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Nakamura Region Collectibles Guide Rise of the Ronin

Discover Nakamura Region in the southwest of the “Rise of the Ronin” map, bordered by Maita to the west and Yoshida-Shinden to the north. This compact area features a single Veiled Edge Banner, a Public Order Event, a Fugitive to apprehend, a Landmark hosting a Shrine, and a Cat. Attain a flawless 100% Collection Rate in Nakamura to access “Red Nuts” Deliveries at your Longhouse. This comprehensive guide streamlines your Nakamura Region collection efforts.

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A screenshot of the Nakamura Region Map displaying all collectibles for 100 completion | camzillasmomcom
Overview Map – All Collectibles in the Nakamura Region

Veiled Edge Banners play a dual role as essential save points and efficient fast-travel markers in the dynamic realm of Rise of the Ronin. While their placement varies, these pivotal markers are strategically positioned throughout the game world. Notably, when encountered within Public Order or Unruly Area Events, the Veiled Edge Banner activates automatically, streamlining your journey and gameplay experience.

Discover the exclusive Veiled Edge Banner in Nakamura Region, located east near the Public Order / Unruly Area Collectible. Once order is restored, this banner will be activated automatically on top of the village’s tower.

Screenshot showing the Public Order event on the map with the Veiled Edge Banner just next to it | camzillasmomcom
Location on the map

“Public Order” collectible events – also referred to as “Unruly Area” challenges – represent zones in a region where hostiles have established a presence. Your mission is to restore peace by vanquishing all adversaries, thereby forging closer bonds with the local populace. These critical locations can be easily pinpointed from afar by recognizing columns of smoke billowing from the afflicted area. Notably, the Yoshida-Shinden region boasts two distinct Public Order / Unruly Areas.

Discover the Public Order Event in the eastern Nakamura Region. Defeat five enemies, including a formidable foe. Four weaker foes surround a climbable house, allowing for a strategic sneak attack. Encounter one human and three beasts, with the formidable foe positioned farther away.

A screenshot of the exact location on the map | camzillasmomcom
The location of the “Public Order” event.

“Fugitive” Collectibles are quests where you track down and defeat a fugitive.

Bear-Killer Gingo is Nakamura’s only fugitive and a wolf. He can be found in the northeastern parts of the region, enjoying some rest in the grass.

The in game map highlighting the Fugitive wolf Bear Killer Gingo | camzillasmomcom
The location of the Futitive on the map.

A significant landmark within the ‘Rise of the Ronin’ game serves as a pivotal location in the region, inviting players to simply approach and explore it.”

The Nakamura Region, though small, boasts a prominent landmark: the Okamura Tenmangu Shrine, the largest building in the area. Explore this iconic site that defines Nakamura’s charm and history.

A screenshot of the location of the Okamura Tenmangu Shrine in the Nakamura Region | camzillasmomcom
Maita Castle Ruins – Landmark Location

The Landmark Okamura Tenmangu features a small shrine at the rear of its grounds for visitors to offer prayers.

Screenshot of the Shrine on the Nakamura Map | camzillasmomcom
The Shrine on the map
Screenshot showing the little wooden shrine next to the red Okamura Tenmangu Shrine | camzillasmomcom
The little Shrine next to its big brother.

The cat collectible is an actual cat, not a statue to search for. While traveling the region, listen carefully for meowing – a sign you’re nearby. Approach the cat and give it a pet.

This little kitty is waiting for you at the southernmost corner of the Nakamura Region map – just be the river.

The ingame map screenshot showing the exact location of the cat | camzillasmomcom
Location of the cat on the map
A screenshot of the cat sitting on a platform near the water | camzillasmomcom
The cat sitting on a platform.