Old Friends – Complete Quest Walkthrough

After eavesdropping on Kratos and Mimir, Atreus decides to go back to Midgard to talk to Freya and get answers. So let’s start the “Old Friends” quest!

Enter the Mystic Gateway
Head back to the Mystic Gateway
Return Home to Sindri’s


Enter the Mysic Gateway and travel to the SHORES OF NINE in Midgard. Sindri is with you can you can follow him to a closed metal gate. There is a yellow glowing chest nearby so open it before you continue to the gate.

There you can shoot two green shields with Atreus’ sonic ability to destroy them.

Destroying one of two green shields.

Pass through the gate and follow the path down to an elevator that can’t be used. It’s overgrown with brambles and only Kratos can get rid of those with fire. Instead, follow Sindri. On the way to a wreck that blocks your path, he will tell you that you can shoot barrels with a green shield too. I mention this because you have to go up here again in a bit.

Shoot the first of two blocks.

At the wreck, shoot some green metal with your sonic ability. That will take care of one of two parts of the blocked path. For the second one, go back up where the barrel was that Sindri told you to shoot. From there, you can look down onto the wreck and shoot the second block.

Shoot the second block from above.

After the fight at the other side, interact with the broken elevator and Sindri will repair it. Interact with it again to take the elevator up. Once up, there is a long cutscene where Atreus talks to a big snake.


The way back leads through a big blocked gate. Atreus has no luck opening it but Sindri is more successful.

At the other side is a big red glowing chest and you can continue to follow Sindri into a cave, where you have to fight again.
Free the red glowing chest from the ores by shooting the red oil flask.

Shoot the oil flask to free the chest.

The way is blocked by a green shield. Use Atreus’ sonic arrow ability to destroy it. Another fight follows before you can go through there.

Another green shield to shoot.

You will get to a ledge. Interact with it and Atreus will jump down, helping Sindri down by catching him.
Down there, Sindri will discover an old workshop and stay behind to repair it.
Continue your path without him, by climbing up the rock wall.

Climbing up here.

At the top, turn left and climb up some more, left to the side and down at the other end.

Climb up here…
… and sideways to the other end.

After you’ve arrived at the other end, you will be attacked from across the chasm. Defeat the attacker and then use the other climb point to continue with the quest. This climb can be tricky since it looks like you’re at a dead end at the top. Use your right stick to look around to find an interaction circle at the other side of the gap! Then you can cross to the other side.

Next climb point on the other side of the ledge.
Look for the interaction circle at the top of the climb.

From there you can climb up and squeeze through a gap in the wall. You’ll arrive in an open area. turn left and go down, where you will encounter some more enemies to fight. Cross the gap down there and after another fight, continue with the path.

Going down towards the left.
And crossing the gap.

You will end up at a dead end, where you have to shoot some green shields with the sonic ability again. This will open up a climb space in a narrow shaft that seems to go nowhere. But there is an oil flask to the right. You can shoot this oil flask from where the green shields were before.

Shooting the green shields. Notice the ores to the right.
Shoot the flask from same position to destroy the ores.

Now the golden ores are gone and you can walk where the ore was. From where the red oil flask was, you can shoot a green shield with your sonic ability.

Going around where the ore was before.
And shoot a green shield.

The wall will crumble away and give you a direct view to another oil flask. Shoot it from there.

This will get rid of the ores to the left and you can take the left path now to open a red glowing chest. Go back and climb the shaft now. Climb all around until you have to cross a gap again. Look around for the interaction circle!

Going to climb the shaft to the left now.
All the way around to look for the interaction circle.

After the jump, climb up and towards the right. Follow the markings. As you arrive at the top you will be greeted by another fight. There is also a small yellow chest here. Then continue with a gap jump towards a climbing wall.

Climb further up.

Climb straight up and walk into the ruined building until you get outside again at the other side. Follow the way up to the right. Follow the markings into another building at the top. Inside, there is more fighting…

Another entrance to a building…
… with some fighting ahead.

After the fight, you don’t want to miss out on the big red chest stuck in the ore right? Shoot the oil flask at the other side to get access to it.

Chest stuck in the ore…
… the oil flask at the back of it.

Go through the building and exit at the other side, where you find another big red glowing chest.
Follow the path down. You can look down and talk to Sindri from here.

Looking down at Sindri’s Workshop.

After the chat, follow the path towards a big half open gate.

Going to the half open gate.

Follow the path down to another climb spot. Climb up and to the left. Look around for interaction circles to cross bigger gaps.

Climb access point.

You have now reached Freya.


Now we need to go back another path back. Follow the markings uphill to a climb spot.

Climb spot ahead.

Climb all the way to the left and some more at the other side. Go through a small cave where you can shoot green metal off a wall that blocks your way. Pass through and climb up a wall again at the other side.

Shoot the green metal, go through and…
…climb up the wall outside.

Look for another climbing spot at the top.

The next climb spot.

Climb to the left and down from there. Where you finally arrive at Sindri’s, where you can climb down to interact with his table to talk to him.

Looking down to Sindri’s Workshop.

With Sindri, return to the gate the same way you came from and enter the tree house through the front entrance.

Release: November 9th, 2022
Developer: Santa Monica Studio
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Official Website: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/god-of-war-ragnarok/
Guides by camzillasmom.

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