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The Eye of Eywa – Complete Main Quest Walkthrough

The main quest “The Eye of Eywa” follows “The Missing Hunter” quest, where you had to locate Eetu and his Ikran Zomey. There is another Main Quest embedded in this quest, called “A Queen’s Vision” where you have to fly the Kinglor Queen to find out why the moths are seeking shelter at the Hometree. Here’s how to complete both quests step-by-step.

Quest Steps – Quick Access

Talk to Etuwa in the Kinglor Nest
Gather Swamp Hive Nectar
Bring the Swamp Hive to Etuwa and Nefika
Track the scent of herbs from the strange Viperwolf attack
Clear the Area of Viperwolves

Talk to Etuwa in the Kinglor Nest

To begin your quest, return to the Kinglor Nest situated at the top of the Hometree. Simply follow the ramp inside the tree until you reach the highest point. Sadly, Etuwa is not present there. Instead, Ka’nat, one of the Na’vi who previously mocked you upon your arrival at the Hometree, will be waiting. He sincerely apologizes for his behavior and informs you that Etuwa can be found outside Hometree in the northwest. If you have “guidance” disabled in the game menu, you must locate her using the provided information. Otherwise, her whereabouts will be marked on the map.

A screenshot of the location of where you can find Etuwa on the map | camzillasmomcom

You’ll find Etuwa and Nefika together. They want you to try to connect with the Queen to uncover the reason behind her presence in the Hometree refuge. Nefika attempted to connect with her before, but couldn’t understand the Queen’s needs. As a Na’vi and Sky People, you have the potential for greater success.

To connect to the Queen, you have to be stung by her, which is deadly. For Etuwa and Nefika to be able to revive you, they need you to collect a certain nectar first.

Gather Swamp Hive Nectar

In Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora the Gathering and Hunting is quite complex. Before you can gather the requested Swamp Hive Nectar, you first have to find in what Biome they are. Open the game menu and go to the “Hunter’s Guide” submenu. The Swamp Hive is listed under “Wildlife”. Select it to see the details.

A screenshot of the In game Swamp Hive Wildlife location entry | camzillasmomcom

You will learn that the Swamp Hive is most commonly found in the Swamp Lowlands biome of the Silk Woods in the Kinglor Forest.

Now, open your map, and find the Silk Woods and the Swamp Lowlands Biome. It’s in the southwest of Hometree at the Threaded River.

A screenshot of the in game map where the Swamp Hive can be found | camzillasmomcom

Go to this location and search for the Swamp Hive. They can be found hanging on the trees in the swamp. Collect one once you locate them.

A screenshot of a scan showing two Swamp Hives on a tree | camzillasmomcom

Bring the Swamp Hive to Etuwa and Nefika

Etuwa and Nefika will be waiting for you at the Glade of Light. If you have guidance turned off, look for a rock pillar covered in willow trees in the Big Leaf biome directly west of Hometree. Otherwise, the location will be marked on the map.

A screenshot showing the in game map and Etuwa | camzillasmomcom's location hightlighted.

Etuwa has brought the Kinglor Queen and they start the connection process as soon as you arrive.

A Queen’s Vision

When you connect to the queen, you will experience what happened to the Kinglor Queen as if you were inside her. The controls are on the left side. Use the sticks to steer and adjust speed. On PS5, press the “X” and Circle buttons to ascend or descend.

Start by flying out of the shelter, and down the corridor of trees. Now and then you will see sparks in the air with moths flying around them. Fly through those sparks to collect and save the moths. Continue to follow the path, collecting moths until you arrive at the lake with a waterfall at the end and a tree on the center island. The moths will stay at the tree, but you will have to follow the path that goes off to the right of the waterfall.

A screenshot that shows how the Kinglor Queen has to fly next | camzillasmomcom

Just ahead, you’ll find another group of moths to collect. To progress, gather all the moths in one area. Follow the path to the RDA equipment that emits energy waves, which close the flowers. Remember, the moths rely on the flowers for sustenance! Navigate around the equipment and continue on the path to the right. Keep collecting the moths in the shimmering clouds. Fly through a canyon and exit on the other side, where you’ll spot Etuwa. Land on her hand, and that’s how the moth first met Etuwa.

When you wake up, Nefika will provide you with nectar to eat. Afterwards, you’ll share what you witnessed. Our current objective is to deactivate the high-altitude devices responsible for the energy bursts. However, reaching them is impossible without an Ikran. Therefore, acquiring one will be our upcoming quest – time to “Take Flight”!

Release: December 7th, 2023
Developer: Massive Entertainment
Publisher: Ubisoft
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