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Spider-Man 2 Williamsburgh: Complete 100% Easily

Williamsburgh is in the center of the in-game map of New York City with ten different side activities. All of them are introduced in the main quest. Check out the overview map below if you’re just looking for a single item or go through it step-by-step to achieve 100% completion at Williamsburgh. Those activities will give you tech parts, rare tech parts, and city tokens. You will get additional Hero Tokens for a 100% district completion.

Some of these activities can be started with the FNSM App – The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man App by swiping your controller or by opening it in the in-game menu.

Finishing every single activity in the whole of New York will reward you with new suits.


Overview map of all activities in Williamsburg. Spider-Man 2 Video Game



There is only one of Marko’s memory crystals in Williamsburgh. Here’s where.

This memory is on top of a roof that is fully covered in sand in the north of Williamsburgh. Fight the Sandmen first, then interact with the orange crystal.

The location of the only Marko's Memory at Williamsburgh on the map.
Pickup location of Marko's Memory called Being Followed.


There is only one photo op activity in Williamsburgh. Here’s where. To take the photo swipe up on your controller to open up photo mode. Then, move your camera until you see the notification “Subject in Focus” – now you can take the picture.


Look for a rooftop party on top of a roof in the north of Williamsburgh. Inside an empty water tank is a little bar – the center of the party. Sit on the water tank’s rim to take the photo.

The location of the bar on the map in Williamsburgh.
The water tank bar from above.


The Williamsburgh District, located in the southeast of the in-game New York City map, contains only one hidden stash.

This stash involves one tall, red-bricked building in the center of the Williamsburgh District.


To locate the Stash, begin by scanning the area with R3. Subsequently, hold down the L2 button to uncover the initial code. Look for the broad metal door that you encounter a lot when looking for stashes. Then, manipulate both the left and right controller sticks into the highlighted area, maintaining this position until the code stabilizes.

This will reveal an area where the metal wall needs to be yanked to the right. Position yourself where Miles is standing in the screenshot below, just at the border of the purple area, and then proceed to pull the metal wall towards you using L1+R1.

Behind the metal wall is a big cogwheel. Yank it with L1+R1. This will open up the other metal wall to the left with another cogwheel. As soon as you yank the first cogwheel, use your webs with L1 to keep it in place and the other metal wall open.

Then, head over to the second cogwheel and yank it as well with L1+R1.


Yanking and blocking both cogwheels with web will open the smaller door between the two metal walls and you can access the Proler Stash’s safe.


This is the last of four “The Flame” Side missions together with Wraith.


The final mission of the Flame, titled “It was meant for me,” is taking place in the northern region of the Williamsburgh District. Following the events of the previous mission, Ganke will reach out to Spider-Man regarding social media rumors regarding an incident at this particular location. When you arrive on the rooftop of this building, interact with the documents on the table.

Follow Spider-Man to the scrapyard location on the map. Eliminate all the cultists and disarm the four bombs. Then, get ready for the battle against the flame cultists alongside Yuri.

To continue the mission, Spider-Man intercepts an Oscorp train approaching the target location. Working together, Spider-Man and Yuri employ explosives strategically to derail the train and accomplish their objective.

Completing the “Flame Mission Line” rewards you with the “Saving Lives Suit”.


The Brooklyn Visions Side Quest Line is a string of four missions taking place in Williamsburgh at the Brooklyn Visions Academy.


Head to the Brooklyn Visions Academy and change into Miles Morales where the marker is.

Scan the area and you will get a mission marker to meet with Ganke and Hailey at the fair. Miles will hear the words “Mission Person” and then follow an officer. To get closer, walk around the blue tent. In between two of them, you can squeeze through. Follow the path after that until you can listen to the conversation.

Miles then changes back to Spider-Man to find Ms. Ferguson. The mission marker leads to the south, to an area full of criminals that Spider-Man has to defeat. After that, scan the area to find the mission person. You can get on the roof of the warehouse and smash through it.

After the next round of fighting criminals, pick up Ms. Ferguson and take her back to school. This will finish the first Brooklyn Visions Missions. After that, the other three are available on the map in any order you like.


The Brooklyn Visions Homecoming mission is starting on campus at this location:

A student called VJ is standing on a whiteboard, talking to someone on the phone. Interact with him to start. You will get a mission marker to a generator vendor in the southwest from your current location. As soon as you arrive, you will see a man being threatened by criminals. Time to help him out.

