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Get all Minikits for The Copa-Khetanna

This is where and how you get all the Minikits at The Copa-Khetanna. It’s the second level of the Return of the Jedi, Episode 6.

If you are struggling after the written text, watch my video below. It’s commented and explains the Minikits one after the other.
Minikits video start time: 11:13 or follow this YouTube link.

1 – Target Practice

Go to the front of the ship. There is a turret you can grapple up to.

Then shoot 4 Probe Droids.

2 – Trailing Behind

Go to the back of the ship on the upper deck. There is an orange rail where you can drop yourself down at the outside of the ship.

Once down at the outside of the ship, just walk around it and you will see the Minikit.

3 – Where Has it Gonk?

At the back of the ship there are some boxes you can stack with a Jedi or Dark Force so you can reach the upper level.
Stack those boxes in the center of the back of the ship where the ground is already elevated.

Then look for the Gonk. It’s the brown, square droid with a big, black eye. When you ride it now, you can get to the next level with it. If you had not built your blocks on the elevation, the Gonk couldn’t reach! Place it in the docking station that is marked with a purple circle and you get the Minikit.

4 – A Simple Smuggle

Go to the mast of the ship in the lower level. Look up the mast and you will see an orange lever. Jump up and hang onto it.

Now a secret storage in the ship’s floor opens. The lever needs to be pulled at all times so you have to switch to your other character to get down there and get the Minikit.

5 – Colossal Cannon

There are two golden boxes on the deck of the ship. Shoot them with a Bounty Hunter and build with the pieces that come out of it.

Turns our these were the pieces that were missing from that big cannon! Grab it and turn it. You’ll shoot down another ship and get the Minikit.

Watch all Minikits on my 100% video

Video starts at Minikit 1

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