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The Hunter Investigation Walkthrough Assassin’s Creed Mirage

This is the complete walkthrough of the Hunter Investigation for the Sharqiyah Bureau in the Karkh District.

Release: October 5th, 2023
Developer: Ubisoft Bordeaux
Publisher: Ubisoft
Official Website:


Travel to the Sharqiyah Bureau in the east of the Karkh District. This is one of two Bureaus in this district, make sure you’re going to the one in the northeast corner of Karkh with Fuladh as the Bureau administrator.

“Meet Fuladh in the Sharqiyah Bureau.”

As you enter the Sharqiyah Bureau in the Karkh District, you will also meet Ali and Beshi. They are very upset and involved in a heated discussion, which will give you the first Investigation case of the Sharquiyah Bureau: The Hunter in the village of Jarjaraya, where we will have to find and eliminate another order of the ancients member. Three more cases will be revealed during this investigation:


“The executed rebels were taken from Jarjaraya, Ali’s village”.

This is the first main quest of the Sharqiyah Assassin’s Bureau in the Karkh District. The quest is called “The Hunter”. There is a map marker on the map and the HUD to speak with Ali at the Gate. The location is just outside of Baghdad’s city walls, in the southeast of the Bureau.

There are two horses nearby. Follow Ali on Mount to the village of Jarjaraya in the Wilderness region southwest of Baghdad. He will dismount at the village and lead you up to the top of a house, where you can talk to him for the mission objectives briefing.

After the conversation cutscene, the investigation is updated, that patrons at the Teahouse might know something. So we now have to investigate the Teahouse.

There is an objective marker on the map and on the Hud, pointing to the south of the village. Open up your assassin focus and look for bright orange highlights. The most obvious one is the old man standing in front of the house, the Teahouse Elder. Talk to him first, since he may have valuable information. You may give him a gift, one Merchant Token, or leave. You don’t need to pay him the token. We’ll pick up the gift in a bit.

Exit the tea house through the back door and look for another other bright orange item: A body lying on the floor.

Listen to the conversation in the area and you’ll get the option to “Sober up the drunk man” – so he’s not dead. There was at least one similar quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, where I just had to pick up the drunk and throw him into a lake or a river. This time, a cutscene will do that for you. The chat with the drunk will update the main Sharqiyah investigation with a comment, that there are a lot of missing slaves in Jarjaraya and more people have gone missing. This is one of three clues to find at the Teahouse.

Next, climb to the top roof of the Teahouse and interact with the orange glowing box there. You will pick up some precious tea. Sounds like this is a brilliant gift for the Teahouse Elder. Climb back down to talk to the Elder at the front of the Teahouse. Give him the tea as a gift. You will receive the second of three clues at the Teahouse area. 

Just after the conversation, another man – the Teahouse owner –  wants to talk to you. He’s standing in front of the house. Follow him to the back of the Teahouse and talk to him to get the last clue of the area: The son of a Zanj widow is missing, which is another case. You now have two map locations: One for The Widow’s Farm and the other one for Jarjaraya: Ali’s Village.

Before we start the Widow’s Farm investigation, return to Ali and Beshi. They are interrogating someone inside a nearby house. You can follow the marker to get to them. The cutscene in the house will end The Jarjaraya case. Open up the investigation tab to select “Widow’s Farm”.


“Find and Speak to the Widow”.

This was a clue Basim picked up at the Teahouse and is another quest for the main investigation called “Like Father, Like Son”.

The Widow’s house is in the west of Jarjaraya village. As soon as you get near the quest marker, you can use Enkidu, the Eagle Vision. But the location on the map screenshot below is accurate. Wait for the Widow to finish her conversation with another woman, then speak to her.

She wants you to pick up flowers at a nearby location, northwest of her house. As soon as you see a farm destroyed by fire you’re at the right place. Behind a ruined building is a field of flowers filled with snakes. The easiest way to do this is to activate assassin focus and then use a throwing knife or a blowdart to kill the snakes.

Return to the widow as soon as you’ve picked the flowers. She will tell you what happened to her father and now fears for her son. After the conversation, activate the assassin focus and look for tracks on the path near the house that you can follow. Follow the tracks. They will also give away a red glow.

The footprints lead you to a building just south of the Widow. With Assassin Focus, you can see that the front door is barred and there is a movable shelf at the back in bright orange. Go to the back of the house and move the shelf to the right so you can access the house. Inside, on a table, is a letter from the widow’s son. 

Now you can return to the Widow in the north and talk to her about the letter. This will close the widow’s investigation and open up a fourth one: Dogan’s Farm, which you can’t select yet.


“Someone at the harbor in Jarjaraya is informing on the rebels”.

The Informant is the continuation of the “The Hunter” Quest and one of for Investigations to find the Order member. Go to the village’s harbor as indicated with the quest marker on the map.

As soon as you are close enough, the marker will disappear and you can use Basim’s Eagle Vision to focus on the location. The Informant will only be there in the daytime and he will run away when he sees you. So if it’s dark or you have not been careful enough, sit on a nearby bench to “blend in” and pass the time until morning. There is a bench just near the water, where the Informant sits for the first time. If you can’t find a bench, they are highlighted in Assassin’s Focus.

Tail the Informant stealthily by using the roofs, tall grass, and straw. He will meet with a soldier by a pier in a restricted area. You can either stay in stealth and pickpocket the soldier, or you can attack and kill to get the information from him. 

This will reveal the name of the Order member in the center of the investigation – Dogan bin Arslan – and close the Informant’s side quest. 


“Rebel hunter Dogan bin Arslan takes captured slaves here”.

Return to Ali in his house. He’s east of the location where the informant met the soldier and you picked up the last clue.

Ali will give you the location of Dogan’s Farm, where you have to rescue captured rebels. The location is in the east of the village, across the river. It’s a big open area with a lot of tall grass to hide in. But of course, it’s a restricted area. 

If you prefer to use Eagle Vision to highlight the guards, there is only one marksman at the top of the main farm building. Just sneak in close enough to take him out with a throwing knife or a blowdart and Enkidu is safe. A group of rebels is being kept in a cage a bit further away from the main building. You can free them while staying hidden by throwing a knife at the destructible cage door – that’s rather convenient!

After you’ve freed them, head to the main building. Another rebel is kept inside the house on the second floor, guarded by a soldier. You can climb up the house from the back, take care of the outside guard on the balcony, and then use corner assassination on the soldier guarding the widow’s son. Free him and meet Ali just south of Dogan’s Farm. He will lead the assault against Dogan bin Arslan and his guards.

Follow Ali into the assault and fight with the rebels. Dogan is the soldier that looks like a captain. Loot him after the fight. He’s carrying a letter called “Dogan’s Orders”. Picking up this piece of paper will open up new targets for the next investigation – a higher-ranking Order member:
Officer’s Club, Al-Rukh, and Al-A’eshma.

With the death of Dogan bin Arsland, this Investigation is concluded and you can continue with Officers Club – The Raptor and the Demon.