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The Art of Dying – Side Quest – The Thaumaturge Video Game

This is the complete step-by-step walkthrough of the “The Art of Dying” Side Quest in “The Thaumaturge” Video Game released in March 2023.

After you, the Thaumaturge returned to Warsaw and listened to your father’s will, travel to the Powisle District. A Side Quest called “Memory Horizon”, which you can get right after your father’s will was read in the study will take you to Powisle anyway. So why not start this quest as well?

1 – The Art of Dying Side Quest start

To start the “The Art of Dying” Side Quest, head down to the riverbank in the northeast of the Powisle District. And head down to the water. A Side Quest cutscene will start, where you will meet Morana, another Salutor and at the end of it, you will have the “The Art of Dying” Side Quest in your Journal together with the Observation: Vision on the Bank.

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Side Quest starting location on the map
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First Observation received after the initial cutscene.

Head north on the riverbank to talk to the artist / painter and the two policemen. One of the policemen, Commissioner Pelevin will initiate the next Side Quest step.

2 – Follow Commissioner Pelevin’s thoughts

Scan the area using your Thaumaturge scanner. You’ll spot three tracks to follow in total. One leads back to the riverbank. Before proceeding on the other paths, chat with the Angler there. They’ll guide you to the Artists’ Shack. Since the police suspect the artist due to his eerie paintings, it’s wise to check out the shack. Ask the Anglers everything you can to receive the Observation: The Prime Suspect and Observation: The Hovel.

Now follow the two other red tracks. One of them will lead to the Artists’ Shack and the other one to a backyard in the west of the map.

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The three areas in Powisle that have to be investigated.

2.1 – The Artists’ Shack Investigation

Let’s head to the Artists’ Shack in the southeast of the map first. You have to fight some drunks before you can enter. Inside, you have to use your Thaumaturge scanner otherwise you won’t find anything.

Look for:
“A message from the policeman” on the table to the left -> Observation: Message from the Commissioner
The paintings at the back of the room -> Observation: Finished Paintings
The brushes on the stool next to the paintings -> Observation: Expensive Brushes
The big piece of cloth to the right of the room -> Observation: Dirty Rags

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All four investigation areas are highlighted.

2.2 – The Backyard Investigation

Let’s exit the Artists’ Shack and head over to the backyard in the west. There is only one item to investigate here. Look for a crumpled Telegram on the floor -> Observation: Crumpled Message

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A crumpled telegram on the floor

3 – Find the person with the Flaw that Morana seeks

It’s now time to return to the riverbank, where the artist is. Scan the area with the Thaumaturge scanner. At the end of one of the jetties, you can find some candles -> Observation: Snuffed Candles.

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With all the other, previous observations, you can now draw the conclusion -> Conclusion: The Fisherman Case.

Return to the artist and scan around this area. Interact with the easel -> Observation: Easel.

You can now draw the Conclusion: The Freak from Powisle.

Now you have everything you need to talk to the artist Kajetan again. Wiktor will soon see something red brewing inside the artist – Morana. This will give you the Observation: The Flaw and you can draw the Conclusion: Queen of the Depths. Just when he wants to retrieve her, the police arrive and arrest Kajetan.

After the cutscene, the Side Quest “The Art of Dying” is completed, and then a new Side Quest titled “Horses in the Sky” begins.

Release: March 4th, 2024
Developer: Fool’s Theory
Publisher: 11 Bit Studios
Official Website: