troll took Alex' bribe.
C) The troll was subdued with magic powder (from the record store)


Location: Park (LARP)
Stormwrither: You fools! You have collected the jewels I need and brought them right to me.

A) King Tabor was vanquished in the final battle
B) King Tabor vowed to return for his revenge


Location: LARP
Overall Results

A) Ethan and Alex were never knocked out in battle
B) Ethan was knocked out in battle
C) Alex was knocked out in battle
D) Both Ethan and Alex were knocked out in battle.


Location: Dispensary
Alex: What would that do to her? What would it do to me? And even if I can, should I?

A) Alex took Charlotte's anger from her
B) Alex left Charlotte with her anger


Location: Home

A) Steph helped Alex find out what Typhon was up to
B) Steph stormed out of the apartment

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