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All possible choices with or without consequences - Chapter 3

All Choices - Chapter 3: Monster or Mortal
The choices are numbered by order of appearance. Starting with the chapter number divided by a point. E.g. 1.16
The choice itself has two or more choices. Those get letters A), B), C)
Choices with consequences are marked in yellow

Based on previous choices, questions and choice introductions can be different.


Location: The Black Lantern
Steph: You have a superpower? You're both f***ing with me, right?

A) Not f***ing  with you.
B) Wouldn't call it that...


Location: The Black Lantern
Steph: Oh s***! The foosball game! You knew exactly what to do.

A) Sorry.
B) You needed it.


Location: The Black Lantern
Student Customer and the Earworm

- Scan the student customer with Alex' power. She has an earworm called "Where are you girl from Rome".
- Ask Steph and Ryan about it.
- Ask Jeb about it.
- Take the CD at the cash register behind the bar.
- Use it on the Jukebox.
- Play it. It's called "Alabaster Daydreams" from Think of the Children
- Scan the student again.


Location: The Black Lantern
Ryan: Well, we have two plans, actually. But we're still workshopping them.

A) Workshopping?
B) Two is good.


Location: The Black Lantern
Ryan: Look, Steph, I don't even think she's gay, alright? She's probably into the rugged, mountain man type. All the transplants are.

A) These ideas suck.
B) Let's keep workshopping.


Location: The Black Lantern
Ryan: You're the only tiebreaker we have...

A) Steph
B) Ryan


Location: The Black Lantern
Alex: What's the best way to rile her up?

A) Help me. For Gabe's sake.
B) I know you're responsible.


Location: Home
Steph: It wouldn't be the first time.

A) That was hilarious.
B) That was terrifying.


Location: Home
Steph: Grab your hat and meet me at the park. And don't forget your guitar, okay?

A) Keep the hat?
B) Guitar? Really?


Location: Home
Turntable - listen to some music (album choice matters)

A) Yes
B) No


Location: Home
Locked Desk drawer - key is in the chest

A) Unlock
B) Leave as is


Location: Rooftop
Weed two garden plots

A) Do it
B) Don't


Location: Haven Docks
Alex: Okay. So maybe this wasn't the most subtle idea, but...

A) Do it for me?
B) Do it for Gabe?
C) Do it for Steph?


Location: Haven Docks
Ethan: Yeah! Especially my mom. She always looks so sad because I'm, like, bummed out, but... I can't just pretend.

A) Sure you can.
B) Then don't.


Location: Park (LARP)
Alex: Oh. Sure.

A) Horde of ogres.
B) Ancient kraken.


Location: The Black Lantern (LARP)
Old Gnome: Fellow survivors, I see!

A) Who are you?
B) Are you hurt?


Location: The Black Lantern (LARP)
Alex: I see you've poured yourself some ale...

A) On the house!
B) "Ned" will hear of this.


Location: Haven Main Road (LARP)
Look at the gem poster in the tavern. Answer the question with the heroes names, not the gem names to get it right.

A) Wrong Answer
B) Right Answer


Location: Haven Alley (LARP)
Ethan: It's gonna attack. What do you want to do?

A) Bell (Get it in the tavern)
B) Scare.
C) Calm
D) Fight!


Location: Record Store (LARP)
Alex: Would you consider giving us that sapphire...

A) For my hand in marriage?
B) For free?
C) For one gold?


Location: Haven Main Street (LARP)
There is a poster in the record store about the ingredients he needs.
Iron, Goblin Ore, Fire Powder

A) Don't tell him
B) Tell him


Location: Haven Bridge (LARP)
Ethan: What do you think we should do?

A) Dust (from the record store)
B) Threaten.
C) Bribe.
D) Fight!


Location: Haven Bridge (LARP)
Ryan: Anything else?

A) Help our quest.
B) That's all.
C) Say something nice.


Location: Park (LARP)
Ethan: Can I really take it?

A) Notheria said so.
B) Use it for good.


Location: Park (LARP)
Thaynor: Bard! A song, if you please!

A) Monsters, beware.
B) Prophecy fulfilled.


Location: Park (LARP)
Stormwrither: You fools! You have collected the jewels I need and brought them right to me.

A) Defy Stormwrither.
B) Encourage Thaynor.


Location: Park (LARP)
Thaynor: I can't believe what just happened.

A) Epic.
B) Scary.
C) Fun.


Location: Park (LARP)
Larp Results

A) No one was knocked out in battle.
B) Ethan was knocked out in battle.
C) Alex was knocked out in battle.
D) Both were knocked out in battle.


Location: Dispensary
Charlotte: God, Alex. Don't mind me, okay? Just... a lot going on.

A) You do have a lot going on.
B) I don't mind.


Location: Dispensary
Charlotte: You're really sweet. But I'm okay. Thanks for swinging by. I'll see you at the festival?

A) You sure?
B) Really okay?


Location: Dispensary
Charlotte: I can deal with hating Ryan, or you, or even Gabe. But Ethan... If he had just listened, Gabe would still be alive. It all comes back to that.

A) Your feelings matter.
B) Your actions are what matters.


Location: Dispensary
Alex: What would that do to her? What would it do to me? And even if I can, should I?

A) Leave her alone.
B) Take Charlotte's anger.

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