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The Last Activist – Complete Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Welcome to the complete Chapter 2 Walkthrough called “The Last Activist”. We’re going day-to-day and solve all the puzzles to get you safely to Chapter 3. Keep in mind that this game has various endings and some paths could go a different way than described.

DAY 9128 – X-MAS – X-NAY!


Day 9128 starts with a normal shift. The special condition is, that all X-Mas packages are now out of date and need to be recycled with the blue “expired” sticker before you recycle them. Finish the shift above the “F”.

A green and red Christmassy decorated package labelled with the expired sticker on the way to recycling | camzillasmomcom
The christmas package with the “expired” sticker.



After this shift, you meet with Skew and the bird drone to go see yourself what is really happening down in the back of Jüngle. Right at the start, a B-KON drone will attack. Grab it with the Jüngle Gun (R2), Prime it for Launch (L2) and throw it somewhere behind you (R2). It’s as if you throw a package. Same principle.

The round B Kon drown grabbed with the Jüngle Gun ready to be thrown away | camzillasmomcom
Grabbing the B-Kon to throw it away.

Bird tells you to follow but you can’t really see her anymore. So go all the way straight ahead, past the hibernating bots, through the vent door with the green light at the other end. Here, you’ll find bird again.

In the next section you’ll learn how to avoid scanning bots. Just look out for vent sections with the orange-purple rebel symbol. There you can hide until the scanning robot passes. Then just get out and proceed behind its back. It can only see you where the purple beams are.

A dark corridor in the Jüngle facility with a marked corridor designated to be a hiding spot from searching bots | camzillasmomcom
The hiding spot highlighted with a red circle.

Go through the purple laser barrier at the back and follow the cow signs from here. You’ll find bird again near an open, round shaft that goes down. After the conversation, hover down to the next area, which is a bit trickier. As soon as you get down, you should see a hiding corridor to your right. Hide in there for now.

Another hiding spot in a more open area | camzillasmomcom
The hiding spot to use

Observe the robots. None of them seem to have purple beams. Just in case, wait until they turn their back on you. Just opposite is another hiding vent. You will not need it if you wait for the robot at the other side to go to the right again. Just follow him and you will see another hiding vent around the corner.

A corridor with two robots and a marked vent to the right that can be used for hiding | camzillasmomcom
The next hiding spot

On the other side of this vent look to the left. There is a lit oval passage that you can take to get to the next section.

| camzillasmomcom
The oval passage to take

Go through the vent gate at the other side and follow the cow signs. Hide behind a “Live Animals” container to get safely past the scanning bots. At the other end, look for the purple and yellow rebel symbols at the vents where you can hide from a bot in the corridor. First follow it, then hide and sneak past it when it comes back to get to the next vent gate.

Welcome to the trickiest area so far. This is a big room with a cow elevator and a production line with “Live Animals” containers. Cross the production line and look to the right. There is a device you can turn on. It does not matter what it turns on, it’s important that it will distract the robot on this side long enough to get past. Shoot at the lever with your Jüngle Gun and pull it down with the sticks.

A device with a lever on the wall that can be manipulated to distract a bot | camzillasmomcom
Use your Jüngle Gun on this machine to pull the lever

You have to go through at the other side. There is a scanner robot patrolling in a circle around a box. Just follow behind it and from there straight ahead past the other two robots with the back towards you. You will be safe in the corner there.

From here, look for the next vent gate to take. Where you have to free a cow. Shoot your Jüngle Gun at the highlighted device and press when you see the green energy bar light up. Wait for the cow to fall down…


Move when asked nicely by bird to pick up the cow’s chewing gum. You will then get the tracker device. Switching to the tracker is like changing to the Tagger. Use the triangle (PS5) to switch Jüngle functionalities with the arrow buttons.

| camzillasmomcom

Practice a bit on the bot before you will have to do it on the next day…



Day 9129 is all about tracking skew. But first, process at least one package before you search for Skew to tag him like you did with the practice bot. Skew will then disappear.

Shooting a tag at Skew to track him down | camzillasmomcom
Tagging Skew

The GPS does not work to find where he went. You will have to use the map that is in the centre console of your scooter. Skew is the green symbol. There is a broken vent near the area where the green symbol is. Pull the gate door away with your Jüngle Gun so you can get through.

A blocked vent with the door hanging onto it | camzillasmomcom
Pulling the vent open

On the other side, just follow the path. There is only one way. Now and then your energy will drop to zero and you will have to manually charge it by pressing the button at the right time – when the bar is lit up. It’s a bit finicky but it will work. Find Skew.



The three together again you head to the pool. Not to relax, but to enter the underbelly. In the next section of the game you have to be quick. There are three towers that have to be activated one after the other in a certain amount of time to open the big round gate. Use the booster of your scooter in between to gain some time.

At the tower, you have to press the button in the highlighted area to activate it. It’s like you did before when recharging your scooter.

One of three towers that need to be powered up to open the gate | camzillasmomcom
Activating the tower

After successfully powering up all three towers, Skew will open the gate. It’s an elevator platform. To proceed with the story you have to land your scooter on it.

Further down, follow your friends and the path through to find The Last Activist. On the way you have to manually charge your scooter and move away debris in front of passages, like you did before in the story. Now you will pick up the HACKER for your Jüngle Gun.

To get out of there, follow Skew and move away debris again until you get to a wide open area.



Welcome to the confrontation with the Demolition Robot. It is hungry for metal. The more it gets the stronger it gets. You will see that in the following mini-game. The robot has a round magnet it uses to grab metal out of the ground. As soon as the metal is hanging on the magnet, you have to interact with it with your Jüngle Gun – just the gun. Move the right stick to the direction of the highlighted bar to “pull” on the metal.

| camzillasmomcom
Charging up the highlighted area by just moving the right stick.

This will fill the highlighted bar from white to yellow. If it’s fully yellow, you will rip away the metal on the magnet and the Demolition Robot can’t eat it. If you fail, the highlighted bar gets shorter, getting more difficult for you to aim the right way with the stick.

Fill the highlighted bar a couple of times until you’ve starved the Demolition Robot and you’ve saved your friends.

| camzillasmomcom

But now it’s your time to use the Hacker Tool in the Jüngle Gun. Use it on the colourful panel near the elevator to get back up. Complete the pattern before the timer is running out.

Release: March 30th, 2023
Developer: Oiffy, Wolf & Wood Interactive Ltd
Publisher: Wired Productions
Official Website:
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