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All Minikits & Challenges: The High Ground

Get a 100% completion at Episode 3: The High Ground with all Minikits and Challenges collected!

How to get the Kyber Bricks

Bricks 1-3

Collect enough small LEGO studs in the playthrough to fill all the bars at the top of the screen and reach “True Jedi” (the white, the blue and the purple bar).
Make sure to destroy everything you can to collect them.
 You can also go back to already picked up Minikits. They all have a purple stud now in their place. This will boost you towards the “True Jedi” achievement!

Bricks 4-6

Complete the Story, collect all Minikits and complete all Challenges. You’ll get a brick each as reward.

How to get the Minikits – 5

If you are struggling after the written text, watch my video below. It’s commented and explains the Minikits one after the other.
Minikits video start time: 22:11 or follow this LINK to YouTube.

1 – Mustafar-far-Away

After you’ve landed on Mustafar and fought Anakin, don’t follow him just yet. Look to the north. There is a Landing Platform and there does not seem a way to cross. You can either glide across with a Scavenger’s Glider or you can use the Jetpack from one of the Fett’s. There is an orange bar you can reach to get across.

On the other side, there is a golden box, you can shoot open with a Bounty Hunter blaster.

2 – Brittle Balance Beam Building

Stay on the Landing Platform in the south west destroy everything so you can build a bridge to the Minikit high up on the “antenna”-like structure.

3 – Mustafarian Metal Music

Inside the big control room, where you fight Anakin again, let him run off. Now you can open the door with the red terminal. Just use a Villain on it, solve the small puzzle and enter.

It’s a meeting room. Still with the Villain, throw a grenade at the container to the right. Turns out there is an energy cell inside. Pick it up and use it to turn on the band at the back of the Meeting Room. They’ll be grateful and give you a Minikit.

4 – Holotable Hotfix

Inside the big control room again, look out for purple cables and machinery. This is something for a Scoundrel. As a Scoundrel, aim at the holotable.

The whole table will explode into pieces. Build it back together. Now you have two red buttons on the floor. Use your two characters to stand on them and you’ll get the Minikit.

5 – A Pesky P-100 Problem

This Minikit is towards the end of the fight with Anakin, once you’re on the lava and the fight scene switches over to freeplay, you can jump over to the Minikit that is on top of a drone.

How to do the Challenges – 3

If you are struggling after the written text, watch my video below. It’s commented and explains the Challenges one after the other.
Challenges video start time: 24:50 of follow this LINK to YouTube.

1 – Let Him Eat Cake!

“Force Throw the cake trolley at Anakin.”

In the first fight at the Landing Platform, look for the cake trolley that you sometimes saw in cutscenes with Anakin and Amidala. Force-lift the trolley up and throw it at Anakin. It behaves like a blaster. Just aim and shoot.

If you can’t remember how Force-lift works, open your Holographic Menu, select the question mark and check out the abilities of a Jedi or Dark Side.

2 – Sneaking in

“Take the alternate route to reach Anakin.”

After the first fight at the landing platform, follow Anakin over the bridge. 

At the end of the bridge is a narrow yellow crossover with an orange bar at the end. Follow this path until you get to a lever you can pull. This will activate some bars you can climb up to get inside the building.

3 – Wider Awareness

“Use the steam vents to damage Anakin.”

At the very start of the fight at the landing platform, Anakin is standing on some vents. There is an Astromech terminal left of those vents. Switch over to an Astromech without attacking Anakin. Use the terminal and you have the challenge achievement.

Revenge of the Sith 100% Completion – Video

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