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All Minikits & Challenges: Hoth and Cold

Get a 100% completion at Episode 5: Hoth and Cold with all Minikits and Challenges collected!

How to get the Kyber Bricks

Bricks 1-3

Collect enough small LEGO studs in the playthrough to fill all the bars at the top of the screen and reach “True Jedi” (the white, the blue and the purple bar).
Also make sure to destroy everything to collect them.
 You can also go back to already picked up Minikits. They all have a purple stud now in their place. This will boost you towards the “True Jedi” achievement!

Bricks 4-6

Complete the Story, collect all Minikits and complete all Challenges. You’ll get a brick each as reward.

How to get the Minikits – 5

If you are struggling after the written text, watch my video below. It’s commented and explains the Minikits one after the other.
Minikits video start time: 00:16 or follow this LINK.

1 – Snow Friends of Mine

Find and destroy 5 Snowmen on Hoth!

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The first one is in the very south of the map. At the base of the mountain where the big round turret stands that you need to shoot to clear the path to the antenna.

The second one is at the base of the southern antenna.

The third snowman is in the east right by the gate of the abandoned station.

The fourth – a snow-vader – is at the eastern antenna.

The fifth and last one is over the bridge at the northern antenna

Then you get the Minikit.

2 – Meltdown

In the north you have to board a ship to shoot the bridge to get to the antenna. The ship turns from left to right. Shoot all the time while it does. There is an ice block with a Minikit mid-way.

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3 – Chain Reaction

In the southern part of hot you will wind a Minikit in a big round box next to four antennas.

One antenna has a lever to pull, the others can be turned. They all emit a beam. Move the beams to it forms a line to the Minikit using all antennas. When you have that line, pull the lever and the round box with the Minikit will blow up. – Chain Reaction!

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4 – Repurpose and Reuse

In the east of the map, in the antenna area of the abandoned station is a probe that steals the energy cell you need for the antenna. When you get the energy cell, don’t use it on the antenna just yet. Put it inside the orange container next to the antenna to get a Minikit.

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5 – Up to Snow Good

In the center of the map there is a Probe Droid with a Minikit flying in circles. Shoot it down!

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How to get the Challenges – 3

If you are struggling after the written text, watch my video below. It’s commented and explains the Challenges one after the other.
Challenges video start time: 04:11 or follow this LINK.

1 – Avoid the Droid!

“Shoot 5 probe droids out of the air without them spotting you first.”

There are various droids around the antennas. You will see their red detection circle. Avoid it and shoot before they spot you!

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2 – Not a Probe-lem

“Shoot 1 probe droid out of the air without them spotting you first.”

So here’s the challenge: Do above challenge before you do this one. Haha!

3 – Stylish Way Down

“Find and use all 5 zipwires.”

There is a zipwire at each antenna. When you reach the top, it will be activated.
There are two additional zipwires in the south. One from the round turret and one small one from the center island south of the antenna down to the center of the map.

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