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100% A Plan to Save Han

Get a 100% completion at Episode 6: A Plan to Save Han with all Minikits and Challenges collected!

How to get the Kyber Bricks

Bricks 1-3

Collect enough small LEGO studs in the playthrough to fill all the bars at the top of the screen and reach “True Jedi” (the white, the blue and the purple bar).
Also make sure to destroy everything to collect them.
 You can also go back to already picked up Minikits. They all have a purple stud now in their place. This will boost you towards the “True Jedi” achievement!

Bricks 4-6

Complete the Story, collect all Minikits and complete all Challenges. You’ll get a brick each as reward.

How to get the Minikits – 5

If you are struggling after the written text, watch my video below. It’s commented and explains the Minikits one after the other.
Minikits video start time: 00:16 or follow this YouTube link.

1 – Trail of B. Crumbs

At the start of the level, turn right and go to the big gate with an Astromech Terminal in front of it. Use it with an Astromech and go through.

You will get to a big gap on the ground that you can only cross with a wall run by a Jedi, Dark Force or Scavenger. After you crossed over, climb the big wall at the end up using the little bars.

At the top, you should notice a little mouse like creature running away from you. Follow it and it will disappear in a floor with 9 hatches. Time to play whack-a-mole! Fight it as soon as it pops out until it’s defeated to get the Minikit.

2 – Photogenetic

For this you have to first pick up a password at a C-3PO password terminal. You can open the map and look for a key item. The password terminal is in one of the side houses of the big gate at the start of the level that is guarded by Gamorreans (the pig like race in Star Wars).

After you picked up the password, go to the password locked gate in the south of the map. Again, it is marked on the map by a lock. Use C-3PO to open this gate and go through. Then, turn right and you will see a broken picture of Leia and Jabba the Hut.

The pieces for this broken picture are scattered around this area. Destroy everything so they are better visible, then use a Jedi or Dark Force to put them back into the correct place in the picture frame. You’ll get a Minikit for it.

3 – Major Malfunction

At the other side of the area from Minikit 2, there is an Astromech Terminal. Open the door with an Astromech and go inside. Pull the lever and put together a Minikit from the pieces that came out.

4 – Max Rebo Band Roadie

In the room where you free Han Solo from carbon, don’t use the energy cell on Han yet. Instead, carry it down to Max Rebo’s Music Machine. There is a slot for the energy cell at the back of it. Put in in and you’ll get a Minikit.

5 – Jabba’s Palace Redemption

In the very south of the map are the prison cells. One cell has a silver lock on it. Use a Villain to throw a grenade to free the Minikit.

How to get the Challenges – 3

If you are struggling after the written text, watch my video below. It’s commented and explains the Minikits one after the other.
Minikits video start time: 05:33 or follow this YouTube link.

1 – Don’t Blow Our Cover

“Complete the Leia and Chewbacca area without causing any trouble.”

For this challenge, pick evil or droid characters. And don’t fight, even when you are attacked.
Turn right at the beginning and go the path of Minikit 1 above. In the Whack-a-Mole area, you can grab a box and move it to a passage above. Climb up, use the lever and go through the now open passage. You’ll end up behind the main, well-guarded gate.

On this side, jump down the big hole at the locked gate with the two buttons in front. Down there, pick a Dark Force to move a box underneath the wall you can cut with a lightsabre. When you’re high enough, do so with the Dark Force and go through. Smash the grate at the end to get out. Switch to C-3PO and open the password-locked gate at the end of the corridor with the password you got for Minikit 2 and 3.

Enter the room. In the area with Leia and Jabba’s picture, destroy everything and build a ladder so you can go up to a little opening. Jump through and you can go down undetected to Han’s area. Put the energy cell into the slot to make Han wake up and you get the challenge.

2 – Learn the Droid’s Fate

“Discover the fate of R2-D2 and C-3PO within Jabba’s Palace.”

In case you have already collected Minikit 2 and 3 above you already received this challenge achievement.
You will get it when you use the password-locked door at the terminal and enter the password.
Look further above at Minikit 2 how to do that if you’re not sure…

3 – Rancor-cussion

“Pick up and throw 5 objects at the Rancor using The Force”

You will need a Jedi or Dark Force to do this. There are plenty of bones you can pick up in this fight. Force-lift one of those and throw them at the Rancor five times.

Return of the Jedi 100% Completion – Video

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