Beacon Beach All Memories Locations – Complete List

There are 12 Memories to find at Beacon Beach. You’ll get 6 right at the start all for free! I’ve added them here for completion. Here’s where to find them. They are listed here in the same order as they appear in the in-game menu.


Those are the 6 Memories you will get right when you land at Beacon Beach. It’s Hello World, The Trans-Rabb-O-Lator, Mystery of the Sparks, Probes and Memories, The Story So Far and A Home Called Spaceship.

Hello World
The Trans-Rabb-O-Lator
Mystery of the Sparks
Probes and Memories
The Story So Far
A Home Called Spaceship


Go to the beach at Beacon Beach. There is a rock covered in Darkmess and you can fight it in the “The Bottom Rung of Darkmess” Sidequest to get a Planet Coin. After the fight, you can climb up the ladder and interact with the techno crab to get this memory.

Bob-ombs memory on the map.
The techno crab with the memory.


To be able to pick up this Memory, you have to defeat THE GOOMBA WITH THE POT ON HIS HEAD in the top left corner of the map first.

Then, you can walk around the island and find the techno crab with this Memory.

The location of the memory on the map.
The techno crab with the memory.


Enter the Sunrise Temple through the beach entrance. Inside the Temple Catacombs walk past the Fast Travel Flag to the GOOMBA HUNT Side Quest. Follow the path to the left up until you discover a shiny crab on the path. Interact with it to get this Memory.

Sunrise Temple memory on the map.
Sunrise Temple Memory


Enter the Sunrise Temple through the beach entrance. Go all the way to the big room with the pillars. Go south and follow the path up until you can see down to the water puzzle. Here’s the techno crab that has the memory.

Augie Memory on the Map.
The Techno Crab with the Memory.


Enter the Sunrise Temple through the beach entrance. Go all the way to the north east, where you take the exit to the Lighthouse in the story. Here, you can take a ladder down that takes you to the lake. On this rocky bridge is a tech crab. Interact with it and you get the Memory.

Wildclaws Memory on the Map.
The Techno Crab with the Memory.


This Memory is a reward for the Blue Coin Challenge on the ground floor of the Lighthouse. There is a blue pipe you can slide down. Start the challenge and you’ll get this Memory as reward inside a box.

Galactic Atlas: Beacon Beach – Location on the map.
Galactic Atlas: Beacon Beach Memory Entry.


You can buy 3 Memories for 1 Planet Coin each at the Robot Rabbid Shop near the spaceship landing area. The Stooges, Goombas, Scopers.


For this Memory, you have to enter the Sunshine Temple and make your way through the Temple Catacombs to follow the IN DEEP WATER STORY QUEST. As soon as you have defeated “Giant Wildclaw”, you automatically pick up this memory, finish the In Deep Water Story Quest and start a new quest called “COME RAIN OR SHINE” based on this Memory.

Giant Enemies – Quest location on the map.
Giant Enemies – Memory entry.


You will get Rabbid Mario and this Memory when doing the THE PUGILIST AND THE PRINCESS Side Quest at Beacon Beach Town.

The location of the quest on the map.
Get rid of the Darkmess


Talk to the DJ at the beach of BEACON BEACH to get the CHEEP BEATS AND BLEEPSTREETS Side Quest. He lost two records and even shows you where they are: At the beach where the bombs are lurking. Pick the records up one after the other and take them back to DJ. But the quest is not done yet. Fight the Darkmess Puddle that just has shown up nearby to get Aquadash and of course the DJ CHEEP TUNA Memory.

The location of the Spark quest.
DJ Cheep Tuna.

Release: October 20th, 2022
Developer: Ubisoft Milan and Paris
Publisher: Ubisoft
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom.

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