List of all Side Quests

This list is WORK IN PROGESS and will be updated ASAP.

This is a list of all side quests and where to pick them up in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Quest NamePickup LocationQuest Location
A Farmer’s ArdorQueen’s Gate – Flora the FarmerQueen’s Gate
A Knight’s ToilWeepwild Dankness – Dank EncroachmentWeepwild Dankness
A Pet’s RestOverworldOverworld
A Realm in PerilBrighthoof – Izzy’s FizziesOverworld
A Small FavorBrighthoof – Bounty BoardTangledrift
A Walk to DismemberBrighthoof – Bounty BoardCrackmast Cove
A Wandering AyeCrackmast Cove – Scalliwag LandingCrackmast Cove
Alchemy: Miracle GrowthOverworld – NoceanOverworld
Alchemy: Precious MetalsOverworld – NicholasOverworld
Alchemy: To Block the SunOverworld – OrsonOverworld
All Swashed UpCrackmast Cove – Scalliwag LandingCrackmast Cove
Ancient PowersKarnok’s Wall – Soultorn RiseKarnok’s Wall
Armageddon DistractedBrighthoof Bounty BoardOssu-Gol Necropolis
Attack of the snack!OverworldOverworld
Burning HungerTangledrift – BeanageddonTangledrift
Cash 4 TeethBrighthoof – Bounty BoardWeepwild Dankness
Clerical ErrorOverworldOverworld
Diplomatic RelationsDrowned Abyss – Untrodden DepthsDrowned Abyss
Eye Lost ItOverworld – The SweetsandsOverworld
ForgeryBrighthoof – BlacksmithMount Craw
Goblins in the GardenBrighthoof – Bounty BoardQueen’s Gate
Goblins Tired of Forced OppressionBrighthoof – Bounty BoardMount Craw
Gumbo No. 5Sunfang OasisSunfang Oasis
In My ImageOverworld – BelvedanceOverworld
In the Belly is a BeastCrackmast Cove – The Salty SaunterCrackmast Cove
Inner DeamonsWeepwild Dankness – ZygaxisBrighthoof – Glitteryards
Legendary BowOverworld – NoceanOverworld
Lens of the DeceiverOverworld – NoceanOverworld
Little Boys BlueWeepwild Dankness – Grotto of SorrowsWeepwild Dankness
Lyre and BrimstoneWeepwild Dankness – Dank EncroachmentWeepwild Dankness
Necromance HerKarnok’s Wall – Positive HeadspaceKarnok’s Wall
Non-Violent OffenderBrighthoof – Bounty BoardMount Craw
Of Curse and ClawDrowned Abyss Drowned Abyss
On The Wink of DestructionBrighthoof – Bounty BoardSunfang Oasis
On Wings and DreamsOverworldOverworld
Pocket SandstormOverworld – BlatherskiteOverworld
Raiders of the Lost SharkBrighthoof – Bounty BoardWargtooth Shallows
Ron RivoteTangledrift – Last LightTangledrift
Spell to PayBrighthoof – Bounty BoardKarnok’s Wall
The DitcherBrighthoof – IzzySunfang Oasis
The Slayer of VorcanarMount Craw – JarMount Craw
The Trial of Crooked-Eye PhilBrighthoof – Bounty BoardCrackmast Cove
Twenty Thoughsand Years Under the SeaBrighthoof – Bounty BoardWargtooth Shallows
Walk the StalkTangledrift – BeanageddonTangledrift
Working BlueprintOverworld – BorpoOverworld

Release: May 26th, 2022
Developer: Gearbox Software
Publisher: 2K Games
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom.

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