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One Giant Leap – Starfield Constellation Mission Walkthrough

“One Giant Leap” is the follow-up Constellation Mission of “REVELATION“. With all Artifact in your possession, it’s time to get to Unity.


Mission text:
“I have all the Artifacts. I need to assemble them into the Armillary on board my ship.”

Before you assemble all the Artifacts, you have the optional Mission to talk to all your friends before you leave. If the Armillary with all Artifacts are on the ship, the Grav Drive will only jump to the Unity. Remove the Armillary from your ship to use the Grav Drive normally. To use the Grav Drive in space, just assign at least one energy bar to the Grav Drive. The jump to Unity will happen then.

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Inside Unity, walk / zoom to the big ball in the center and talk with the other you standing there.

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The outcomes of your decisions will appear around the big bright ball and the other you explains what your decisions caused in the galaxy. Then enter the Big Ball in the center to be reborn. The game ends with the credits running. “ONE SMALL STEP” starts.

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Release: September 6th, 2023
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Official Website:
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