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Spider-Man 2 Financial District: Complete 100% Easily

The Financial District is in the very south of the in-game map of New York City with ten different side activities. All of them are introduced in the main quest. Check out the overview map below if you’re just looking for a single item or go through it step-by-step to achieve 100% completion at the Financial District. Those activities will give you tech parts, rare tech parts, and city tokens. You will get additional Hero Tokens for a 100% district completion.

Some of these activities can be started with the FNSM App – The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man App by swiping your controller or by opening it in the in-game menu.

Finishing every single activity in the whole of New York will reward you with new suits.


Overview Map: All Activities in the Financial District of Spider-Man 2 the Video Game



There are whooping four of Marko’s memory crystals in the Financial District. Here’s where they are.


In the southern tip of the Financial District, where you can look out to Lady Liberty, there is another orange crystal near a round fountain. Defeat the Sandmen and get the Memory.

The crystal location on the map in the very south of the Financial District.
The crystal - Lady Liberty in the background.


Swing yourself to the very center north of the Financial District. This memory is on the ground floor in an alley, at the border to Greenwich.

The Memory's location on the world map.
The alley with the orange crystal.


In the southeast of the Financial District, climb the top of the skyscraper that is covered in sand. Fight the Sandmen and interact with the orange crystal to get Marko’s Memory.

The location of Marko's Memory on the world map.
The orange crystal on top of the skyscraper.


This is the introductory crystal with Marko’s Memory. Miles will find it while saving civilians in a destroyed building after fighting Sandman at the start of the game. It is part of a cinematic section of the game. Here’s the location anyway.

The introductory Marko's Memory called "She's Gone" as found on the world map.
Miles standing in front of the orange glowing crystal.


There is only one Photo Ops activity at the Financial District. Here’s where. To take the photo swipe up on your controller to open up photo mode. Then, move your camera until you see the notification “Subject in Focus” – now you can take the picture.


In the southern tip of the Financial District is a taxi driver arguing with a pedestrian.

The photo op location on the world map.
The taxi, taxi driver and the pedestrian.


There is only one FNSM Request in the Financial District called “Howard”.


Howard the southwest area of the Financial District, near the water. Join him to observe the arrival of the Ferry. Afterward, direct your attention to the yellow boat at the dock. Next, shift your gaze towards the three chimneys in the distance, and finally, glance towards Lady Liberty on the left.

Now Howard is finally ready to ask Spider-Man for help. Spider-Man needs to take care of Howard’s birds and take them on a journey. Whistle to make the pigeons follow you. Then, go to the mission marker and follow the waterfront. After that, swing to Brooklyn Bridge. It gets tricky near the bridge, so use the wings and roll as instructed.

Once you reach the next mission marker, head north between Little Odessa and Downtown Queens. Regardless of how you get there, the mission marker will soon change to a new one in east Astoria. This is the final destination.

You will automatically return to Howard, but unfortunately, there is only an ambulance at his place. Howard has passed away.


The Flame is an engaging side mission storyline consisting of four missions. It kicks off in the Financial District.


The Flame: “Where Have You Been?” is the title of the initial side mission in Spider-Man 2. Easily recognizable on the world map by the distinct red Flame symbol. The starting point is at the hospital located in the Financial District.

Starting location of the Flame Side Story in the Financial District.

During the chaotic Sandman incident at the beginning of the game, numerous individuals remain trapped within the hospital. Spider-Man, in an effort to locate these individuals, dispatches Spider-Bot.

As Spider-Bot, follow the ventilation shaft, utilizing the R1+L1 combination to open it. Descend into the designated room and interact with the survivor to mark them for rescue by the firemen. Proceed by crawling through the nearby opening on the ground floor to continue your mission.

Navigate to the next room by crawling. In this area, you’ll be introduced to the pulse blast (R1). The Spider-Bot can utilize the pulse blast to demolish crumbly walls. Make sure to use it frequently if you encounter obstacles. To access the next survivor, destroy the fallen wall on your right. They are trapped underneath a bookshelf. Extract it using R1+L1 and mark them for the rescue services. Proceed by crawling beneath the nearby wheelchair.

In the adjacent room, utilize your pulse blast to maneuver towards the next level. There, you will discover an additional survivor by prying open a door. Progressing further entails acquainting yourself with the functionality of Jumpjets (R2). Employ them to ascend to elevated terrain and surmount obstacles. Once you’ve reached the pinnacle of this ascent, create an aperture in the ceiling to ascend further.

In this location, a man is on the verge of being engulfed by sand. Quickly close the opening through which the sand is flowing and rescue the survivor by pulling him out of the sand. Act swiftly to save him from being buried alive in the sand.

Stay on the designated path and overcome obstacles by demolishing walls and increasing your jumping height. Utilize scanning to identify enemies, indicated by red outlines. Ascend through a vent and navigate to the opposite end, engaging in combat with the encountered individuals.

In the concluding phase, an unexpected ally, Wraith, will intervene in the form of an old friend. It is revealed that Wraith has long been pursuing this cult and shares a past with Spider-Man.

EMF EXPERIMENT – Two Bridges: Plant Science

Located on a rooftop in the center-east of the Financial District, the experiment beckons. Initiate it by interacting with the experiment station.


After receiving instructions from Dr. Foster, Peter first has to collect a specimen from the ESU greenhouse. The location is marked on the world map and in the hud. Unfortunately, someone has wrecked the greenhouse and Peter has to investigate. Someone has stolen the needed specimen.

You now have to follow the bright yellow pollen trail high up in the air. It is unmissable. At the last one, you discover the culprits: Criminals. Defeat all of them. Then, pick up the plant and return with it to the experiment.


The Gene Splicer minigame is a bit like playing “Catan”. Here’s how it works: each card you place in the four remaining spots has lines on its sides – either four, three, two, or one. When you put down the cards, just make sure the lines match up.

Right below the “Plant Attributes” title, remember to use at least three plant cards, 1 Sun card, and 1 water card. The “H” card is already defined by the system. The thugs will attack you while doing this but at some stage, you can finish the puzzle.

Place them like this to solve it:

Gene Splicer Solution


The Overview Map below displays the locations of the three Hunter Blinds and the Base. The Hunter Base is unique, lacking a physical building and with its shield on the ground floor. Upon reaching the ground floor, you can interact with the manhole to access an underground base.
To enter the base, utilize the R3 scanner frequently. It will indicate a blue mission marker that guides you in the right direction.
Once inside, in addition to interacting with the Communications Console, there are two toxic plants to destroy as Sub-Objectives.

The three Hunter Blinds and the Base on the Financial District map


There are two Spider-Bots in the Financial District. Check out the overview map below to see where they are.



This Spider-Bot is high above the Financial District. Climb the highest building and use the wingsuit to get it.


This little piggy spider is in the east of the Financial District, near the two bridges. It is crawling up and down a building, a row of school buses below.


This Unidentified Targets side activity is in the center-south of the Financial District. Look for three metal birds cycling a tall building. Get to the roof and interact with the transmitter. You then have to follow the bird through the wind canal before it escapes. In the slipstream, you just have to steer left and right to follow it.


The Symbiote Nest is in the north of the Financial District, close to the “The Flame” Side Story. The sonic bomb has to be placed on two nests. Both have to be defended from attacks until the time runs out.

Release: October 20th, 2023
Developer: Insomniac Games
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
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