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The Rider Hideout is one of the Kol Raider Camps you have to destroy for the “Animal Instincts” Favours Quest. This will tick the “Kol Raider Camps” Collectible in the map menu. It also has a Nornir Chest and a Legendary Chest. Here’s how you get a 100% on the Raider Hideout.


At the back of the cave is a Nornir Chest. The blue runes on the chest symbolise the three runes you have to find and set on fire with your blades to unlock the rune on the chest. After you found all three runes and hit them with the fire in your blades the chest will open.

Here’s where the runes are:

– The “R” Rune –

See the red plant growth next to the Nornir Chest? Shoot a pink arrow and set them on fire with your blades (L2-R2 on PS5). The “R” Rune is behind the plants.

Now you have to shoot a row of pink arrows from the Rune closer to the left so you can set in on fire with your blades. Like I did in the second screenshot. Set the Rune on fire!

– The “N” Rune –

You’ve probably noticed by now that there is a pile of golden ore blocking a passage in the centre back of the room? Look around. Close to the ground floor camp fire is a bubbling metal vase with a fire stone on top. You can grab the fire stone and throw it into the room with the golden ore. It will activate the “N” Rune behind it and also, with a lucky shot, get rid of the ore. If not, try again towards the right side…

– The “C” Rune –

The C Rune is sitting on a pillar between the camp and the entrance inside a little dark cave. When you throw one of the fire stones, it will land at the base of the pillar. Make a pink arrow chain from the rune to the base of the pillar with three arrows and throw the fire stone like in the second screenshot.

Now you can go back to the Nornir Chest and loot it.


At the left back of the Raider Hideout is the Legendary Chest. Just open it and you have this collectible.

Release: November 9th, 2022
Developer: Santa Monica Studio
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
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Guides by camzillasmom

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