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The Abandoned Village – Vanaheim – All Collectibles Locations

There are 8 Collectibles at the Abandoned Village in Vanaheim. You can find 1 Nornir Chest, 3 Legendary Chests, 2 Lore, 1 of Odin’s Ravens and 1 of the Draugr Holes.

Nornir Chest
Legendary Chests
Odin’s Ravens
Draugr Holes


The Nornir Chest is underneath the bridge with the crane and fire bucket. The one that you had to use to burn the brambles off the other side of the bridge with.
You have to light the three rune torches with this fire bucket.

– The “C” Rune –

For the “C” Rune, is in the old tree behind the Nornir Chest.

You have to use the fire bucket here, too. To light it up, move as close as you can to the “C” Rune, then move the crane’s fire bucket so it is just next to the “C” Rune torch. Now grapple the bucket and move it to the left to light up the torch.

– The “R” Rune –

The “R” Rune is on the other side. Move the crane and grapple swing the fire bucket to light it up.

– The “n” Rune –

The “n” Rune is close to the Nornir Chest. You can light it with your blades.

You can now open the Nornir Chest.


– 1: Top of the House near Draugr Hole –

First defeat the Draugr Hole in the western part of the Abandoned Village. Behind it is a crawl space. When you follow this path, you can jump into the house with this Legendary Chest.

– 2: Top left side of the biggest Building –

Go through the biggest building – the “Arena” – in the Abandoned Village and exit at the back (north). Follow the building wall towards the left until you see a chain hanging down where you can climb up. Do so and you will see the Legendary Chest in a pool of purple poison. Look for the poisonous plant on the other side of the chest and freeze it with your axe to loot the chests contents.

Remember: When you shoot it with a pink arrow first the freeze lasts.

– 3: Western big pit with the crane –

This Legendary Chest is in the very west of the abandoned village, almost at the WESTERN BARRI WOODS in the big “pit” with the crane. Well, you have to swing over the gap with the crane’s grapple but there is a pillar preventing you to move the grapple over the gap, right?

Drop down to the bottom. There is a little cave near the pillar’s base with a small yellow chest in it. From the back of the cave, you can see the pillar and you can grapple it when you’re in the right position. When you grapple it, the pillar will tumble down. Now grapple back up to the gap you want to swing across!

Move the crane into the right position to swing over to the other side. Follow the path and you will soon see the Legendary Chest across the other side. Move the crane again, grapple swing over and open the chest!



This lore is in the western part of the Abandoned Village, across the water. To get here, you had to change the grapple point at the crane to hang to the left side. After the grapple swing to shore look to the right. The scroll is lying on the floor behind four crates.


The Rune is at the outside of the biggest building in the Abandoned Village – the “arena”.


Take the zipline down to the Abandoned Village – the three level arena – and take the exit that is parallel to the zipline. You will see the raven sitting in a tree. Throw your spear at it.


Most of the Abandoned Village is underwater and therefore is split in half. To get to the other side, you have to climb up a wall, walk through a cave and then use a crane to grapple swing inside a house. This same house has another exit. Throw your axe at the crane shields to turn it so you can exit from the left balcony.

Once on the other side, stay left and go over the bridge to – what looks like – another cave. The Hateful will attack you. Since there is a Draugr Hole here!

Release: November 9th, 2022
Developer: Santa Monica Studio
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom