Easy Guide for all Collectibles on Kashyyyk!

The easy Guide for all Collectibles on Kashyyyk! Here’s everything to achieve 100% of the Space and Planet.

All subsections are alphabetically ordered by the Mission Name in the Holographic Menu. If you are looking for a specific mission, check their Mission Name in your Holographic Menu.
Space is at the start of the guide, followed by Kachirho.

Here’s some fast access:

Side Missions

Space – All Collectibles

Kyber Brick Comet

The Kyber Brick Comet is flying in Kashyyyk’s orbit. Shoot it down, grants 5 Kyber Bricks.

Kyber Brick Comet

Space Chaser – Challenge

Destroy the golden ship in Kashyyyk’s orbit. You can find it better when you select the Challenge in the Holo Menu.

Kachirho – All Collectibles

Kachirho has 1 Datacard, 1 Ship, 2 Characters and 26 Kyber Bricks Collectibles. Except for the Datacard, they are either rewards for Side Missions, Puzzles, Trials or Challenges

Some of them are locked and need to be unlocked by another Mission. Either on the same planet or on another planet. Please check your Holographic Menu / Holoprojector.


The Datacard is high up in the tree. Just run up all the way inside the tree until you get to the top, then hop to the next balcony to the left.

The location of the Datacard at the top of the tree.

All Side Missions – 100%

Alphabetically by Side Mission Name
It’s easy to find the location of the mission giver, when you select the Side Mission in the Holo menu.

Armed and Ready

Talk to Grakchawwaa at the trading huts.

Mission Location – map

Fly to Tatooine – Mos Eisley
On the way, you will be attacked a couple of times. Just clear the area to continue.
Once you’ve landed, head to Chalmun’s Cantina and talk to Doctor Evazan.

Reward: Grakchawwaa

Forest Gonk

Talk to Gonkolina at the South Beach.

The location on the map for the mission start.
Mission Location – map
Gonkolina, the mission-giver.

Escort Gonkolina and defend her. If you loose her, look for the blue exclamation mark on the Mini Map.

Reward: Scout Trooper (Kashyyyk) – Character

Wook Troop

Talk to Injured Wookiee Captain in the center part of the map.

The location of the mission-giver on the map.
Mission Location – map
This is what the Injured Wookiee Captain looks like.
Injured Wookiee Captain

Go to the three mission markers, fight the attackers and rescue the Wookiees.

All Puzzles – 100%

Alphabetically by Puzzle Name
It’s easy to find the location of the puzzle, when you select it in the Holo menu.

Beach Button Blitz

Go to the op and outside of the Tree Vikkilynn. From here look to the south. The Brick is at those various, round platforms below.
Use a Glider from a Scavenger to get there.
On those platforms is a lot of junk, 12 buttons and a locked Brick. Destroy everything you can so it’s not in the way.
Then push the buttons in 20 seconds.

12 buttons to push to open the locked box.
Run, run, run to the buttons

Below Deck

There is a locked box with a Kyber Brick in this outside hut at the top of the Tree Vikkilynn.
Go over to the lower hut and you will see some vines below the locked Brick.
Shoot the vines and the target they were hiding.

The vines that you have to shoot to get to the target.
Shoot the vines

Cheers, Big Ears

From one of the huts at the top of Tree Vikkilynn, you can jump onto this platform with a locked Brick.
Then you can drop yourself onto the orange climbing bars to get to the big lever on one side and the same again on the opposite side.
You need both of your characters for this.

The view of the platform with the locked Kyber Brick.
Jump onto the platform below

Climb, Climb and Climb Some More

For this Brick, go all the way up inside the North Wroshyr Tree. At the top is a blocked door, you need to open first if you haven’t done so. Check out the Treetop Traversal Puzzle how to do it.

After that, continue climbing. Build a small staircase with a Jedi or Dark Force so you can reach the vines. Swing over to the next one and from there to the ladder. At the top of the ladder you can jump onto the platform with the Kyber Brick.

The vines you need to grab to get to the ladder.
Swing the vines to the ladder

Crate Clamber

At the top of the South Wroshyr Tree is a blocked door as well.
Go out the first balcony when you go down from the top. You can climb up there on some boxes and a vine.
Up on this first platform, you can climb further up by using the big boxes and a Jedi or Dark Force to move them. You have to climb with the help of the boxes two levels after the platform you reached with the vine-climb. – Up to the “dual platform”.

It’s very tricky. You need 3 boxes. So work with two Force characters. One working at the bottom, passing a box or two up and one at the top building the staircase.

Three boxes and one at the level above.
Move one box up one level to have enough

How Many Wookiees Does it Take…

This Kyber Brick is at the top and outside of the Tree Vikkilynn. It’s hovering underneath the roof. There are 5 boxes in the area that you can use to build a staircase with a Jedi or Dark Force to get to it.

The Kyber Brick hovering in the air high up in the hut.
Another opportunity for the Jedi

Kachirho’s Chorus

At the base of North Wroshyr Tree, there is a Wookiee complaining that “they are not listening”. Switch to a character with the Force and Mind-Trick – Influence the four Wookiee’s to move them to the round positions.
Talk to them first they are all singing different notes. Move the Low Note to the Low position, the Medium-Low next, then the Medium-High and the High Note to the highest position.

The position of the chorus with the four singing Wookiees.
Chorus needs four singers.

Leaf Leaper

In the Woods there is a Kyber Brick high up in the tree. You can barely see a grapple bar behind a leaf. Shoot the leaf and pick a character that can grapple. Bounty Hunter or Scavenger.

Pipe Prize

There are some vertical pipes at the West Beach with frames for the Scavenger’s Net Launcher attached to them.
Shoot two nets onto the lowest two frames. Then switch to your other character and climb to the third net. Switch back to the Scavenger and shoot two nets onto the higher two frames. Now you can climb up with your other character and get the Kyber Brick at the top.

The pipes with the frames where you can shoot the nets to.
The frames for the nets on the pipes.

Pipe Pull-up

Enter the North Wroshyr Tree, go up and out onto the balcony. There is an orange bar you can grapple up to get the Kyber Brick. Trust your abilities and jump – grapple!

The grapple bar you have to use to get to the Kyber Brick.
Grapple up the bar

Precarious Panel

Inside Tree Vikkilynn is an orange Terminal for a Hero high up above a door. There are four boxes in the area that can be used with the Force. Switch to a Jedi or Dark Force to build a staircase. Then use the Hero on the terminal.

Build a staircase with 4 blocks to get to the terminal
Terminal high up

Prisoners of Waaarrrgghh

Near the Woods are tree prison cells with Wookiee’s guarded by Imperials. Fight them. Then, either use the terminal with a Villain or throw a grenade to free them.
Follow the Wookiee’s down and talk to the mission-giver.

Reward: HMP Droid Gunship

This is where the Wookiee's are being kept
The prison cells.

Sandcastle Crasher

Destroy all 14 Sandcastles at the Lagoon, West Beach, and South Beach. Check the Map and the Mini Map. They are marked as blue circles and sometimes they’re not even inside the red circle.

Shoreline Silver

There is a silver box at the shore of West Beach. Blow it up with a Villain’s grenade.

Streaming Sensation

There is a Kyber Brick at the Shoal Path, by the stream. Jump onto the logs inside the water to get it.

The Brick in the Waterfall.

Swing and a Brick

In the Woods, there is a vine and a brick in the air. Get onto the vine and swing over to the Kyber Brick.

Tiny Tree Trip

At South Beach, there is a tree you can climb. Shoot off the greenery at the top of the jump trunks and move the box closer with a Jedi or Dark Force.

Move the box to climb the tree.
Climbable Tree at South Beach

Trapped Troopers

Destroy the middle section of the wreck in the water at the Woods and build a crane. Now use the grapples of the crane to lift the wreck out of the water.
Switch over to a character that can pull a plug (Hero, Bounty Hunter) and open the wreck.

This is where you can build a crane to lift the wreck out of the water.
Build a crane to lift the wreck

Treetop Traversal

Go all the way inside the North Wroshyr Tree. At the top there is a Wookiee that can’t open the door. You need to open it.
Go a bit down where you came up. There are steps up to a window (screenshot). Destroy everything and get outside.
Hop over to the next platform and down. There are moving platforms here. Work your way up to the door. That’s where the Brick is.
Open it by pulling the orange plug.
Preferred character for the climbing: Scavenger.

The steps that lead up to the window.
Steps going up to the window

Treasure in the Trunk

At the top of the North Wroshyr Tree, inside, is a platform with a golden chest.
Run and grapple onto the orange bar to get onto the platform. Then shoot the golden box with a Bounty Hunter.

The platform you have to reach for the Brick.
The golden chest in the distance

Twirl Around the Trunk

Go up to the top of the South Worshyr Tree, there is a closed door on the other side of the top platform. Exit the tree through the window next to the closed door onto a platform.
Here, witch to a Scavenger or a Jedi / Dark Force to twirl to the other side.

Where to get out of the tree to twirl around to the Kyber Brick.
The window next to the closed door.

Vine Time

At Tree Vikkilynn you can swing at some vines to get to a Kyber Brick.

The view to the Kyber Brick.
Swinging on vines! But start at the other side.

Welcome to Kachirho!

Go up the South Wroshyr Tree onto the center balcony. There is a tower you can climb when you cross over at the pipes. There grapple to the orange bars.

The image shows the tower you can climb at the South Wroshyr Tree.
The Brick is on top of the tower.

Wookiee Wattage

At ground level of North Wroshyr Tree, there is a door that needs two power cells. Open the map. One is at ground level, outside under the entrance bridge and the other one at second level on a trunk (see screenshot).

Second Engery Cell

Wroshyr Range

There is a locked Kyber Box in the center of South Worshyr Tree, Find and shoot 4 targets inside the tree in time for it to open.

All Trials – 100%

Soaring Through the Trees

At the middle section of North Wroshyr Tree is a Scavenger’s Glide Race. Glide over within 8 seconds.

All Challenges – 100%

Alphabetically by Puzzle Name
It’s easy to find the location of the puzzle, when you select it in the Holo menu.

Porg Patrol

At the top of Tree Vikkilynn, there is a Porg Soup prepared. Shoot the pot to save Porg!

The image of porg cooking in the pot.
They sure like Porg soup!

Where’s the Wookiee?

The Wookiee is at the third floor on the balcony of North Wroshyr Tree.

Wookiee location – map
Wookiee on the Balcony

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