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The Oarsmen – Midgard – All Collectibles Locations

There are 6 Collectibles at The Oarsmen in Midgard. One Nornir Chest, one Legendary Chest, two Artefacts, one Lore and one of Odin’s Ravens. Here’s where to find them.


You will see the Nornir Chest with its three runes right away, since it’s in the same room as the The Oarsmen Mystic Gateway. You have to find the three runes on the chest in the area and hit them with your axe. They will move and hum for a while and then return to their positions. You have to hit all of them while they are still moving and humming to open the chest. So make yourself familiar with their positions and then be quick!


– The “C” Rune –

The “C” Rune is just next to the Mystic Gateway to the right of it.

– The “N” Rune –

The “N” Rune is on the other side of the Mystic Gateway.

– The “R” Rune –

The R Rune is behind the gate and Freya notices another staircase on the other side. Look left behind the Nornir Chest. There is a wall you can climb up to get to the roof. After a fight, you can climb even higher up on a chain.

Jump down at the other side. From here you can pull open the wooden door by interacting with it. Now this passage is free and you don’t have to climb anymore. Now, interact with the giant chain in the area.

The second staircase is now open and you can go down. Walk past the Legendary Chest to the gate where the Rune is. To be able to shoot the rune from the other side, this big barrier to the left needs to go. Shoot the green glowing bit with a green sonic arrow. Now you can shoot the rune from the other side.

Now you just have to be quick. Shoot the three runes with your axe. “C” first, then “N” and the “R” Rune last. Then you can open the chest.


I’m sure you’ve already seen the Legendary Chest when coming down the second staircase you’ve opened by pulling the giant chain, right?


There are 2 Artefacts at The Oarsmen:

– 1: Stolen Treasures – Ankh –

There is a room underneath the second staircase. Look to the staircase when standing next to the Legendary Chest and you will see it. The Artefact is in there lying next to a dead body.

– 2: Kvasir’s Poems – The Dead Do Not Ride –

This one is sneaky. Remember, you had to climb up that wall behind the Nornir Chest and pull the giant chain? This must have closed this hole above the Nornir Chest! Climb up the same wall again behind the Nornir Chest and you get to a little room with a red glowing chest and this Artefact!


– Lore Marker: The Death of Helgi –

The Lore Marker is down the second staircase in the same room as the Legendary Chest.


On your way to the second staircase and the giant chain you have to pull to open it: Before you jump down to the giant chain, look up and you will see Odin’s Raven up on the mountain. Shoot it!

Release: November 9th, 2022
Developer: Santa Monica Studio
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom