The Lost Treasury – All Collectibles Locations

The Lost Treasury has 5 collectibles to complete Midgard. Sigrun’s Curse is a Favours Quest, then 2 Lores, one Nornir Chest and one Legendary Chest.


There is a Vault at The Lost Treasury that requires two Vault Keys to open. One of them can be found at The Derelict Outpost, the other one at The Oarsmen in the north.

– 1: The Derelict Outpost Vault Key –

This key can be found right after opening the Legendary Chest at The Derelict Outpost. Just grapple up from there and you can find the key. Check out the THE DERELICT OUTPOST – ALL COLLECTIBLES Guide if you are struggling.

– 2: The Oarsmen Vault Key –

This key can be found while clearing a barrier at The Oarsmen. Check out the THE OARSMEN – ALL COLLECTIBLES Guide if you are struggling.

Now, back in the Legendary Chest Room of the Lost Treasury, you can burn away the plants by shooting a pink arrow and then using your blades. The Vault Door is behind it and you can now open it.

Enter the Vault and win the fight. Then, look at the dead body on the throne and read the Lore Marker to finish the “Sigrun’s Curse” Favours Quest.


There are two Lore at The Lost Treasury:

– 1: The Lost Pages: 1 of 4 –

Open Sigrun’s Vault like explained above. After the fight, notice that you can crack open the floor in this Vault Room? Climb up the chain and interact with the floor from above to storm through it and get this Lore item.

– 2: Lore Marker: Love’s End –

After the fight you can also read the Lore Marker in the Vault Room. This will also finish the “Sigrun’s Curse” Favours Quest.


The Nornir Chest is just where the big golden shield is at The Lost Treasury. It has three runes that need to be found and burned with your fire blades.

– The “N” Rune –

The “N” Rune is inside the room with the Legendary Chest. It’s hiding in a corner, far away from reach. Shoot three pink arrows to make a chain so you can burn it.

– The “R” Rune –

When you climb up the shield on the left side, you can just see the “R-Rune” on top of the structure. When you’re getting close to it, you can just hit it with your blades.

– The “C” Rune –

Look up to the building. Pull the shield to the left if you need to. Then you will see the “C” Rune just next to the shield high up. Like with the “R” Rune, build a chain with the pink arrows to burn it.

Now you can go open the Nornir Chest.


When you arrive at the Lost Treasury, you will see a big round golden shield blocking the entrance to a building. As you step closer, you will notice a big round wheel in front of the shield and two red anchor points for your blades so you can move the shield either to the left or to the right.

Use your blades on the right anchor point and pull the shield to the right. Then, climb it up to the top. Up here you can see some golden ores that you can detonate by shooting at the oil flask. Please do so.
Now you can freely go anywhere at the top since you’ve opened a passage. Climb back down to the bottom.

The location on the map.
Move the shield to the right.
At the top destroy the oil flask…
At the bottom, move the shield to the left.

Now, climb back up and move the pillar you’ve just destroyed next to the oil flask to the left. This will block the shield next time when you move it to the right and the central entrance gate to the building is accessible. Go ahead and move the shield to the right. You should then see the Legendary Chest behind a shut gate.

Move the pillar at the oil flask to the left.
Then move the shield to the right.

Next, to access the Legendary chest, we need to open the gate. Interact with the big wheel in front of the shield and open the gate. There are two cogs, left and right of the shield, that need to be frozen for the gate to stay open. Shoot one cog with a pink arrow and freeze it with your axe. Recall the axe and do the same at the other side. The gate stays open and you can go get the Legendary Chest.

Once you’re locked inside, you can shoot a shield to permanently keep the gate open.

Freeze the left cog…
…and the right cog.

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