The First Task – Potion Permit Main Quest Walkthrough

The First Task is the very first Main Quest in Potion Permit. Here you find all the answers to finish this quest, step by step.


1 – Go to Meadow Range Entrance
2 – Get Basil, Jasmine and Daisy
3 – Go to Ranger Post between 10:00 – 20:00


After you’ve arrived and inspected your house, Myer has granted you permission to explore the Meadow Range. Forrest is already waiting there to explain more about what’s next.

The Meadow Range Entrance is to the East (right) of the map. From your house, go back to the town entrance and leave town. Then, follow the path that leads east.

The house in the center, the waypoint in the bottom right.
The sign that points to the right to Meadow Range.


As soon as you enter Meadow Range, Forrest will talk to you. He will ask you to gather some hears in Meadow Range. While doing so, You can also collect other things if you like you. It will make life easier later. You have to get Basil, Jasmine and Daisy. Use the sickle to get them.

Daisy is the closest. Go right towards the exclamation marker on the map and you will find one of three daisies. They are a round red flower with a yellow center.

The location of Daisy 1 on the map.
The Daisy in the bottom left corner, Mini-map in the top right.

There is one more Daisy at the small lake in the south west from there, near the Meadow Range exit and the third Daisy is just east of the lake.

The second Daisy just south of the Meadow Range exit.
The third Daisy east of the small lake.

Basil can be found in the north, where the dead end is. There are three plants close together.

The location of Basil on the map.
Three Basil visible on this screenshot.

Last but not least is Jasmine. You can find them in the top left corner of the map, where the bigger lake is.

The location of Jasmine on the map.
Two Jasmines there, last one is to the top left.


After you’ve collected all of the ingredients, exit Meadow Range where you came in. Now you have to meet Forrest at the Ranger Post between 10:00 and 20:00. Just exit Meadow Range and the cutscene will start. The Ranger post is right at the Meadow Range entrance.

This finishes this quest. The follow up Quest is XIAO’S REQUEST.

Release: September 22nd, 2022
Developer: MassHive Media
Publisher: PQube
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom.

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