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It’s an Ill Wind that Blows – Easy Story Quest Walkthrough

Here’s what you need to do in the It’s an ill Wind that Blows Story Quest at Barrendale Mesa.


This landing area is a bit special, since you won’t see a ship there at Barrendale Mesa. Instead, there is a small white Rabbid Balloon attached to a round bright blue platform that is your connection to the spaceship.

Your first task is to get rid of the Darkmess Puddle called THE DESERT RIPTIDES that is in your way.

The Puddle’s location on the map
Another Darkmess to fight.

Follow the path and the coins that show the way, past the roaming Wildclaws until you reach the white pipe.

The White Pipe’s location on the map
Slide up the pipe

Up at the other end, there is a purple unstable bridge. Use the upgraded WAVE ability on the big purple tile to stabilise the bridge and cross it.
This will make the second purple bridge unstable, but there is another big purple tile after the first bridge. Use WAVE on the second tile and you can cross the second bridge. Then, go through the big round entrance at the back.

The first big purple tile…
… and the second one ahead.

Inside, you can activate the INDUSTRIAL AREA FLAG and you have to fight another Darkness Puddle called DANGER, KEEP OUT!


You’ve just defeated the Darkmess at the Industrial Area entrance. Head up the ramp and climb the ladder close to the green pressure plate.
Up on the container, scan for a yellow bridge across and cross the bridge.

Climb the ladder up the green container.
Scan for a bridge to get across.

On the other side is a blue box that will go onto a blue pressure plate. Push it down the container and onto the pressure plate.

Push the blue box down the ledge.
Then onto the pressure plate.

Enter now the white pipe next to it that you just freed from Darkmess.
Up here you can continue to follow the path. Straight ahead and up a ladder at the end.

All the way to the back.
Up the ladder.


After you’ve climbed the ladder, climb another ladder straight away and from there another one to the top.
A cutscene will greet you and tell you that you’re at the right place. Because now you have to connect the circuit.
Do you see the shiny blue line? That’s the energy that has to travel all the way to the other end of the floor. There are 3 parts of different shape to use and a rotating device.

Now climb those two ladders up to towards the windmill!
At the top. The blue energy line, 3 parts to fix it and a rotator.

Pick up the straight part and place it inside the first round gap. Rotate the part if you must. The energy travels to the next area.
Now pick up the “T”-shaped part and put it into the opening. Again, rotate it until the energy flows through all 3 openings.

The straight part. Rotate with the lever next to it.
The T-Shaped part. Also has a rotator.

Take the last part and put it into the last opening. Rotate it until the energy flows.
After the cutscene, use the big Rabbid Screen to move the crane.

The last part into the last socket.
Now the screen has energy and can be used.

Rotate it all the way to the right. The green container that is hanging from the crane is now helping to build a bridge. You can now cross over there! Just leave the crane in that position, climb down the two ladders again and cross over.

The crane puts a container just at the right position…
… so we can cross!

Climb down at the other side, fight the fiends in the way and you’ll see there is another energy fixing puzzle ahead!
This time, there are only two areas with two parts that need to be fixed. One on ground level and the other one level up. Both energy flows need to go up! So the first one on ground level is the part with the 90 degree angle. Place it and rotate it so the energy flows in parallel to the other energy line. Then, take the straight part, go up the ramp and place it into the gap. Rotate it so the energy flows.

The angled part in position.
The straight part still has to be rotated.

After this, a bridge is activated and you can cross over. But don’t forget the yellow cube that is lying in front of the bridge! Take it with you and place it in the yellow cube device just across the bridge. The white tube next to the device is now open and you can go back to the above area to get the angled part out of the socket! Since the bridge is not needed anymore due to a nice white pipe, we can take this part out again!
Take it, go back up by taking the white pipe and put it into the socket there!

The cube for the device across the bridge.
Use the tube to get the previous angled part.

Now back across the bridge, put the angled part into the socket and rotate it so that the energy can flow.
We’re not finished yet, since the energy is not flowing. Now we need to go back the white pipe and put the previous straight part into the socket where the angled part just was. Rotate it and this should do the energy trick! The bridge has energy and we can cross it!

The angled part from before now up here across the bridge!
The straight part goes into the socket where the angled part was!


Across the bridge, grab the orange box and pull it onto the orange pressure plate. Now the white pipe is unclogged and you can enter it.
Up here, there is a bridge, but it is not long enough to cross… so back to the crane. Go left from the pipe exit up the ramp and you will get to the crane again.

