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How to find the Bell Tower Wing Field Guide Pages

There are a lot of Field Guide Pages to be found at the Bell Tower Wing at Hogwarts Legacy. Once you’re standing at the right location, you can easily find them because they show a ghostly scroll that you can interact with to collect them.

Here’s where they are in the same order as they appear in the in-game collectibles menu. The numbers in the titles refer to the position they’re in at the in-game collectibles menu.


The Broken Broom is an exhibit just next to the Hogwarts’ main exit at the Bell Tower Wing.

Collectible description:
“This broken broom belonged to Selene Wartnaby and is rumoured to be all that remains after she insisted on demonstrating her experimental ‘Lunar Apparition Charm’ to fellow third-years


Just close to the previous Field Guide Page, in the same hallway and near Hogwarts’ building exit you can find the Flattened Armour.

Collectible description:
“This set of armour belonged to Sir Scagglethorpe the Heedless who unwisely challenged a mountain troll to a game of musical chairs.”


In the entrance / exit hallway, take the small staircase up and you can pick up the long poled swords Field Guide page in an exhibit to the right.

Collectible description:
“Horns like this were used by goblins during the 1612 Goblin Rebellion to rally troops and generally annoy witches and wizards. This horn was discovered in the aftermath of the rebellion behind the Hog’s Head Inn, with a wedge of gorgonzola stuffed inside – presumably to mute it.”


Go back to the ground level of the Bell Tower’s entrance hall and you will see those three big bells. Interact with them to collect this revelio page.

Collectible description:
“The Three Sisters Bells are said to be a tribute to three similarly named, beautiful steep ridges that rise majestically over a glen in Argyllshire. It is rumoured that one can hear them ring in the glen, way across the Highlands, when they are rung in the castle. Locals have been baffled by the mysterious ringing for years.”


This exhibition is also in the entrance hall of the Bell Tower Wing, but as you can see in the screenshot below, it’s situated on a balcony on a higher level. Just take the staircase up to get to it. There are scorch marks on the wall that should make you wonder…

Collectible description:
“Allegedly the location of the first known instance of an arguably successful casting of Bombarda. Date unknown, caster unidentifiable.”


This Field Guide Page can only be collected during the Side Quest “History of Magic Class”. It is a step in the quest to collect this page, so you don’t have to actively find it at all.

Collectible description:
“This is the skull of famed tailor Grimbald Weft, whose skilled needlework repaired countless witches’ and wizards’ coats during the Goblin Rebellion of 1752 – thus preventing them from taking ill during battle.”


From the Bell Tower WIng’s entrance hall, head up the tower from the ground floor – just past the previous Scorch Marks Field Guide Page (Position 9). Up there is a big round acoustic room with the Frog Choir in its centre.

Collectible description:
“Here perch the slimy yet symphonic frags that comprise the Hogwarts Frog Choir. These magical amphibians can sing in six-part harmony and hold a pitch better than most humans.”


This Field Guide Page is also connected to the Side Quest “History of Magic Class”, where you have to find this page during the quest. The Waving Knight is back on the ground floor of the entrance hall.

Collectible description:
“This set of armour belonged to Sir Affpuddle of the Cheerful Countenance, a legendarily friendly knight who supposedly won every battle before it was fought by virtue of his amiable negotiating tactics. Some attribute his success to an overly potent Cheering Charm he cast upon himself.”


Enter THE BELL TOWER WING through the courtyard between The Astronomy Wing and the Library Annex and turn left into a classroom with tall, colourful windows. One of those windows is a Field Guide Page.

Collectible description:
“This set of stained-glass windows features Merlin, the four Hogwarts founders, and various other witches and wizards of the ages.”


Going back to the Bell Tower Wing’s entrance hall, this wooden cat is on the ground floor protected by a glass dome.

Collectible description:
“This wooden statue bears the likeness of Pangur Donn, fearless feline mouse hunter and devoted study companion.”


Inside the Bell Tower Wing is a big staircase that covers three floors. You can reach it from the entrance hall. At the bottom of it is the door to the basement. Enter this basement. At the top of this area you can find the Urn of Ashes next to a cabinet.

Collectible description:
“This particular urn is rumoured to have once borne the inscription: ‘Pioneer in Dragon Taming. Should not have started with the Hungarian Horntail.”


Play the story until you are able to do the “IN THE SHADOW OF THE STUDY” side quest, where you will have to discover Salazar Slytherin’s Scriptorium. You will pick up this Field Guide page in the story.

Collectible description:
“A secret and well-protected room beneath Hogwarts where Salazar Slytherin appears to have spent time making various long-term plans with respect to the student population and reflecting on disagreements he


Go outside through the big door at the entrance hall of the Bell Tower Wing, walk towards Hogwarts North exit. Left of the exit is a big gate – the stables. It has a locked door. Open it with your lockpicking spell. Inside is a big butcher’s table, which is the Revelio Page.

Collectible description:
“At first glance, one might be inclined to alert the authorities regarding this sight. Rest assured, however, that it is mearely bloody meat used to feed the Thestrals.”


While doing the “Astronomy Class” Main Quest, you meet Amit to travel through the castle turrets to find an Astronomy Table.

Inside the first ruins that you enter, there is a caged bathtub. This Field Guide Page is, like most of the outside Field Guide pages, counted under THE BELL TOWER WING.

Collectible description:
“This bathtub has been kept behind lock and key for as longs as anyone can remember. Rumour has it that the tub was enchanted to chase after students decades ago who were too obsessed with their studies to care much for personal hygiene.”


Also outside, head to the gardens outside the Greenhouse. There are a couple of bee / bumble hives to look at.

Collectible description:
“Glumbumbles are magical flying insects that produce a treacle which will cause melancholy if consumed. They feed on nettles and nest in dark and secluded places. Unfortunately, they are known to infest beehives, having a devastating effect on the honey therein.”


Stay outside, close to the main building and go to the fortifications. There are a couple of towers on top of these fortifications. One of them you can enter and find this page.

Collectible description:
“Along with powerful protective enchantments, these defensive ramparts have safeguarded Hogwarts castle for centuries. The ancient rooms and corridors along the ramparts might be worth exploring, as they harbour mysteries of their own.”


Further away from the Bell Tower’s entrance is Hogwarts’ Owlery. Climb to the top and you will find the Revelio Page at its center.

Collectible description:
“School owls and owls owned by students can be found in the Hogwarts Owlery. One is advised to explore carefully, keeping an eye out for owl droppings and regurgitated mouse skeletons.”


This page is a bit further away. Still outside, walk west of the Bell Tower’s entrance to the Quidditch Pitch. There is a vista, where you can reveal this Field Guide Page.

Collectible description:
“The Hogwarts Quidditch pitch is the site of intense house rivalries, as Chasers, Beaters, Keepers, and Seekers take to the skies in pursuit of the Quidditch Cup. That is, of course, when the favourite sport of the wizarding world has not been cancelled for the year by an exceptionally oblivious headmaster.”


For this Field Guide Page, enter the Bell Tower Wing again and go to its big staircase. As we’ve already established in the previous Position 30 page, there is a basement door at the bottom of the staircase. Enter the basement.

In the corridor after the dragon statue, there are two locked doors in one of them is the “Important Muggle Artefact” Field Page guide below (Position 75) and in the second one is this Alchemy Class Field Guide Page inside. Unlock the door with your spell to get it.

Collectible description:
“An arcane subject offered to older students on the rare occasion when demand suffices, Alchemy focuses on the four natural elements and the science of transmutation.”


As mentioned in the previous Field Guide Page collectible, you can also find this Important Muggle Artefact in the corridor after the dragon statue in the basement. It’s behind a locked door in the corridor.

Collectible description:
“This misunderstood artefact is supposedly important to Muggle warfare, though most of wizardkind find the prospect of wielding such a hefty – weapon? – utterly head-scratching.”


If you follow this guide, you’ve already walked past this Sleeping Dragon Statue to collect the previous two collectibles. It doesn’t make sense, but the dragon is listed later in the in-game collectibles list.

For everyone else:
Go to the big staircase of THE BELL TOWER WING. At the bottom of it is the door to the basement. It is here, downstairs, where you can find the Sleeping Dragon Statue.

Collectible description:
“The Hogwarts motto ‘Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus’ means ‘Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon’. Fortunately, this particular sleeping dragon is made of stone and will never awaken. It may be tickled to absolutely no effect.”


Back on ground floor of the Bell Tower Wing, next to Weasley’s office, is a locked door. Unlock it with your spell to get inside. The Sphinx Statue is behind this door, hard to miss.

Collectible description:
“The sphinx, a beast with a human head on a lion’s body, has been used by witches and wizards for centuries to guard valuables and secret hideaways due to its intelligence and affinity for puzzles and riddles.”


And we’re back in the basement, through the door at the bottom of The Bell Tower’s main staircase. From the top of the basement stairs going down, look towards the painting on the wall of a woman that’s holding a child’s hand – it has a secret door. Follow the corridor behind it into the room with the Tapestries.

Collectible description:
This set of tapestries tells the tragic tale of a witch bitten by a werewolf. She chose to flee from her home to protect her infant daughter and husband. Rumour has it that her daughter fell asleep to the howl of a wolf for years thereafter.


This page is again outside of the building. Exit Hogwarts and head down south. There is a house not far away from the big wooden bridge with this Guide inside.

Collectible description:
“One might surmise that this set of tools could be enchanted to create all sorts of furnishings for a cosy hut – as large as the occupant may need.”

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