Myer’s Daughter – Potion Permit Main Quest Walkthrough

In the Main Quest called “Myer’s Daughter” in Potion Permit, you’ll learn how to heal your first patient. It’s the follow-up Quest for “Xiao’s Request”. Here, you’ll find all the answers to finish this quest, step by step.


1 – Craft Moonbrine
2 – Apply Moonbrine to Rue


Leave the building where Rue is in bed and enter your main Potion House to interact with the cauldron. It’s time to brew Moonbrine. – In case you don’t have enough ingredients, you can always go back to Meadow Range, where you’ve been for “The First Task” to get some more.

Same as with the other two potions before in the Xiao’s Request Main Quest, you can use all ingredients from all four categories to solve this puzzle. Here’s how I solved it but there are many possibilities.

2 Ingredients used for Moonbrine


Go back to the house next to the Potion House. This is the clinic. Enter it and interact with Rue to apply the Moonbrine on the neck.

The building on the map.
The entrance to Rue.

A cutscene follows and the quest is complete. Exit the clinic and enter the Potion House to sleep.

After you exit the next morning, Xiao will wait for you and after the cutscene, the GETTING TO KNOW YOU Quest starts.

Release: September 22nd, 2022
Developer: MassHive Media
Publisher: PQube
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom.

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