Easy Guide for all Collectibles on Crait! 100% Planet!

The easy Guide for all Collectibles on Crait! Here’s everything to achieve 100% of the Space and Planet.

All subsections are alphabetically ordered by the Mission Name in the Holographic Menu. If you are looking for a specific mission, check their Mission Name in your Holographic Menu.
Space is at the start of the guide, followed by the Crait Outpost

Here’s the fast access:

Crait Space
Crait Outpost
Side Missions

Space – All Collectibles

Kyber Brick Comet

The Kyber Brick Comet is flying in Craits’ orbit. Shoot it down, grants 5 Kyber Bricks.

Kyber Brick Comet

Mynock Knock – Side Mission

Talk to Captain Peavey in Space as a Bounty Hunter.

Captain Peavey

Travel to D’Qar – Resistance Base
After landing, follow the mission markers to the red circles to hunt Mynock’s.
They’re like bats. Fight and collect five of them.

Return to Crait – Space and talk to Captain Peavey as a Scoundrel.

Travel to Jakku – Space
Fight attackers on the way and talk to Captain Peavey in Jakku Space.
Reward: Captain Peavey

Rampage Run: Crait – Trial

Shoot all the targets before time is running out in space.
Reward: Ratts Tyerell – Character

Crait Outpost – All Collectibles

Crait Outpost has a Datacard, 3 Characters. 2 Ships and 20 Kyber Brick Collectibles. They are either rewards for Side Missions, Puzzles, Trials or Challenges.

Some of them are locked and need to be unlocked by another Mission. Either on the same planet or on another planet. Please check your Holographic Menu / Holoprojector.


The Datacard is high up in the same big room where the Landing Pad is. Use the ladders to get to the top to the platform close to the Datacard.
There is an orange grapple bar right below the Datacard. Switch to a Bounty Hunter with a Rocket Pack.
Jump and boost towards the orange bar and grapple when you’re close enough.

Datacard Location on the map – Access point
The Datacard at the back with the grapple bar below.

All Side Missions – 100%

Alphabetically by Side Mission Name
It’s easy to find the location of the mission giver, when you select the Side Mission in the Holo menu.

Canny Canid Evict

Talk to Commander D’Acy in the big hall at ground floor.

Location of the mission-giver on the map.
Commander D’Acy

Search the Crait base for the missing Vulptices.
Talk to the people within the big red circle on the map. They will point you to the Vulptices.
Talk to the man in the small circle and go to the cave with the jammed door. There is a Vulptice inside.
Switch to the Jedi or Dark Force character of your choice and Mind Trick -> Influence the Vulptex

Mind Trick with a Jedi or Dark Force character.

Interesting fact: As a Vulptex you can grab and move items!
In this room, move the boxes so you can jump up and cross the gap to reach the very top of the room.
There is an exit jammed by another movable block. Just grab it and push it away from you.

Now they are free and you can talk to Commander D’Acy.

Reward: Commander D’Acy – Character

First Order of Business

Talk to R5-M2 in the Command Room.

Location of the mission-giver on the map.

Travel to Crait – Space and fight the First Order at the mission marker (red circle).
Return to R5-M2 when you’re done.

Reward: Praetorian Guard (First Guard) – Character

It Was Several Traps!

Talk to the Concerned Resistance Officer in front of the Command Room.

Location of the mission-giver on the map.
Concerned Resistance Officer

Travel to Endor – Ewok Village
Follow the mission marker to a red circle. The Resistance Member is trapped in a net. Just shoot the branch and talk to him.

Travel to Jakku – Niima Outpost
Follow the mission marker and talk to the woman down in the pit.
Arrange the boxes, so a normal person could jump out of the pit, using a Jedi or Dark Force character (see screenshot).
Then Mind Trick – Influence her with a Jedi or Dark Force and take her out of the pit.
Then talk to her.

All set to jump out of the pit.

Travel to Crait – Space
Fly to the mission marker in space and fight the attackers.
Talk to the pilot when you’re done.

Return to the mission-giver.

Reward: Admiral Ackbar – Character, 1 Kyber Brick

All Puzzles – 100%

Alphabetically by Puzzle Name
It’s easy to find the location of the puzzle, when you select it in the Holo menu.

Circuit Training

Enter the Northern Cavern.
Inside is a terminal for a Protocol Druid. Use it and take over the Pit Droid on the other side.
Pull the lever and it will open the access to the ship’s keys and start to move some platforms.
Reach the keys by avoiding the mines and jumping from platform to platform before time is running out.
Reward: Xi-class Light Shuttle – Ship

Avoid the mines, go up the ladder and jump the platforms.

Climbing for Kyber

At the ledge where you go through the golden shaft for the Skylight Kyber Puzzle, you still have to do some more climbing up this high room to get this Kyber Brick!
Look towards the ledge. There is a platform at the same level that you have to reach. Glide over with a Scavenger’s Glider. On the other side, make your way up the rocky wall to the top.
The Brick is hiding in a red crystal at the top. Just get over there and destroy it!

The Kyber Bick is one jump away.

Crait Job!

Stand on all three buttons to get this locked up Kyber Brick by standing on the buttons in following order: Right Button, Left Button, Middle Button.

Crystal Crasher

Destroy 12 Crystals in the Crystal Cavern. They are marked on the Mini Map with a blue circle.

Drop Time

Push the four buttons while climbing down before time is running out to get the locked Kyber Brick.

View down to the four buttons.

Generator Games

Inside the Command Room, there is an orange lever you can hang onto and a door opens. Switch to your other character and push the big box underneath the door so it stays open when you let go of the lever.
Now you can use both characters to hang on the two levers in the room to free the Kyber Brick.

Jango hanging, Yoda making the move!

Glittering in the Dark

There is a silver chest on one of the platforms. Use a Villain’s grenade to get the Kyber Brick inside.


Play the Big Game in the Observation Room. Choose a Jedi or Dark Force character and push the button. Then use the Force to move the platforms inside the game to get the ball into two of the boxes at the bottom.

High Current Cave

Enter the West Cavern room.
Inside is a locked Kyber Brick that needs three energy cells to open.

Energy Cell 1:
Take the ladder up a platform and use the Astromech Terminal with an Astromech Droid to get the Energy Cell.

Energy Cell 2:
In the south is an energy cell high up on a platform with a broken ladder. Use the boxes in the area, stack them with a Jedi or Dark Force to get up there!

Energy Cell 3:
It’s the energy source for the drill. Follow the blue cable up. You can lift this Energy Cell out with the force from the platform of Energy Cell #2.

Lifting #3 out from #2’s platform.

Movin’ On Up

For this Kyber Brick you have to use the glowing platforms that are hovering above the big room, where the Landing Pad is.
The starting point for this is in the south of the big hall. There is a stationary platform.

Starting Point on the map.
The first, stationary platform.

Pipeline Precious

The ladder and use the zipline to get onto the pipes. From there you can glide over with the Scavenger’s Glider.

The ladder with the zipline above.

Rise to the Roof

Choose one character as droid (BB8 in my example) and the other one a Jedi or Dark Force character. Now lift the droid with the force onto the small platform with the Kyber Brick. Release on the platform and switch to the droid to get the Brick.

Rockway Reward

Lift the blocks away with the Jedi or Dark Force character to reach the Kyber Brick.

Skylight Kyber

The Kyber Brick is on a ledge of this high room at the south of the map. Before you start to climb for the Kyber Brick here, shoot the rocks off the walls. They hide orange climbing bars. At the top, on the platform, twirl over with a Scavenger, Jedi or Dark Force to the ladder and go up
On the other side, stay at the ledge and look around. There is a crystal hiding a golden shaft for a small droid. Destroy that crystal and go through with, e.g. BB8 and get the Brick.

The rocks have climbing bars in them!

Team Targets

Inside the South Cavern room is a locked Kyber Brick.
You have to shoot four targets before time is running out to get the brick. Three targets are locked. You have to put weight on two buttons at the same time to open them up. You can move a box with a Jedi or Dark Force to cover one button and then use one of your other characters to take care of the others. Like this you can use the second character to move around.
Shoot 3 targets from the high button platform. The forth is right underneath this button.

The Great Crait Chase

Follow the Vulptex that you will encounter in the corridors. You will get a cutscene when you see them.
It will lead you to a small droid shaft. Enter it with BB8 or a pulled apart Protocol Droid to get the Kyber Brick.

The Great Crait Crate

This Kyber brick is inside a square vertical metal shaft that has an unreachable ladder at ground floor. Higher up are some boxes for a Jedi or Dark Force characters to stack. So first, lift them up with the Force and let them drop to the ground floor. You will have to grapple over to the boxes to be able to reach them with the force.

Stack up a staircase right underneath the ladder. Access will be narrow, so pick a small Scavenger, in my case an Ewok, to go up to jump on the ladder.

Ewok climbing up the ladder.

Tobber’s Treasure

Shoot the cobweb over the Kyber Brick and you will discover a hidden orange climbing bar. Now jump over with a Hero or Bounty Hunter and grapple the bar to get to the Brick.

Spidey is hiding a climbing bar…

Under Pressure

Enter the East Cavern room.
There are six buttons to push to open up the Kyber Brick chest. Fortunately, you can move four boxes around with the Jedi or Dark Force character. No need for a pulled-apart C-3PO!
Place those boxes and use the two of your characters to stand on the last two.

Vulptex Reversal

This is the follow up for the Canny Canid Evict Side Mission. After freeing the Vulptex, they left some building parts behind. Build a climbing bar and climb up the wall near the blocked cave entrance.

Climb up the bars (screenshot) to get inside the same way the Vulptex came out of their trap.
At the bottom of the cave is an Orange Terminal for the Hero. Use it.
Reward: U-55 Orbital Loadlifter

You have to build a bar and climb up.

Welcome to Crait!

Shoot the golden box near the Landing Pad with a Bounty Hunter’s blaster.

All Challenges – 100%

Alphabetically by Challenge Name
It’s easy to find the location of the Trial, when you select it in the Holo menu.

Porg Patrol

The Porg is stuck underneath the staircaise. Just destroy everything.

The location of the Porg on the map.
The Porg is under the stairs.

Where’s the Wookiee?

The Wookiee is high up looking down onto the Landing Pad.

Wookie’s location on the map
Here’s the Wookiee!

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