How to clear Palette Prime Secret Zone

The Secret Zone is the last hurrah on the planet! So this is how to clear Palette Prime Secret Zone!


You can buy the Spellbound Key in the Shop. It costs 9 Planet Coins. You get them by doing Side Quests.

Down at the water from Paletteville, there is a Darkmess barrier at the water. Walk around the big animal snake head nearby to find the square key for the barrier device.

The barrier and the device that needs the square key.
Here it is, behind the snake head.

Follow the path, then cross the bridge over the river to defeat the “EVIL BY THE LAKE”. Darkmess Puddle.

Side Quest location on the map
The Darkmess Puddle across the bridge.

After that, just follow the path and you will see the colourful door. Unlock it and enter.


You’ve entered the Secret Zone and you’re standing in front of the exit / entrance. Just jump down to the right of the entrance.

Jump down at the entrance.

Take your Scanner out with ZL and scan a bridge straight ahead. Go past the device for the circle key and do the same again on the other side. There are two bridges too.

From there scan for a bridge straight ahead
Move past the round device and do the same at the other side

Cross the bridge and down a ramp (see first screenshot. Go from the red dot to the yellow dot), to the left. There, you can scan for a ladder. Climb it up.

The path you need to take from red dot to yellow dot
Scan for a ladder and climb it up

Cross the bridge and pick up the round key for the device and the unclogging of the white pipes. You can jump down at the other side.

Pick up the round barrier key ahead
and jump down with it

The Barrier Device is on the same level now. Put the key inside. This unlocks the white pipes. Enter the one on the same level.

Putting the key into the device
Off I go into the white pipe

Back at the entrance, I jump down again just like at the beginning. But this time, the pipe is open and I enter it.

Putting the key into the device
Off I go into the white pipe

I arrive in front of a barrier with a pressure plate on the other side. Take the pipe up and scan for a box, where you see the carved path for a box on the floor. When the wave is red, you’re simply standing the way and the box can’t appear. Move around a bit until you see the yellow light.

Need to get rid of this barrier
Up the pipe scan for a box

Push the box down, over the edge. Then take the ladder down and scan for another ladder up to the other side. You can drop yourself down to the box from there! Then move the box

Scan for another ladder go down and climb it
Walk to the end of the platform and jump to the box from there

Drop the box down onto the pressure plate. The barrier disappears. Now you can go over meed the Wildclaw Master Spark!

Drop the box onto the pressure plate
Meet your new Spark

Release: October 20th, 2022
Developer: Ubisoft Milan and Paris
Publisher: Ubisoft
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Guides by camzillasmom.

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