Spider-Man calls VJ to tell them that the generator is busted. Return and discuss alternatives. Time to find a power source on the roof. The area is highlighted on the minimap. Scan the nearby white generator with L2. Start up the generator with L1+Square. Then, connect all the tether nodes from the generator down to the ground floor with L2+R1, using Spider-Man’s electric power. Scan often. You will see the power lines and the nodes when you scan with R3

After you connect the power, you have to sit on a specific point just above the whiteboard from the beginning and yank it when VJ tells you to. Next, you have to yank a stuck poster just on the other side of the courtyard. As the last step, just power the faulty screen with L2 + Square. This will conclude the mission.


This side mission starts at the east of campus. Talk to the two people who stand in front of a screen that says “Camera is Currently Offline”. Apparently there is a drone missing.

Look for the drone at the marked location and interact with it.

Now they want you to take a photo from campus. But not just any photo, it has to be a “Wide Shot”. Take it like this:

Campus Wide Shot

After this, there are five more photos to take. They are marked on the map. Take them like this:

Brooklyn Visions Recruitment Office
Brooklyn Visions Campus Quad
Drone Club
Brooklyn Visions Esports Team

After all those photos, head to the mission marker on top of a building’s roof and follow the drone around campus. Either by swinging or webwinging.


Swing over to the basketball courts on campus and talk to the two students there. At some stage, they will point out a note for you to read.

First clue:
The Boat has sailed but you should steer
you’ll solve our puzzles

They will tell you to access the roof of the Stuart building. The mission marker will guide you there, where you’ll find another clue:
The Light always reveals the Truth.

There is a purple light beam. It will remain static, but look for mirrors that you can yank with L1+R1 into the beam’s way. Yank both mirrors that you see on the way and kick a big wooden box to destroy it. Then yank the third mirror and you will see another puzzle right on top of the mural.

Good thing that someone else does the puzzles for you, so you just get the next destination on the map. It’s north, where you’ll find another light puzzle. First of all, the light beam has rolls. So start yanking the beam first until it hits a mirror.

Now follow the beam to the next mirror. Yank this one out of the way so the beam hits a mirror behind it. Continue to follow the beam. Yank the mirror where the beam hits last and continue to follow the light.

Next, yank the beam on the green table and then the other, static mirror. It will guide the light around the corner, where you can yank another mirror on a green table. Next, just continue to yank the mirrors until you get a constant flow of light until the next puzzle is revealed.

Hailey will find the next destination for you and highlight it on the map. This destination has two murals and three colored mirrors: blue, red, and purple. The beam device itself is purple. That means it will provide light for them all.

Start with yanking the mirror next to the beam and focus on the blue mirrors to steer the light to the purple mirror on the ground floor.

The path can now go in two directions. Either Red or blue. I’ll pick the blue one first and follow it onto the other roof:

Yank the beam to the blue path and destroy the wooden box blocking the light. This will reveal the word “Main”. The Blue Path is solved.

Now back to where the beam starts. Yank it in the red arrow direction. It will also go down to the first purple mirror, where you also yank it to the red arrow. Just like in the screenshot below.

Follow the light and yank first the purple mirror on the other roof, and then another red mirror into position. This will reveal the number 1121.

Hailey will give you the next mission marker. It’s a garage door. Yank the gear to open the door. Take the mascot back to campus.


There are two Spider-Bots in the Williamsburgh District. Check out the overview map below to see where they are.



This Spider-Bot is on the wall of a tall, white-grayish-coloured building in the north of Williamsburgh.


This spider is flying high in the air in the south of the Williamsburgh map. Reach the top of the highest building near the bot, then push yourself in the air with R2+X and use the glider to collect it.


There are two Mysteriums in Williamsburg. One is called Grave Decision and the other one is Road Rage.


Defeat all the enemies. Don’t get hit – Just dodge!
Gold: 0
Silver: < 3
Bronze: > 3


Defeat all 20 enemies. Don’t get hit – Just dodge!
Gold: 0
Silver: < 3
Bronze: > 3


This Unidentified Targets side activity is at the end of Williamsburgh Bridge. Get to the top of the bridge and interact with the transmitter. You then have to follow the bird through the wind canal before it escapes. In the slipstream, you just have to steer left and right to follow it.


The nest is in the southeastern corner of the Williamsburgh map and has only one heart to defend.

Release: October 20th, 2023
Developer: Insomniac Games
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
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