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Friends Like These – Starfield United Colonies Mission Walkthrough

“Friends Like These” is the fifth Vanguard mission for the United Colonies in Starfield. It’s the follow-up mission of “EYEWITNESS“. Here’s the step-by-step walkthrough.


Mission text:
“President Abello has directed me to speak to Deputy MacIntyre over in Interstellar Affairs. It sounds like she’s going to help me get access to the Archives.”

Deputy MacIntyre is on the same floor as the council. So no need for the elevator. Just go to her office on the other side and talk to her. Ask her about all involved parties and she will give you a couple of key cards and your diplomatic ID.


Mission text:
“I’ve gotten the run down from Deputy MacIntyre on both ambassadors. She’s suggested I start by trying to negotiate with Ambassador Radcliff of the Freestar Collective – and dig up some dirt on her if she doesn’t agree.”

Take the elevator down to the lobby and follow the mission marker to the Freestar Collective Embassy. You have an appointment, so just take the elevator up to meet the ambassador to get the Archive code.

Follow Radcliffe to the Archive code machine to receive the code. If you totally got her in the wrong mood, there is a vent going into the printer room. You can sneak your way in but the vent has a Master Lock on it. Vent access is on the top floor.


Mission text:
“I got the Freestar Archival Code! Now I just need the Va’ruun code. Time to speak to Ambassador Bal’mor.”

The Va’ruun’s embassy does not have an official entrance. The building is in total lockdown. To get inside, use the entrance between House Va’Ruun and Galbank. Enter and turn right. There is a locked door to the Va’Ruun Embassy Lobby. Deputy McIntyre has given you the the key for it earlier. So you can now enter the lobby without issues.

The Va’Ruun Embassy Lobby is in total neglect. Dirty, plants growing everywhere, monitors busted and no soul to see. The only thing you can do here is take the elevator up to the “House Va’ruun Embassy”, where the blue mission marker wants you to go.

On the embassy floor it looks the same. Plants have taken over the walls, floors and ceiling. There is a weird crunching noise as if the floor would give way. Sometimes there is also a growl… what happened here?


Mission text:
“A crackling voice just beckoned me towards the nearby intercom. I should go check it out.”

As soon as you enter the embassy’s first room, you will hear the intercom crackle. There is clearly someone trying to talk to you. Answer the intercom in the storage room at the back of the area.

The voice at the other end wants you to throw the power switch. It is right next to the intercom. All you have to do is interact with it.


Mission text:
“Ah ha. There we go. The door into the embassy unlocked. The voice then suggested I continue to follow it deeper into the embassy… I think?”

This restored the power on this embassy level. Before you continue, check out the lobby computer. It only has a Novice lock. You can control the turrets with it. Probably for the next room.

Enter the only door further into the embassy.


Mission text:
“It sounds like the voice has moved somewhere deeper inside the embassy. I think I’m supposed to follow.”

As soon as you went through the door from the lobby, you’ll hear the intercom again somewhere ahead. Conditions here are even worse – with weird plants and blue fog. As you follow the path through the jungle, a broken Va’reen Robot Model A will fall down onto the path as a jump scare.

Slowly walk past it – there is an active robot waiting just around the corner. You will get to a door – the bathroom. Nothing there, just a mannequin jump scare in one of the stalls. So, just walk past the bathroom towards the blue mission marker.

There will be another Va’reen Robot Model A waiting for you. But there is also another room to enter. Sleeping quarters with weight lifting equipment and another mannequin in the bathroom – ready to scare someone. Don’t forget to pick up VA’RUUN SCRIPTURE 06 on the table!

There is also a “LIVING QUARTERS LOCAL SYSTEMS COMPUTER” with an Advanced Lock. It contains Remote Robot Control, if you fancy some support. Looks like there will be a fight ahead.

Exit the room through the other passage. There are three robots that will be friendly if you have used the computer above. As you continue to follow the blue mission markers, turrets will attack. The intercom is in the room guarded by two hostile turrets. Enter and interact with the intercom. There is another power switch next to the intercom. Interact with the power switch after you talked to the person on the intercom.

In the same Conference Room where the intercom is, there is also a “CONFERENCE ROOM SECURITY COMPUTER” with an advanced lock. That’s the control terminal for the turrets outside.

With the power back on, a door to a staircase going up and down opened just in front of the conference room. Use the staircase to get one floor up. Some more robot remnants await at the top of the stairs. Exit through the only door. Some more hostiles await.

You now are in an open office space with turrets and robots. There are two doors. One with an advanced lock and the other one has no lock. Take the one with no lock and you will be in the room with the next intercom and the power switch. Like before, interact with the intercom, then with the power switch.

From the intercom room, you can now reach the room with the Advanced lock from before. There is a Common Room Security Computer. It’s the computer that controls the turrets from outside. So totally useless if you already destroyed them.

Head back to the staircase and go to the bottom floor. There is the next intercom.


Mission text:
“I approached another intercom in the basement, but this one had a warning about “guardians”. I guess I should be cautious as I proceed inside.”

Go through the only door and defeat the two robot dogs.

You can finally meet the person to the voice. He’s standing on the other side of the room. It’s Ambassador Qasrik Bal ‘Mor. Speak to him inside his room. You will then receive House Va’ruun’s Archive key.


Mission text:
“I’ve got both codes in hand. Time to return to Deputy MacIntyre to collect the UC’s Archival Code.”

Before you leave, don’t forget to go to the storeroom. You can find the keycard in the Ambassador’s room, right above his bed on the shelf. In the storeroom you can find a Va’ruun spacesuit.

Then head back to MAST to talk to Deputy McIntyre. She will give you the third code.


Mission text:
“Deputy MacIntyre has given me the last code and directed me to the Archives – across the plaza from MAST.”

Exit MAST and cross the plaza to get to the Armistice Archives building to take the elevator.


Mission text:
“The United Colonies Archival Monitor has asked me to approach her station.”

There is a woman sitting behind thick glass down there. Get closer and she will explain the procedure to you. Next, you will have to interact with the code input devices to enter the code. You have to do this three times. Just follow the blue mission markers to the devices.

The Archive door will open and you can now get to storage number 18 to get the information.


Mission text:
“I’ve now got the data in hand. Time to return to Deputy MacIntyre.”

Return to Deputy MacIntyre at MAST. Hadrian will be waiting there as well. Give Hadrian the Data to proceed. Then follow MacIntyre to the building’s top balcony.


Mission text:
“Time to speak to Deputy MacIntyre about becoming a UC citizen! Though it sounds like there might be something else we need to discuss as well.”

Speak to Deputy MacIntyre on the MAST building’s top balcony. She will make you a full citizen. This will conclude the mission. The follow-up THE DEVILS YOU KNOW starts.

Release: September 6th, 2023
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom