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Easy Guide for all Collectibles on Bespin! 100% Planet!

The easy Guide for all Collectibles on Bespin! Here’s everything to achieve 100% of the Space and Planet.

All subsections are alphabetically ordered by the Mission Name in the Holographic Menu. If you are looking for a specific mission, check their Mission Name in your Holographic Menu.
Space is at the start of the guide, followed by the Cloud City.

Here’s the fast access:

Bespin Space
Cloud City
Side Missions

Space – All Collectibles

Kyber Brick Comet

The Kyber Brick Comet is flying in Bespin’s orbit. Shoot it down, grants 5 Kyber Bricks.

Kyber Brick Comet

Space Chaser – Challenge

Destroy the golden Ship in Bespin’s Orbit!

Cloud City – All Collectibles

Cloud City has a Datacard, 5 Characters. 3 Ships and 23 Kyber Brick Collectibles. They are either rewards for Side Missions, Puzzles, Trials or Challenges.

Some of them are locked and need to be unlocked by another Mission. Either on the same planet or on another planet. Please check your Holographic Menu / Holoprojector.


The Datacard is on the second level. There is a crack in the wall below the upper level. Destroy the wall with a Scavenger’s Breaker Blaster and use the orange bars to grapple over to pick up the Datacard.

Datacard Location on the map – Access point
Cracked wall ahead with orange climbing bars visible below.

All Side Missions – 100%

Alphabetically by Side Mission Name
It’s easy to find the location of the mission giver, when you select the Side Mission in the Holo menu.

I Spy Cream

Talk to Willrow Hood at the Apartment Building on the 3rd level.

Mission-giver location on the map
Willrow Hood

Escort Willrow Hood and fight off attackers.
At some stage he’ll stop and you have to speak to his contact and then to Willrow.

Reward: Willrow Hood – Character

Mist Hunter Mystery

Talk to Zuckuss on the forth level.

Mission-giver location on the map

Travel to Tatooine – Space
In Space, there is a ship with a blue mission marker. Talk to the captain.

Travel to Tatooine – Jundland Wastes
Talk to Zuckuss at the Landing Pad and follow him.
Defeat attackers on the way.
He’ll stop at a ship, where you can talk to 4-LOM. Pay him for the ship.
Talk to Zuckuss again.

Reward: Zuckuss – Character, Mist Hunter – Ship

TechSpan Your Mind

Talk to E-3PO at the 3rd level of Central Plaza.

Mission-giver location on the map

Follow the mission marker and talk to the citizens with the green bubbles.
Return to E-3PO after finding the information you need.
Follow him to a shop and talk to the shopkeeper.
Talk to E-3PO

Reward: E-3PO – Character

The Final Beldon

Talk to the Ugnaught Foreman near the Admin Building at the top level.

Mission-giver location on the map
Ugnaught Foreman

Go to the mission marker and destroy the weird flying squids.

Reward: Ugnaught – Character

Womp Ratatouille

Talk to Lobot at the lowest level of Cloud City.

Mission-giver location on the map

Travel to Tatooine – Jundland Wastes
There are two womp rats in the red circle near the Landing Pad. You’ll see a red dot in the mini map after you found one.
Just fight them and collect them.
The other three are in the next area near the Sarlacc Pit.

Return to Lobot when you have them.

Reward: Lobot – Character

All Puzzles – 100%

Alphabetically by Puzzle Name
It’s easy to find the location of the puzzle, when you select it in the Holo menu.


At the bottom level of Cloud City is a shop where you’ll see this light puzzle with five buttons.
On the other side is a broken terminal for a Protocol Droid. You can fix it by first destroying the machine next to the broken terminal and then build a new one with the parts.
Now use the terminal with a Protocol Droid and take over the droid on the other side. Destroy the boxes in the room with the other Protocol Droid and you will get to see an panel with green lights. That’s the code: 3 – 1- 2 – 1 – 3
Inside the room is also a password terminal.

Another light puzzle

Bespin Blast

Shoot four targets before time is running out to get the Kyber Brick locked near Central Plaza. The screenshot shows the targets highlighted with arrows, not the shooting position. To shoot, best stand in front of the Kyber Brick Box.

Arrows point to the targets

Bespin Bruisers

Fight the Troopers in the Shopping District. Then use the terminal by the door with a Villain.
Enter the building called Occupied Shop.
Inside, pull the lever and fight the Troopers until time has run out.
Now you can go get the keys to your new ship.
Reward: Imperial Sentinel Landing Transport – Ship

Between the Walls

Near the Admin Building in the south of the map, on fourth level, there is a wall you can cut open with a Jedi or Dark Force character.

Cloud Climbing

On the third level of the shopping district, in the north east corner, there is a whole parkour wall ready to be discovered by you!
To start it up, destroy the boxes on ground level and you will find a Lever. Push it. This will activate the moving platforms.
It’s time to climb up to the Kyber Brick! The Brick is inside the first lever you pull, not the one you see on the screenshot.
Just work your way up and you’ll get it automatically.

The tree boxes on ground level that hide the lever.

Cloud City Climber

For this Kyber Brick you need to use the grapple bar at Central Plaza, west of the Brick (screenshot).
Grapple up with a Hero or Bounty Hunter and walk on the ledge of the building to a platform, where you can grapple-climb up until you’re above the Kyber Brick. Now you just have to let yourself drop down.

The grapple bar access point.

Cloud City Crasher

At the Centre Plaza, there is a high round platform, where you can grapple up to on a long orange bar.
On this platform is a crashed golden ship. Destroy it with a Bounty Hunter’s Blaster.
Reward: YT-2400 Light Freighter

The round platform with the grapple bar ahead.

