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The Mermaid City’s Son – Walkthrough – The Thaumaturge

This is the complete walkthrough of the Main Quest “The Mermaid City’s Son” in The Thaumaturge video game that was released in March 2024.

1 – Go to your Father’s Funeral

After departing Transcaucasia Village in the Main Quest “Shadows of the Sins Past”, you arrive by train in Warsaw. Enter Vienna Station to collect the following “Text” collectibles before entering the city:

  • A Wanted Notice, pinned on a board to the very top left of Vienna Station.
  • Anti-Thaumaturge Leaflets, not far from the previous Wanted Notice, on the floor next to some benches.
  • “The Country” Weekly Magazine, a magazine lying on the bench to the left of the previous collectible.
  • Revolutionary Leaflets, lying on the floor in the center of the hall, close to the ticket counter.
  • The Warsaw Courier, lying on a bench near the exit to the Southern Srodmiescie District.
  • The Daily Courier, lying on one of the tables of the restaurant to the right.
  • Menu, on top of the restaurant counter to the very right of the screen.

Exit Vienna Station through the Southern Srodmiescie exit. In the cutscene you meet Wanda, who is asking for help to escape, giving you the Observation: Request from a Gril in Trouble and Observation: Pistol Bullets. Then, talk to the Sergeant, who will give you Observation: Gendarme Readiness and inspect the barrier to the left – Observation: Police Barrier.

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Talking to the Sergeant
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The Barrier

Go over and talk to the Workers’ Leader and you will receive Observation: Workers’ Leader, standing alone at the center of the scene. You then can “Draw a Conclusion” about The Manhunt at the Station.

Right after that, you will see the Bukavac standing next to the Sergeant to “Manipulate” him. In the conversation that follows, you can either hand Wanda over to the police, make the sergeant accuse the Worker (needs 2 Deed points), invoke your last name, or goad the police officers into fighting.

If you choose to make the sergeant accuse the Worker, they will arrest the Worker Leader and let everyone else go. You can now take a carriage to your father’s funeral.

At the Powazki Cemetary, go to the cemetery entrance that is blocked by a crowd. After talking to the Shady Men who block the entrance, you have to defeat them in a fight before you can enter. Choose Upyr in the fight with the ability to heal.

The Szulski Mausoleum is at the top of the cemetery map. But before you go there, you can pick up a couple of “Text Collectibles”:

  • Parish Announcements, at the cemetery gate.
  • Obituary Notice, at the message board of the cemetery gate.
  • Stanislaw’s Obituary, at the message board inside the cemetery.
  • Tomb of Marja Wisnowska
  • Tomb of Jan Chmielec
  • Tomb of Graf Friedrich Karl Nesselrode

At the Mausoleum, talk to Mordechaj Chajat and enter to attend your father’s funeral.

2 – Go to your Family’s Home in Northern Srodmiescie

After the cutscene, you’re still inside the Mausoleum. There are two “Text” collectibles here:

  • Tombstone of Jozefina Szulska
  • Tombstone of Nikodem Szulski

Head to the cemetery exit. After the cutscene, you can decide to either travel with your family or go solo if you prefer to explore further. The “Szulski Family Tenement House” is in the south of the Northern Srodmiescie District, just to the right of the Carriage Stop. It has a Ground Floor and a First Floor. Let’s explore the “Text” collectibles on the Ground Floor first:

  • Father’s Portrait, just above the fireplace.
  • The Warsaw Courier: Evening Extra, is lying on top of a coffee table in the northwestern corner of the area.
  • Bust of Morana, is inside and alcove next to the staircase to the first floor.
  • 365 Dinner Recipes for 5 Zlotys by Lucyna C., can be found on one of the tables in the kitchen.
  • Grazyna’s Liqueur Recipe can be found in the kitchen on top of a small table to the left of the kitchen area.

Before you leave to investigate the basement or the first floor, talk to Uncle Veronin, the highly decorated soldier in the kitchen. He wants you to look for something to drink. This will update your quest journal.

3 – Get a Bottle from the Cellar for your Uncle

This part is easy: Find the Basement Door on ground level (you can also open and look for it on the in-game map) and go down to the basement. There are three bottles of wine and spirits that you have to find. A “Pinot Noir from Oregon” on the wine rack at the top right, a “Sauvignon de Bordeaux” on the table close to the portrait, and “Quince Liqueur with Amber” on the far left on the floor.

To find them, you have to “scan” the area as a Thaumaturge.

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Pinot Noir from Oregon
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Sauvignon de Bordeaux
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Quince Liqueur with Amber

After picking up those three bottles, you can “Draw a Conclusion”, which doesn’t say much.

Before you leave, pick up the “Text” collectible: Mother’s Portrait in the basement (you can’t miss it).

Return to Uncle and give him one of the bottles to complete this side quest. Uncle will be pleased with the Quince Liqueur. This action will trigger a “Point of Interest”, allowing you to have a drink with Uncle Veronin and capture the moment in the notebook.

4 – Go to Your Father’s Study

Father’s study is located on the first floor at the far back of the main hall, up the stairs. Before heading there, let’s search for “Text” collectibles:

  • Sirin’s Bust is at the top of the first floor’s staircase.
  • Pseudomonarchia Daemonum – the book is next to the toilet in the bathroom.
  • Message from Mother – the letter is next to the room divider in Ligia’s bedroom.
  • My Letter from Rome, July 1896 – the letter is on the dresser in Ligia’s bedroom.
  • The Polish Gazette: Evening Edition – the newspaper is at the base of Ligia’s bed.
  • My Letter from Paris, November 1896 – the letter is on the desk in Ligia’s bedroom.
  • Szulski Family Portrait is hanging on the wall behind the big desk in the study.
  • Stanislaw’s Last Will is in the library on the second floor of father’s study.

You can now speak with the Notary inside the study to proceed with the story and complete this Main Quest.

Release: March 4th, 2024
Developer: Fool’s Theory
Publisher: 11 Bit Studios
Official Website: