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Hiranuma-Shinden Collectibles Guide Rise of the Ronin

Hiranuma-Shinden Region of ‘Rise of the Ronin 2024.’ Hunt Veiled Edge Banners, pursue two fugitives, pray at the Shrine, and find Cats and Treasure Chests. You can even play around with your rifle at the shooting range that offers various rewards for different scores. Achieve a 100% Collection Rate in the Hiranuma-Shinden Region to get the crafting item “Gypsum” delivered to your Longhouse.

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Hiranuma-Shinden – Collectibles Overview Map

Overview map of all collectibles in the Hiranuma Shinden Region | camzillasmomcom
Overview Map – All Collectibles in Hiranuma-Shinden

Veiled Edge Banner collectibles play a crucial role as both save points and fast-travel spots within the immersive world of Rise of the Ronin. These unique banners add depth to the gameplay experience, blending seamlessly into the environment. While they are distinctive elements, they are not always conspicuously placed, sometimes requiring exploration and astute observation to uncover them in both significant and bustling areas of the game world.

Firearm Training

The initial Veiled Edge Banner can be located right at the Firearm Training Shooting Range situated in the northern part of the region map.

Screenshot of the Veiled Edge Banner on the map | camzillasmomcom
The Veiled Edge Banner on the map.


There is a Veiled Edge Banner in the Unruly Area / Public Order Village in the southwest of the map. The banner will be automatically created and set to active after you’ve killed and restored order.

The Veiled Edge Banner on the map screenshot | camzillasmomcom
The banner on the in-game map.

“Public Order” collectible events are specific locations within a region where enemies have taken control. Your task is to liberate the area by eliminating all hostile forces present. By successfully completing this, you not only free the area but also forge stronger connections with the local villagers residing there.

The single Public Order Collectible Event takes place in an occupied village at the heart of the dangerous area. It features a total of 6 enemies, with two being “formidable foes”. As you explore the area, you will see that four enemies are positioned in the center, while the remaining two are located by the river. The blocked Veiled Edge Banner in the Village will be automatically activated after defeating all of them.

Screenshot highlighting the Public Order Event on the map | camzillasmomcom
Public Order – Village location

“Fugitive” Collectibles are exciting quests within the game where players embark on a thrilling adventure to track down elusive fugitives and engage in challenging battles to ultimately defeat them.

Vengeful Vassal Kichijiro – Lv.9

Look for the Vengeful Vassal Kichijiro fugitive in the center of the regional world map. He’s just standing there by the road, waiting for someone to rob. Good opportunity for a first strike and add him to your collection.

Screenshot showing the exact location of Vengeful Vassal Kichijiro Fugitive on the map | camzillasmomcom
The location on the map

Hundred Faces Ryuzo – Lv.10

Hundred Faces Ryuzo, a mysterious figure cloaked in intrigue, can be found residing at a grand estate nestled in the eastern expanse of the map. Positioned right on the cusp of the Noge Region, his presence lingers in the quiet allure of the southern corner within the estate’s sprawling grounds.

Screenshot of the fugitive | camzillasmomcom's location on the map.
The location on the map

Kanagawa Commissioner’s Office

There is just one sign indicating the presence of a Landmark collectible waiting to be discovered in this particular region. Take the time to explore the Kanagawa Commissioner’s Office located in the southeastern corner of the map. Interestingly, this spot is not only a site for one of the numerous “bond” missions but also holds the potential for being a location you might have already visited and collected from in the history of “Rise of the Ronin”.

Screenshot showing landmark location on the ingame map | camzillasmomcom
Landmark location

The Shrine is on top of an island just west of the fishing village. To get to the shrine, you have to execute a couple of series of “in-the-air” grapples. The screenshot below shows the location of the first grapple point while standing on the end of the village’s jetty.

Capture a screenshot of the in game map highlighting the starting point for directions to the Shrine | camzillasmomcom
Start point for the shrine
Screenshot of the player standing on the jetty facing the first grapple point toward the shrine | camzillasmomcom
First Grapple Point

The cat collectible you’re seeking is an actual feline companion, not just a mere statue waiting to be discovered. While journeying through the region, keep your ears open for the faint meows of a cat. This subtle sound indicates you are nearing your goal. Approach the cat with care, and once you reach it, take a moment to gently pet the adorable creature.

Kanagawa Commissioner’s Office

One cat is inside the Kanagawa Commissioner’s Office Landmark in the southeast of the region. Climb the landmark’s outer wall, to see it better – as shown in the screenshot.

Screenshot of the ingame map showing the cat | camzillasmomcom's location at the Kanagawa Commissioner's Office Landmark.
Location of the cat.
Screenshot of the player on the outer landmark | camzillasmomcom's walls, looking down at the cat.
Behind a house.

Western Village

While you’re in the western village – the Public Order Event location – look out for a big, old tree at the end of a path. The cat sits just below it. This is the second and last of the cat collectibles in the region.

Screenshot of the ingame map with the cat | camzillasmomcom's location.
Location of the cat.
Screenshot of the big old tree with the cat at its feet | camzillasmomcom
Cat by the tree

Treasure Chests are big unmissable chests that have to be found in the region.

Eastern Estate

The initial Treasure Chest can be found in a white storehouse that is a familiar sight across the Rise of Ronin regions. To locate it, you’ll need to scale the outer wall of the estate until you reach the open window situated at the highest point. Once inside, head to the ground floor where you’ll find the Chest positioned close to the exit door.

Screenshot of the ingame map showing the location of the Treasure Chest | camzillasmomcom
Treasure Chest on the map
Screenshot of the open Window of the Storehouse | camzillasmomcom
Entrance Point

Western Village

The second and final Treasure chest can be found in the eastern village, right where the Public Order Event took place or currently is. Look for it near the Veiled Edge Banner. You’ll easily spot it inside one of the houses, waiting to be discovered.

Ingame map showing the location of the Treasure Chest | camzillasmomcom
Treasure Chest Location
Screenshot from inside the house with the treasure chest | camzillasmomcom
Chest in the house.

Firearm Training is a game where you aim to hit specific targets with your rifle. There is also one at Yoshida-Shiden.

Explore the Firearm Training Range in the north of Hiranuma-Shinden at Veiled Edge Banner Shooting Range. Beginner-friendly with a low difficulty rating of 2 out of 5. Aim for a top score by reaching 8200+ points. Don’t forget to maneuver for “Multiple Target Bonuses” – line them up for maximum impact.

To reach 100% work with the turret in the center of the range to shoot off the straw balls. Then, use the turret to shoot multiple metal targets.

Screenshot showing points and reward system for the Firearm Training in Hiranuma Shinden | camzillasmomcom
The rewards system of this Firearm Training Course.

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