Beacon Beach – Where are the Planet Coins? Guide

Where are the Planet Coins at Beacon Beach? You may ask… I’ll show you their locations one by one.

After you’ve collected all the Planet Coins, you will get a Gold Prism as reward. Use this Gold Prism to unlock the Spark branch for any Hero’s Skill Tree.

A Truly Ginormous Goomba
Arch of Darkmess
Atoll of Darkmess
Basement Treasures
Behind the Clay Jars
Blue Coin Challenge
Bob-omb Hunt & Cannonball
Ceramic Panic
Green Coin Challenge
Sunrise Gateway
The Bottom Rung of Darkmess
The Darkmess outside the Lighthouse
The Dopest Catch
The Goomba with the Pot on his Head
The Pugilist and the Princess
The Riddle of the Sunrise Temple
The Secret of the Statues


There is a locked tube in the Temple Catacombs, close to the Lighthouse exit. To be able to get this last Planet Coin you need to have 12 Sparks in your possession. Go off to another planet to get this amount, then come back to fight the Goomba for a Planet Coin.

Planet Coin Location
Interact and destroy the Darkmess


Near the spaceship is an arch with black gooey Darkmess. Interact with it and defeat the enemies to get this Planet Coin.

Planet Coin Location
Interact and destroy the Darkmess


At the southern beach is a small island covered in Darkmess. Fight it off to get a Planet Coin.

Planet Coin Location
Interact and destroy the Darkmess


You’ve just finished the In Deep Water Story Quest in the Catacombs and started the Come Rain or Shine Story Quest. To get to the Lighthouse, you have to exit the Catacombs through a door in the north east, like shown on the screenshots below:

Take the catacombs exit with the yellow flag.
Just through this door…

You’ll enter a small room. At the back is a container with a propeller on top of it. Pull the box towards the right to get to it. Interact with the propeller container to get the Coin.

Grab and move the box to the right.
Then open the container.


At the Temple Catacombs of the Sunrise Temple, there is a path inside a cave to the south east. Just after the statues room. There is a blue Minimushroom that needs help to defeat the Darkness Puddle for the Ceramic Panic Side Quest. Next to the Mushroom is a blue device that needs a blue ball to work.

Go to the very back of this cave and you can move a box towards you, out of the cave. Far at the back is the blue ball. Put it inside the device and a container with a propeller appears. Open it to get a Planet Coin.

The location of the blue ball on the map.
Picking up the blue ball at the back.
The Propeller Container.


You can start the Blue Coin Challenge by sliding down the Blue Pipe on ground level of the Lighthouse. Interact the blue “P” light on the floor and collect all blue coins as quickly as possible. You’ll get a Planet Coin, normal coins and the GALACTIC ATLAS: BEACON BEACH Memory as Reward.

Lighthouse Ground Floor, Blue Pipe
Interact with the blue P on the floor to start the challenge.


Find and fight 3 bombs at the beach to get a Planet Coin. There are two bombs at the beach. For the third bomb you have to do following:

Do you see that canon in the small island in the distance? If you shake the tree where the blue ball is on the screenshot, this blue ball will fall down. Use it on the device next to the cannon full of goo, get inside and you will land on an island with an egg. Dash and pick up the egg, use the cannon back and you will land in front of the black tentacle. Throw the egg at the tentacle and you can now reach the beach below the spacecraft, where you will find the third bomb. – Discover the rest of the beach and you will find a container with a propeller. Open it and you get a Planet Coin.

Bobs locations on the map.
One of them at the beach.


At the Temple Catacombs of the Sunrise Temple, there is a path inside a cave to the south east. Just after the statues room. There is a blue Minimushroom that needs help to defeat the Darkness Puddle. Do so and you get a Planet Coin.

Ceramic Panic location on the map.
Darkness Puddle


Enter the Temple Catacombs through the Sunrise Temple Beach entrance. Go all the way up to the north east, where you went to the Lighthouse in the story. There is a ladder you can take town to take the higher path going to the west. Here is a green ring. Drop the nearby ladder before you start the challenge. You need to go down there.

See the path map below, where you need to go. The circle is the start and the X is the finish.

Start location on the map.
Go through the green ring to start, down the ladder.
Start at circle, end at the X.


The Red Coin Challenge is at the northern beach of Beacon Beach. Run through the red ring to start. Collect single red coins. You have to run a circle and end up at the same starting location on the beach again.

Red Coin Challenge location on the map.
Run through the red coin to start.


After you’ve got rid of the Darkmess in the southern part of town (The Pugilist and the Princess Quest), you can approach this house and enter it. Inside is a woman that gives you a fight task. Defeat all the enemies to get the Planet Coin.

The Sunrise Gateway house location on the map.
Enter the house and talk to the woman / robot / puppet.


Down at the beach there is a rock with a ladder full of Darkmess. Interact and fight with it. Deafeat 8 enemies.

The location of the Darkmess
Fight it.


North west, left of the Lighthouse on the map, there is a path you can take, down to the base of the Lighthouse. There are some closed pipes and a yellow cube just next to the pipe that you can pick up.

Carry it south along the beach until you see a device in a little alcove to the left. Put the cube in here. This will open up the white pipes. Use them, climb up the ladder to the other side and fight the Darkmess to get the coin.

Follow the path down left of the lighthouse.
The yellow cube ahead.
Follow the beach until you see an alcove to your left
Heres where you put the cube in


The Dopest Catch challenge is right behind “The Arch of Darkmess” above. You need to catch and throw 6 fishes into the pool before time is running out. Run after the fish and dash it. Walk a bit away and come back to pick it up. For some reason picking up just after dashing does not work very well. Go back to the pool and throw it in when the pool glows.

The location of the Dopest Catch.
The start of the challenge.


This quest is in the top left corner of the map (see red dot on the map screenshot). There is a Goomba with a pot on the head and you have to fight it and survive 6 rounds. Goombas with a pot are invincible to attacks. But you can dash them and throw them out of the fighting map bounds. They will reappear through indestructible portals but was makes more fun than to dash a Pot Goomba? Pot Goombas in a row!!

By dashing and throwing them down the cliff, you should be able to survive 6 rounds.

The reward in the round container is a Weapons Blueprint for Rabbid Luigi – THE VINTAGE DISRUPTOR.

The location of the Potted Goomba (red dot)
The Goomba waiting for a fight.


This quest is in the southern part of Beacon Beach town. It’s a big puddle of Darkmess. Get rid of it to get a Planet Coin and the Weapon Skin STEAMPUNK DUKES.

The location of the quest on the map.
Get rid of the Darkmess


At the Temple Catacombs of the Sunrise Temple are four statues. Talk to the quest giver to start the quest. Then arrange the statues like this:

The King and his son are facing each other.
Turn the statues so that the man with gold and the green beard and the man with the golden hair look at each other.

King and son are facing each other (two statues in front)

The Sun and the Outcast are facing each other.
Augie, the man with the bag, is walking towards the sun. Turn them to each other.

Sun and Outcast are facing each other (statues at the front)

The reward will appear inside a ball in the nearby alcove.


At the base of the Lighthouse is a device that requires a triangle shaped stone. Do the THE DARKMESS OUTSIDE THE LIGHTHOUSE first. Then, you have access to the triangle shaped stone and an egg. Dash the egg and pick it up to throw it at the tentacle.

Now pick up the stone and put it into the device at the base of the Lighthouse. A container with a propeller appears. You’ll get the coin when you interact with it.

The location of the Triangle and the Egg on the map.
The device and the container at the back.

Release: October 20th, 2022
Developer: Ubisoft Milan and Paris
Publisher: Ubisoft
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