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Endor the Line – All Minikits & Challenges

Get a All Minikits and all Challenges at Episode 6: Endor the Line.

How to get the Minikits – 5

If you are struggling after the written text, watch my video below. It’s commented and explains the Minikits one after the other.
Minikits video start time: 14:45 or follow this YouTube link.

1 – Heavy Sleeper

In the starting area of this level, go down and look for the cracked wall. Take out a Scavenger and choose the tool “Breaker Blaster” to shoot the wall open.

Inside this little cave is an Evok sleeping at a fire with a Minikit. Destroy everything you can in this cave and build a nice meal for the Evok. You’ll get the Minikit.

| camzillasmomcom
Scavenger tool selection screen. Choose the Breaker Blaster.

2 – Endor-tainment

Also in this starting area, same level as Minikit 1 above, is a green-grey imperial box. Destroy everything around it and build a scanner for a Code Card.

Next, look up. There is someone trapped in the cage there. And there’s something silver for a Villain to blow up with a grenade! Do so and a Code Card can be picked up. Put it in the green-grey imperial box to get the Minikit.

| camzillasmomcom
A Stormtrooper is about to throw a grenade at the silver lock of the cage.

3 – Geejaw and Order

At the very same location where you start that level, you can shoot 3 red parrots.

| camzillasmomcom
3 parrots flying in the starting area.

4 – Littering

Just before you leave the first area by getting onto the speed bike, look down behind a log. That’s where a Minikit is.

| camzillasmomcom
Minikit hiding behind the log.

5 – Backseat Bonanza

In the second part of the level, where you have to chase the Scout Troopers, look out for a Scout Trooper that has a Minikit with him and shoot him down!

| camzillasmomcom
Chasing a Scout Trooper with a Minikit.

How to get the Challenges – 3

If you are struggling after the written text, watch my video below. It’s commented and explains the Challenges one after the other.
Challenges video start time: 16:53 or follow this YouTube link.

1 – Dodge This!

“Fly through an AT-AT’s legs.”

During the chase of the Scout Troopers in the second part of this level, there is a AT-AT crossing over. Fly through its legs to get this challenge.

| camzillasmomcom
AT-AT crossing!

2 – In-Fighting

“Make the Scouts fight amongst themselves with Jedi Mind Tricks.”

In the first part of this level, switch to a Jedi or Dark Force. Use the Force to put one of them in Panic. He’ll start attacking one of his friends.

| camzillasmomcom
Obi-Wan putting a Scout Trooper into Panic.

3 – No Safe Place

“Damage the Scout Troopers by overloading the generator.”

In the starting area, there is a generator you can blow up. Just destroy everything and it will just happen…

| camzillasmomcom
Jango Fett destroying the generator.

Return of the Jedi 100% Completion – Video

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