Move the box onto the pressure plate.
Just up the ramp and you’re at the crane again.

Rotate it to the middle, so you can cross the bridge now and fight the Darkmess Puddle called MAGIKOOPA MAYHEM ahead.
Gargantu-Fan Spark will join you after this fight.

The crane is now in the middle.
We can cross the bridge to the Darkmess Puddle.


After the fight, enter the white pipes at the other side to get to the Barrendale Pipes Area Flag.
Climb down the ladder. Puzzle area ahead! The goal is to move the green box onto the Green pressure plate and the orange box onto the orange pressure plate. There is also another energy puzzle with 3 parts.

Move the box onto the pressure plate.
Just up the ramp and you’re at the crane again.

There are 3 bridges you can energize individually. First, we need to do the bridge to the left, so we can climb up a ladder and move the orange box onto the orange pressure plate. Put the t-shaped part into the first slot and rotate it so the energy flows through all the openings. This will light two of the three bridge lights of the bridge to the left.

The bridge to the left. The energy has to go here!
The first part into the socket.

Go get the straight part and put it into the socket next to the previous one. The energy needs to flow straight up to the bridge.
Now cross the bridge and climb the ladder up.

The straight part into the second socket.
Cross the bridge and up the ladder.

Drop the ladder on the other side.

This is the box we have to move soon.
And drop the ladder.

Grab the box and drop it down onto the green line (where we just dropped down a ladder). Move it onto the green triangle pressure plate.

Drop the box down the ledge.
Put it onto the green triangle pressure plate.

You can now use the white pipe to the right. Which means, we can now activate the bridge to the right to get the blue triangle key stone.
First, we send the energy from the left bridge to the right. To do this, we have to swap the straight part with the angled part in the second slot.

Remove the straight part…
… and replace it by the angled part.

Now take the straight part and slide with it through the white pipe to the right, where you can put the straight part into a power slot. Rotate the part so the power flows.
The bridge is now crossable. Climb down the ladder and take the blue triangle key stone. Carry it across the bridge and drop it somewhere safe.

Go up the pipe with the straight part.
With the active bridge, carry the triangle key across.

Next, lower the big WAVE block down with your WAVE ability. Put the movable box for the pressure plate and the blue triangle key on top of it and send it back up.
Climb up the ladder that we’ve dropped previously and move the box onto the yellow pressure plate.

Put the box and the triangle key onto the elevator.
Move the box onto the pressure plate.

The white pipes are accessible now. Take the blue triangle key and slide down the pipe and place it in the barrier device. The barrier drops.

With the triangle key, slide down the pipe.
Place it into the device.

Now we need to send all the energy to the back, where the barrier was. One lamp is already on. We just have to sort out the two others.
Go up to the area where the box is – here comes the mean part – it needs to go back to the green pressure plate. So move the box again to the ledge, drop it and pull it onto the green pressure plate, as we did above.
Now the white pipes are open again and you can go get the straight part. Put it somewhere safe.

Now we need to swap the t-shaped part with the angled part so the energy is flowing all the way to the left. Just like in the screenshot.

Retrieving the straight part.
Angled part to the right, t-shaped part to the left.

Now we just need to get the straight part to its place.
Lower the WAVE Block again with your WAVE ability and put the box and the straight part on top.

Box and straight part now on top of the WAVE block.
Move the box back onto the orange pressure plate.

Take the straight part, slide down the white pipe and put it into the power slot behind the dropped barrier.
Rotate it so the power flows. Now the bridge at the far end is out.

Put the straight part inside…
… rotate it.

Time go cross that bridge! Go up the ramp and take all the white pipes up that you can find!
At the top, go along the arm of the crane (the one with the long yellow line) and drop the ladder! Yay!

Take all the white pipes up that you can see!
On the top of the crane! Drop the ladder!


Slide down the green pipe at the top of the crane, go to the controls and rotate the crane to the left. Now you can go on top of the crane again and cross over to the windmill.
Activate the Barrendale Windmill Flag and destroy the Darkmess Tentacle on the Windmill!

Slide down the green pipe
Move the crane to the left.

The Windmill is now clear of Darkmess and you’ve finished the Story Quest. All you need to do now is return to Momma’s Garage and have a final fight at the Garage.

Release: October 20th, 2022
Developer: Ubisoft Milan and Paris
Publisher: Ubisoft
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom.