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Chapter 1: MS Epomeo Ship Walkthrough – Tintin Reporter Video Game

Welcome to Chapter 1: Epomeo Ship Walkthrough! The new Tintin Reporter adventure, “Cigars of the Pharao,” begins aboard the Epomeo, a ship bound for Egypt. This chapter is packed with sneaky quests and puzzles, where you can play as either Tintin or Snowy. Here’s a detailed walkthrough of Chapter 1, guiding you through each quest to ensure Tintin’s safe arrival in Cairo for the next thrilling leg of the adventure.


Quest step:
Catch the flying papyrus

This quest begins with a quick pace! Tintin must catch a flying papyrus for Professor by responding to the prompts displayed on the screen. You can either press a button or move the left or right controller stick in the indicated direction. Don’t worry if you fail—you can retry from your last checkpoint.


Quest step:
Convince the sailor you’re innocent

The papyrus is drifting towards the ocean as Tintin, running around on deck, is mistaken for a thief. A sailor apprehends him. Tintin must quickly escape and persuade the sailor of his innocence. Simply by talking to him and disclosing his identity as a reporter, Tintin convinces the sailor. Meanwhile, Snowy and the Professor have vanished upstairs. It’s time to locate them!


Quest step:
Find Snowy and the man in the top hat.

On the upper deck of the Epomeo, you can interact with a man with yellow pants and a whip, another man lying on a sunbed with a script called “Arabian Nights”, and a waiter with two glasses stuck in the rails of a gate. Before you can do that, you first have to deliver the two glasses so the waiter has fulfilled his task. Tintin agrees to be of service.


Quest step:
Deliver the glasses.

The glasses are now in your inventory and you can go back to where you came from. There is a man with a white hat who expects the two glasses. Talk to him and he will gladly take them off your hands.

Return to the waiter to free him. He will tell you that he is stuck and he would need something slippery for his neck. Return to the place where you’ve delivered the glasses. Just above the man with the white hat, there is a sailor on his knees cleaning the floor. Talk to him and he will lend you some slippery wax. Return to the waiter to free him.


Quest step:
Find Snowy and the man in the top hat.

You can now go through the gate to the next deck up. Here you’ll first find some rather dangerous-looking men. One of them will attack Tintin and he has to evade quickly. The Professor and Snowy are inside the boat at the back.

During the conversation with the professor, he will show Tintin an interesting map. Three things can be looked at: The Hyroglyphs at the left, the “X-marks-the-spot” in the center, and a symbol to the right. After the conversation, the dangerous men will interrupt.


Quest step:
Teach a couple of bodyguards how to behave.

This quest is similar to the one where Tintin had to chase the papyrus at the start of the game. React quickly and hit the buttons or move the controller sticks in the directions that the game asks you to so you can evade the bodyguards.


Quest step:
Find the source of the smell

Tintin and Smoky return to their cabin, just to find out that something is not right. There is a rotten smell in the air. But from what?

Playing as Snowy, find the water footprint on the floor.

Then head to the bathroom where you can find cigar ash in the corner.

Next, you have to “Search for traces of the trespasser”. Interact with the water bowl just above the water footprint, and pick up Tintin’s camera from the bed. Take a picture from Snowy and save it. Then, take a picture of the cigar ash and save it.

Now, look at the “Do not disturb” tag on the door. Then, look at the newspaper on the chair. Tintin will recognize one of the dangerous men from the previous encounter in one of the pictures. Next, search the drawer units one after the other.
Thompson and Thompson will rush in and arrest Tintin, leaving Snowy behind.


Quest step:
Reunite with Tintin

Again, playing with Snowy, you have to find Tintin but avoid other people. Snowy can hide unnoticed underneath desks and cupboards. Basically, everything that has a void underneath.

Exit your room and jump over the furniture to get to the next corridor.

You always have to avoid people from here on. Everyone has a white, a yellow, or a red diamond. This is the detection meter. With a white diamond, they are not aware of you and you can sneak behind them without being detected. Be careful when the diamond is filling up yellow. When the diamond turns red, they see and catch you! The good thing is, that you can always start over from the last checkpoint.

So, in this corridor, go straight ahead. You will hear that the woman in the next room is informed that Snowy is on the run and needs to be caught. In this room, with the two women, hide underneath the table. Sneak forward when the patrolling woman goes back. Don’t run. It produces noise and she will detect you!

Avoid the man with the green suit in the next corridor and reach the end, where you will get to the bar. There are two people here. One is patrolling the front of the bar and the other one is at the piano. You have to reach the trapdoor behind and above the piano.

