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Triangle Codes

Regarding the numbering. In the in game triangle menu. I count them from left to right, then I go down one row. So e.g. 13 is second row, the first.


Found at the Dubai mission at the start of the game. Open a vent to the left shortly after the dropoff. There is a dead body inside and the first triangle.


Found inside Pilgrim Station in Prague. Next to the Security room there is a passage to some more rooms.
The Triangle is in a cartboard box on top of a row of lockers.


In Story Mission M9: Checking out the Men in Charge
While in the Neural Subnet, go downstairs, where you can manipulate 6 pillars.
(the laser beams are in the room above)
The Triangle is in this room on the floor.


In Jenson's Bedroom. There is a secret stash compartment next to the bed on the floor.
Open it and the Triangle is in there.


In Jenson's Apartment. Move away the fridge. It is behind it.


In Otar Botkoveli's Lair in the Sewers. In the room with the Security Computer, there is a vent access right behind the desk. Go through. The Triangle is in this vent.


In Chikane's Place. Hack the door next to the Exit to the helicopter platform.
Go down. You should be now at "Level 1".
Find a painting with planes on the wall, move it and push the button.
Go through the door that opened. The Triangle is in the weapon's cabinet.


In the Picus Vault at Palisade Bank.
To access the vault you need to first get the Picus Vault Key.
It is in the top left apartment at "Libuse Apartment",
in a safe behind a painting. Move the camera to get to the safe.
Access to the vaults at palisade bank is through the garage.
There is a vent you go through at the garage to go down to the vaults.
Bottom vault is the Picus Vault.


Found in Miller's Apartment.
It's Apartment 203 at 33 Hlavni Apartments. It has a big Australian flag hanging on the wall.
Once you're inside, punch the boxing bag and it will open a door. The triangle is hidden in the little shelf.


Get it in Story Mission M15: Investigate the Catering Area.
Right at the start there is a locker room to the right with dead bodies in it.
The Triangle is in one of the lockers at the back.


Get it in Story Mission M15: Saving the Delegates
The Triangle is in the Delegates Meeting room. After saving them, you'll find it in one of the drinks tables.

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