Path of Conviction, Jedha: How to solve and get 100% Collectibles

The Path of Conviction is one of three Jedi Challenges locations, where Cal has to walk in Master Cordova’s footsteps on Jedha. It is also one of three locations that will activate the elevator of the WAYFINDER’S TOMB in the center of ARID FLATS.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to solve the puzzles of the “Path of Conviction” and get all the collectibles in the process.

The area has a total of 4 collectibles – 1 Chest, 1 Essence, 1 Databank and 1 Treasure. You’ll find all of them with this guide.

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All Collectibles – Overview Map


Even though the Path of Conviction is bordering the Arid Flats, the closest Meditation Point is Desert Ridge. Leave Desert Ridge at the closest exit point to Arid Flats and you will find the Path of Conviction to the left.

It’s a Jedi Puzzle area with a lot of grapple balloons.

Path of Conviction in the center – Desert Ridge Meditation Point to the right.


1 – CHEST 1 OF 1

Contains: Weapon Materials – Wood

The base of the Path of Conviction still is in the “Arid Flats”. As you arrive there, take the first grapple balloon.

As a side note: If you get to the first ledge from this first grapple balloon, you can find Master Cordova’s Travel Databank entry. But it is an Arid Flats Collectible – so, not covered in this guide.

From the first balloon, catapult to the second balloon higher up onto higher ground, where Stormtroopers await.

Up here is a dark pit with hostile droids and a chest.


Get back to the ledge, where the grapple balloons are. From here look for a grapple point on the wall up. Use it and jump up until you can climb to the top, where Stormtroopers are waiting.

After the fight, look around. You’ve reached the top of the Jedi Puzzle area – with the final Jedi Ball Rail and the impressive structure. Looking at this structure, open your map. You will see that there is a long path to your left. Follow it to the end.

There is a brown vase. Destroy it and you can pick up the Treasure collectible.


Title: Digging Deeper

Go back to the impressive structure and the last Jedi-Ball-Rail. At the top of the stairs is this Databank Entry.


Contains: New Perk Slot

To get the Essence, you have to solve the puzzle and get the ball up to the rail where you picked up the Databank Echo.

Do you so, cut the rope of the nearby shortcut and glide down.

There are a couple of things that are part of this puzzle:

– The ball that needs to go up is right where you came down with the rope to your left. This is the main rail. One part of the rail, where the ball is in, can be moved down. So you can not only move the ball up vertically but also horizontally, to the other side of an abyss. I call this ball, the A-BALL from now on.

– On the other side of the Abyss, above the horizontal main rail is another horizontal rail with a ball, that cannot be reached at the moment. I’ll call this the C-BALL.

– There is a grapple balloon above the abyss. That’s how you can cross over.

– When you look to the right, there is another rail right across the abyss. Cross over and you will see that this is the rail that moves the bottom piece of the main rail down. This rail is timed – the ball will slowly move back into its initial position after you’ve pulled it and move the piece of rail back as well. – This will be the B-BALL from now on.

Now. The first thing to do is pulling the B-BALL, quickly cross the abyss with the grapple balloon and push the A-BALL so it horizontally travels to the other side of the abyss.

Now you should have the A-BALL on the other side of the horizontal rail. This is causing a platform near the C-BALL rail to come out. But you don’t really need that platform. You can move the ball from down below, too. – You can only move the C-BALL when the platform is out / the A-BALL is on this side.

Use the grapple balloon and catapult to the B-BALL to the other side of the abyss. Now the fun can start – or should I write: “frustration”, rather?

You’re now in the starting position:
A-BALL moved to the right, C-BALL high above it. You’re catapulting back to the B-BALL.

As quickly as possible do following steps:
1 – PULL the B-BALL
2 – Cross the abyss to get to the A-BALL and the C-BALL above it.
3 – PULL the C-BALL , PUSH the A-BALL
4 – Cross the abyss to follow horizontal A-BALL.
5 – PUSH A-BALL up the vertical rail.

When you’re fast enough, the A-BALL will now you up all the way vertically to the top of the impressive structure. Just push the ball to the back of this small rail. An area to the right will open up and reveal the Essence.

Release: April 28th, 2023
Developer: Respawn Entertainment
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