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Abbasiyah – All Collectibles Locations – Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Abbasiyah in Baghdad, is one of Assassin’s Creed Mirage’s districts, where you can find various collectibles. Here’s the complete list of all collectibles, like they appear in the game’s map menu with all collectibles one by one. Find all Gear Chests, Lost Books, Enigmas, Dervis’ Artifacts, Historical Sites, Mysterious Shards and Tales of Baghdad.

Gear Chests
Lost Book
Dervis’ Artifacts
Historical Sites
Mysterious Shards
Tales of Baghdad


There are all six gear chests locations in the Abbasiyah District: The Zanj Uprising Dagger with two upgrade schematics and the Abbasid Knight Sword with two upgrade schematics.

The map below is showing their exact location. The numbers refer to the guides below with more detailed maps and walkthrough explanations.

1 – Zanj Uprising Dagger

Work your way up to the roof of The Great Bimaristan, the clinic in the south of the Abbasiyah District. The roof has two domes. One you can use to climb up to the roof and in the other one is the Gear Chest.

The door to the dome room is barred you can throw a knife from the other side through the window. You have to sit on the rail though otherwise you can’t reach. Now you can enter the dome room. The gear chest is hidden behind a bookshelf, just grab it and pull it all the way back to access the chest.

2 – Abbasid Knight Sword

This Gear Chest is at the Scriptorium. It’s in the building on the second floor. It has an open window for easy access.

3 – Abbasid Knight Sword Upgrade Schematic

This Gear Chest is at the SCHOLAR’S ESTATE in the east of the district. In the two level building, the entrance is barred but the second floor has a destructible barrier on the window.

Climb inside and you will see that the Gear Chest is hidden behind movable bookshelves. Move the shelf to the left first to the left, then you can pull the other shelf out to access the chest.

The chest is locked and requires a key. Read the nearby note and you will find out that the key is most likely in the storage room. Exit this building and head upstairs while scanning. You will find that the door to the storage room is barred. Just go around the building. There is an open door there. Inside is the key.

4 – Abbasid Knight Sword Upgrade Schematic

To reach this gear chest, you first have to the roof of THE HOUSE OF WISDOM. There are various ways to do so.

Climb up the big tower building.

At the top, look for the open window, where you can shoot down a chandelier with a throwing knife. If you don’t have any, there are some at the nearby rail. The chandelier should be crashing down to the floor now.

As you enter the tower, you will notice that there is a lock at the door to the Gear Chest. Send up your eagle and you will soon find the person carrying it. Steal the key from him. Then go back to the tower and climb all the way to the top, where the chest is.

5 – Zanj Uprising Dagger Upgrade Schematic

This Gear Chest is south of THE FOUR MARKETS. To get it you have to work a bit harder…

The chest is on the second level of a building that has a destructible wall on ground floor.

To destroy this wall we need an oil flask. Scan your area and you will find that there are oil flasks inside the building next door. But they are behind a barred door. There is a door at the other side but it is locked. That means you need a key.

Call your eagle to have a look around for the key. There are two nearby. There is a man with the Four Markets Door Key standing around near the market and there is someone inside an unlocked house who has the Four Markets Storage Key. We need the Storage key.

After you’ve stolen that key, return to the house, unlock the door and unbar the other door, too. Now you can carry an oil flask to the destructible wall and throw it at the wall.

Before you enter the house, you have to climb up to the roof above the destructible wall and throw a knife at the oil flasks through the window. This will blow a hole into the ground floor ceiling.

Enter the house at ground level and move the nearby shelf so you can climb it and get up to the second floor through that hole we just made. The Gear Chest is now accessible.

6 – Zanj Uprising Dagger Upgrade Schematic

The last Gear Chest is at the Hammam in the south. There is a destructible wall at the side of the Hammam.

You’re going to need an oil jar to destroy this wall. Scan the area. There seem to be some nearby. It’s an oil flask storage but the entrance is blocked by a movable shelf. The window next to the entrance is destructible. Do so and enter the storage.

There are indeed oil jars inside but the shelf can’t be moved unless you destroy all the terracotta pots around the shelf. Melee them all, then move the shelf to the side, so you can pick up and easily carry an oil jar to the destructible wall. Throw the jar at the wall to destroy it.

Now you can enter the building and loot the Gear Chest.


There is only one Lost Book in Abbasiyah. It was very sneaky from the developer team to hide it in the farthest corner. Found you anyway.

1 – Al-Kwarizmi: Al-Jabr

The Lost Book is inside a building to the very west by the river.

Both, entrance door and top “balcony” door are destructible. When you enter at ground floor, you can pull away a bookshelf to reveal the staircase. The book is upstairs on the table, waiting to be collected.


There are three Enigma scrolls in the Abbasiyah District. They all want you to find the treasure hidden away with either a drawing or a text. Here’s where they are.
The overview map below, shows the pickup location as yellow, the solution location marked in red.

1 – Delight by the Dome

Outside the MOSQUE entrance is a scroll freely accessible on top of a small shelf.

Open your inventory bag. Here, under Enigmas, open the document called DELIGHT BY THE DOME. It shows a nicely drawn picture (for a change) of the mosque with an X marking the spot.


It’s tempting to think that this is the Mosque, but it is the DOME OF THE ASS in the south of the district. Travel there and use the fountain as point of orientation.

Look for the little, lonely pond at the feet of the Dome.

Mysterious Talisman

2 – The Gift

There is a Enigma scroll on top of a building west of the PHARMACY OF HAYLANAH.

Open your inventory bag. Here, under Enigmas, open the document called THE GIFT. It shows following text:


So the writer states, that it saw the item float towards the bridge where they first courted. There are two bridges near the “Four Markets Gate”, but there is only one river floats straight to the west – “towards the setting sun”: The river close to Muhawwal Gate, south of Four Markets Gate.

