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The Penitent Chambers is one of the first areas you will cross while you are on Jedha. There are 2 Chests, 1 Essence and 2 Treasures to be found here.

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We’re starting off in the big, dark, round chamber where Cal and Merrin fought the Stormtroopers in the story. If you’re not sure how to get there, watch the “How to get there” part in the video above.

In this chamber, use the Ascension Cable point to climb up to the higher level.

Once up there, look for a wall-run and a ledge around the corner. There is only one at this level so you can’t miss it. Use the wall-run to climb up the ledge.

Turn left at the top to see the Treasure.

2 – CHEST 1 OF 2

Contains: Jacket – Wanderer

The first chest is on the same level as the Treasure item before. Look for the vertical wall-run at the nearby tower. The chest is at the top.


Now we’re leaving this chamber. Down on ground level, there is still the box you can climb on from the story. Use it to climb up the ledge and continue with the path.

At the top, take the stairs and the ledge to get further up.

After another ledge up, you can jump down to the courier’s ship. Behind the ship, there is a right hand wall-run up to the ledge.

At the top, climb up a small rock ledge and look back. There is another wall-run you can use to get back to reach the other side.

Do the wall-run to reach the other side. There is a shortcut and also a ledge-wall you can climb up. Do so to the very top (red circle in screenshot).

At the top of the ledge wall, turn left and you will see a droid that will bury itself away when you get to close. It’s a Scavenger Droid and it has the last Treasure.

Use your “Slow” Force ability (if you don’t know how, open the “Abilities” section in the game menu).
Now you can attack and destroy the Scavenger Droid. It will drop the Treasure.

4 – CHEST 2 OF 2

Contains: BD Body – Nocular

Follow the path up here and turn left, where you can cross the gap with a wall-run to reach the chest.

5 – ESSENCE 1 OF 1

Contains: Maximum Force Increase

For the last collectible in the Penitent Chambers, cross the gap again from the chest above and go straight ahead.

There is another shortcut you can open up and a wall-run up to a ledge.

Up there, you just have to cross a gap and do a vertical wall-run to reach the Essence.

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