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How to: Historical Sites Collectibles Karkh Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Historical Sites Collectibles are one of seven different collectibles in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. They all add more historical information to your game menu codex for a more exciting experience. Maybe next holiday to want to go see parts of it yourself?

Well, there are 11 Historical Sites Collectibles in the southern Baghdad district of Karkh. Here’s where they are, starting from the west side going to the east and north of the area. They all have a round glowing orb at a certain location, just interact with them to collect the information about the place.


The Monastery of the Virgins is in the west of the Karkh district. It has its own synchronization Fast Travel point. The orb is on a rooftop just west of the Monastery to get a nice view of the location.

This will give you the Codex Entry “Dhimmi (Non-Muslims)” in the “Beliefs and Daily Life” section.

The exact location of the Monastery of Virgins Historical Site collectible on the map.
Basim standing next to the shiny orb of the Historical Site collectible.


Just north of the Monastery of the Virgins is the Tax Collector’s Mansion. You will get here during a story mission/investigation called “Al-Anqa – The Tax Collector.”

The captain at the entrance won’t be thrilled to see you and chase you away. There is enough time to interact with the shiny orb to get this Historical Site Codex entry called “Taxes” in the “Economy” section.

The location of the Tax Collector's Mansion Historical Site Collectible.
The Shiny Orb of the Historical Site Collectible shown just by the entrance to the building.


The Bazaar is the heartpiece of the Karkh district and I would be surprised if there were not more than one Historical Sites collectibles. In fact, there are three.

This is the first one, in the south, and you have to climb for it. If you are struggling to do so let me tell you this hint: Use the tarps of the stalls at the entrance to climb higher and higher, until you reach the top. The orb will give you the “Center of the World” entry in the codex, in the “Economy” section.

The location of the Southern Bazaar Historical Site on the map.
High on the rooftops looking down at the Bazaar.


From the south entrance, we are now entering the heart of the Bazaar. Take it all in and cross the Bazaar until you’ve reached the northeastern exit. High up on a wooden beam, the orb is waiting to be collected.

It will give you the codex entry “Bazaar” in the “Economy” section.

The center Bazaar Historical Site location on the map.
The Historical Site orb in the heart of the Bazaar.


As you exit the buzzing Bazaar through the northeastern entrance, look for the glowing orb near one of the many outside stalls.

Here you can look back one last time. This Historical Site Codex entry will give you more information about “Textiles” in the “Beliefs and Daily Life” section.

The Historical Site Orb location in the north of the Bazaar.
Looking back one last time towards the Bazaar before interacting with the Orb.


We’re leaving the Bazaar and crossing a narrow wooden bridge in the east to get to the Oil Maker’s District.

The Oil Making process is very precious and the area is well guarded. But you can visit the sample shop and while browsing the wares, interact with the glowing orb there. It will give you the “Perfumes” codex entry in the “Court Life” section.

The oil maker's stall with the glowing Historical Site Orb.


We overstayed our welcome at the Oil Maker’s district and are heading to the north, where we cross the main stone bridge to arrive at the Cookmen’s Quarter. Up here on the rooftop is the shiny Historical Site Orb. We can almost smell the dishes that the men are cooking here!

Since this location is all about cooking, the codex entry in the “Court Life” section is all about “Table Manners”.

The Historical Site orb at the Cookmen's Quarter - world map.
The Orb on one of the rooftops.


The Great Garrison is in the east of the Karkh district and the pride of the Prince’s army. There are no visiting hours, so the orb is just outside the Main Gate.

This Historical Site entry will give you more information about the “Abbasid Army” in the “Government” section of the codex.

The exact location of the Historical Site orb on the map.
The orb just in front of the main gate.


All the way in the east, near the inner walls of the Round City is the Officers’ Club. The orb is in the northwest of the club and is giving us a nice view of the building.

The orb gives us more information about the Ghilman (Servant Soldiers) in the “Government” section of the codex.

The Historical Sites orb of the Officers' Club.
Looking down to the main entrance of the Officers' Club.


Just north of the Officers’ Club is the Qasr Salih building. Climb up a crane at the other side of the main entrance to get a breathtaking view of the compound.

Learn more about The Abbasids… and their Rivals in the Government section of the codex.

The Historical Site on the world map.
The view from the top of a crane down to Qasr Salih.


For the last Historical Site orb in the Karkh region, let’s go to the north – the Prince’s Gate. Climb the high mast of a boat to take in the view.

The last codex entry tells us more about “Baghdadi Exports” in the “Economy” section.

The location of the Historical Site just in the water.
Sitting on top of a boat's mast.

Release: October 5th, 2023
Developer: Ubisoft Bordeaux
Publisher: Ubisoft
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