Follow this river to the first bridge. A little bit on shore you’ll find the location with the treasure.

Knight’s Talisman

3 – A Challenge

The Enigma scroll is up on the second floor balcony south, across the river from the SCRIPTORIUM.

Open your inventory bag. Here, under Enigmas, open the document called THE GIFT. It shows following text:


Based on the text, I have “turn east from where the learned observe” – The Observatory. Then, “Seek out the Isle where waters split… and Wheels churn.” Well… at this point it was already clear that I’m looking for a Watermill at this location:

Enter the building as instructed in the note. But how? The entrance door is barred. Next to the door is a window, where you can look inside. There is a barred window at the other side of the room. You can destroy the barricade with a throwing knife.

Now head over to the other side to climb into exactly this window. You can already see the glow from the treasure when you climb in:

Just interact with the glowing pile to pick up the treasure.

Black Rostam Outfit Dye.


There are four Dervis’ Artifacts in the Abbasiyah District. Find the person who carries them and steal the artifact. They either stay static at location or they are walking around. Scan the area to locate the exact position.

1 – Small Chinese Box

There is a woman walking around near THE FOUR MARKETS in the north of Abbasiyah. She has the Small Chinese Box. Steal it from her.

2 – Round Moon Plaque

South of the BUREAU is a woman working by the water. Steal the artifact from her.


There is a man with an artifact working southeast of the Hammam.

4 – Olibanum

The person with the artifact is walking around between THE GREAT BIMARISTAN and the DOME OF THE ASS. Put your pickpocket skills to the test to get it.


There are 15 Historical Sites in the Abbasiyah District, all highlighted with a glowing orb. Interact with them to get background information in your Codex.

1 – Calculating the Earth’s Circumference

At THE HOUSE OF WISDOM, there is an astronomy room that you can access from the central courtyard. Interact with the glowing orb.

2 – Majlis (Intellectual Salon)

At THE HOUSE OF WISDOM’s ground level is a big meeting room. Inside is a shining orb, ready to be interacted with.

3 – Scientific Method

Also at ground level of the HOUSE OF WISDOM is AHMAD IBN MUSA‘s workshop

4 – House of Wisdom

Climb to the top of HOUSE OF WISDOM’s outside entrance gate.

5 – Astronomical Instruments

Climb to the top of the OBSERVATORY to get this Historical Site entry. The climb up can be tricky. The roof is well protected. work your way around it and you’ll find an opening! You just have to push a shelf to a wall, climb the shelf and then you can reach the roof.

6 – Astronomy and Astrology

At the base of the OBSERVATORY is a pin board / message board. Interact with it to get the Historical Site information.

7 – Papermaking

Just west of THE FOUR MARKETS is a glowing orb next to a pile of books.

8 – Slavery

South of THE FOUR MARKETS is a well guarded round place with straw and chains.

9 – Muhtasib (Market Inspector)

Not far from the last one, there is a glowing Orb overlooking THE FOUR MARKETS on a rooftop.

10 – Translation Movement

This shiny orb is just at the entrance to the SCRIPTORIUM.

11 – Arabic as a Cultural Unifier

North of the BUREAU is a market with another Historical Site entry.

12 – Hammam

Travel to the Hammam in the south and enter it. Inside is this Historical Site Orb.

13 – Abbasid Style

Climb up to the roof of the Hammam, where the steam domes are. You can easily use the windows to climb up.

14. Dome of the Ass (Donkey)

To collect this Historical Site Orb, just climb up to the very top of the DOME OF THE ASS and interact with the glow. It is a tiny bit further up than the synchronisation point for fast travel.

15. Healthcare

The location of the glowing orb for the Historical Site collectible is on ground level of THE GREAT BIMARISTAN in the south – the hospital. Look for the patient ward – the rooms and beds.


There are two Mysterious Shards in the Abbasiyah District. You can either pickpocket or grab them from a body. I prefer to put them to sleep and just steal what I want. Anyway. they tend to wander around with guards. So the location in the overview map below is just a rough area. The shard symbol on your map and your hud should point you into the right direction.

Shard 1

There is an Order member walking around the SCRIPTORIUM. I managed to steal the shard from her.

Shard 2

There is a woman with a guard walking around near SCHOLAR’S ESTATE. Pickpocket the shard from her!


There are two THE TALES OF BAGHDAD mini-quests in the Abbasiyah district. Here’s where to find them on the map with the detailed solutions and walkthroughs below.

1 – A Life’s Work

At the base of THE OBSERVATORY, north of the district, is a man sitting and suffering. Talk to him to start the quest.

Follow the man and help him out by interacting with him when he suffers.

For the first page, the “Flying Pages” are sadly introduced… :-). There is a page on the roof of the small building nearby. Follow the page to catch it!

Flying Paper end point location on the map:

For the second page, climb up the Observatory to the roof. Here, on the table is the second page. Be aware that the page is not highlighted in the assassin’s scanner.

The third page is inside the OBSERVATORY. To get it, go back to the ground level. There is a barred door. Go to the back of the observatory. There is an open window, where you could throw a knife to destroy the barricade on the door, but it is too high up.

Notice, there is a movable shelf to the left. Move it closer to the window and climb it so you can throw a knife.

Enter the OBSERVATORY and get the page on the second floor.

When you come back, the Astronomer has passed away and his son is on his side. Talk to him to finish the quest.

2 – Blade in the Crowd, Tool in the Shed

In the south of the Abbasiyah District, another assassin needs my help.

Follow the person and kill the corrupt guards. This will finish the tale already.