Cloud City Creeper

Just walk along the outside of the Admin Building to get to the Kyber Brick.


Use a Scavenger and Glide over to the round platform at Central Plaza, where the Kyber Brick is.

Gliding Point, Kyber Brick at the back.

Continued Cloud Climbing

This is the follow up for the above “Cloud Climbing” Puzzle. This puzzle here is the Kyber Brick you see on the screenshot. So, go climbing – again.

Dark Cloud

Go to the same location as for Cloudsurfing. But instead of gliding over with a Scavenger, stay on the ledge where the Glide spot is and let yourself drop down on the lower ledge at the very left. Now you can walk over to the Kyber Brick.

Droid Pad-a-Fan

At the Shopping District, there is a man complaining that his shop is full of poisonous gas.
Enter the shop with a Droid of any kind. The “shop” is called Gas Control Station.
Inside is an Astromech Terminal. Use it with an Astromech Droid and the energy shields over the buttons on the floor will disappear.
But there are six buttons. No way you can do that with just two characters.
In the room are two golden terminals that can be operated by a Protocol Droid to control a droid each. Put those two droids on two buttons.
Now there are only four buttons left. Push those with two pulled apart Protocol Droids.

If the droids are buggy – which happened in my case – you can use Darth Vader (he can breathe in gas) and force-lift the boxes around the shop onto the buttons too.

The six buttons.

It’s Raining Bricks

You can either stack up a staircase to this Kyber Brick high up at the Shopping District, or be lazy: Jump down from the bridge above.

Key to the Clouds

There is a shop at the bottom level of Cloud City. The Kyber Brick is locked inside a room and requires a key card.
Look on the mini map. The key card is not far – in the other room – behind a pillar.

Porch Light

The Kyber Brick is above the entrance to the bottom level shop. Destroy the boxes covering it, but also destroy a plant to the right of the entrance. It hides a ladder up.

The ladder to the left was hidden by a plant.

Refinery Repairs

Talk to the man repairing a shop entrance on the third level of Cloud City.
Destroy the boxes around the blocked entrance and you can build an Astromech Terminal. Use it with an Astromech Droid.
Now you can enter the shop and stand on the two buttons on the floor with one character each to get the Kyber Brick.

Secret Shopper

There is a shop at the bottom level of Cloud City that has a locked door with a Kyber Brick. The button to open this door is on top of the entrance arch. Use the two boxes inside the shop to build a staircase with a Jedi or Dark Force character. Get up to the button and push it.

All ready to go push the button.

Silver Lining

A big silver chest is waiting for a Villain’s grenade near the Admin Building…

Stuck in the Clouds

Use the Red Terminal with a Villain at the entrance of the Apartment Building and enter.
Inside the Apartment is a man locked inside a room. Talk to him.
Destroy the central silver sculpture with a Villain’s grenade and build a golden Terminal that requires a password.
Pick up the password with a Protocol Droid at the shop where you can solve the Be-3PO puzzle.
Now you can enter the Password “Residence Closet” at the Password Terminal in the Apartment.

Switch Snitch

The button to open the locked Kyber Brick is behind it. Just jump on the ledge and look down.

Sneaky switch!

Target Troubles

Enter the building in the Shopping District called Cloud Pretty Apparel.
Stand on the button in the center of the room and shoot all nine targets to get the Kyber Brick.
The targets are protected with an energy shield but the center platform with the button will go up. As soon as you reach the target’s hight, the energy shield of the target will go down.

Under Capacity

This door near the Admin Building has two slots for two missing energy cells. Both of them are visible on the Mini Map as pluggables (purple-pink item)
One of them is hidden behind some destructible boxes on ground level.
The second one is inside a shop sign above the closed entrance. Shoot the sign and it reveals an orange plug and the energy cell.
Pull the plug with a Hero or Bounty Hunter to free the energy cell.

Inside is another door that needs another two energy cells. They’re outside. One of them is inside an advert you can destroy and the other one high up behind an orange bar (screenshot).

Arrows show the location of another two Energy Cells.

Up in the Clouds

The Kyber Brick is up at the top of a spire at Central Plaza. Grapple-climb up to get it.

Welcome to Cloud City!

Shoot two nets with the Scavenger’s Net Launcher to get up to this Kyber Brick.

The frames for the Net Launcher nets.

Willing and Cable

Destroy everything on and around this “cable artwork” next to the locked Kyber Brick.
You will discover an Astromech Terminal but you can also build some cables either to the left, center or right.
Build the cables to the left and use the Terminal with an Astromech Droid.
While the power travels you have to destroy the cables and build them again until it reaches the next Astromech Terminal.
Here’s the order where to build the cables: Left – Middle – Left

Use the second Astromech Terminal with an Astromech Droid.
Here’s the order where to build the cables now: Right – Middle – Right.
Now you have the Kyber Brick.

Constantly rebuild those cables!

All Challenges – 100%

Alphabetically by Challenge Name
It’s easy to find the location of the Trial, when you select it in the Holo menu.

Mouse Droid Hunt

Here are the Mouse Droids:

#1 – Fourth Level, west side of the Admin Building
#2 – Fourth Level, east side of the Admin Building

Porg Patrol

The Porg is on top of the roof on forth level to the north. It’s inside a golden cage. Shoot it with a Bounty Hunter.

The location of the Porg on the map.
The Porg inside the golden cage on top of the roof ahead.

Where’s the Wookiee?

The Wookiee is on the third level in the south west of the map.

Wookie’s location on the map
Here’s the Wookiee!

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Developer: Traveller’s Tales
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