Sneak past the first person towards the right of the bar. That will get you close to the piano. As soon as you see the crossed-out eye symbol over the piano man’s head, you can go. Jump up onto the piano and the next cutscene will take you to the next room.

In this storage room, you can ignore the person in blue working on a center table. Look for the room with the lockers near the doorway. It’s the kitchen with two people in there. The cook is working at the table, looking up occasionally and another one is patrolling.

Don’t rush this one. There are plenty of tables to hide under just work yourself from table to table. Sneaking – no running! Reach the corridor just straight ahead in the corridor below.

You should now have reached the sailor’s quarters. Snowy can hide nicely underneath the bunk beds. Reach the door circled in red as shown in the screenshot below.

In the office, you can jump from the box on the floor onto the office chair, from there onto the table, and then up to the open vent as highlighted in the screenshot below.

In the following cutscene, you will see how Thomson and Tompson are leading away Tintin in another storage room. This one is only guarded by one man. So it should be easy to avoid him to reach the back, where the washing room is.

In the washing room, just keep to your right. There is another room to the left where you don’t have to go for now.

In the room to the right is where Thomson and Tompson are looking for the keys to Tintin’s prison. You now have to “use the keys to throw off the police”. They are on the floor next to the locker. Just interact with them to throw.

It’s now time to reunite with Tintin in the prison. The policemen are struggling to lock the door. There is a gap in the door. All you need to do is sneak past them to reach the door. Easier said than done.

Get ready in the hideout shown below in the screenshot. Wait for the right moment to follow one of them back to the door behind the big table. Wait behind the big table until he goes back to the other one to talk. Wait for the crossed-out eye sign. Then go!


Quest step:
Check all possible ways out

This bit is a bit annoying. You have to find and interact with all possible ways out. So here they are:

1 – Interact with the elevator in the center of the room
2 – Use the red crank wheel near the big door on the other side of the room
3 – Find the vent and look at it.
4 – Look at both porthole windows.
5 – Look for a cart that you can move around. Position it underneath each of the windows and interact with them. (this bit can be a bit buggy. Keep moving the cart until it works)
6) Check the closed door where you came in.

Now you have three goals: “Find a fuse”, “Find something to tie the porthole to the cargo lift” and “Escape through the porthole”.

Now you’ve seen all possible locations. Go back to where you’ve found the movable cart and pick up the screwdriver from the toolbox there. Then, move the cart underneath the vent and use the vent. Tintin will now open it and Snowy can go inside.


Quest step:
Find a way out of the air vents

The vent is very confusing. As advice, move down and look for a darker, dirtier area. Then you are almost there. It’s a hole through the vent floor.

Down there, exit the room, go upstairs, and interact with the broomstick that is stuck in the door.

11 – A WAY OUT

Quest step:
Find a fuse
Find something to tie the porthole to the cargo lift
Escape through the porthole

The first thing to do once outside and playing as Tintin again is look at the map on the wall. Notice that there is an intercom right next to the map.

Then, go up to the left and use the window to look inside the mail room. While in this door view, interact with the working mailman, the man sitting next to the door, the intercom, and the exit. On the way back you can interact with the intercom but it won’t do anything yet.

Head downstairs and pick up the crowbar from the table. Then, enter the room to the left of the table and find the rope on top of a couple of barrels. Take it. There is also another table with sticky tape rolls. Take one and go back up to use the intercom again.

Go back to the door. The man near the exit is now standing and you can now see the symbol on his back. He’s working in the washing room. Go back to the intercom and use it again. The Washing Room man will now go back to the other room and it’s now clear to sneak to the Maintenance Room.

Inside the maintenance room, Tintin is hiding behind a cart with a person in the room. This is like a game of “Red Light – Green Light”. Move the cart as long as the person has the crossed eye symbol and stop when he doesn’t. Continue until you reach the fuse.

Then return to the room with the elevator.

Put the fuse into the elevator. You now have to make sure that all four green lights at the bottom of the fusebox are lit. To do so, all four cables above the green lights need to be yellow and blue. The image below is the starting position.

Work your way from the bottom to the top. Meaning, the red cables at the bottom need energy. Follow the cables up to the switches to turn all the switches on so the green light is energized.

Now move the cart to the porthole that is nearest to the elevator. Moving the cart can be tricky. Do so until you see the interaction cogwheels on the porthole when you look up like in the screenshot below. Now interact with the window and Tintin escapes together with Snowy to Cairo…


Release: November 7th, 2023
Developer: Pendulo Studios
Publisher: Microids
Official Website: