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Old Dog, New Tricks – Complete Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Welcome to the complete Chapter 1 Walkthrough called “Old Dog, New Tricks”. We’re going day-to-day and solve all the puzzles to get you safely to Chapter 2. Keep in mind that this game has various endings and some paths could go a different way than described but I guess we’re safe for now.



The first day for you, but Day 9125 for Kurt starts off with Skew, your companion robot, having an episode and you go through the first day training again. That’s quite handy.
These are the basics on how to get along and handle packages to “Deliver Dreams”.


There are two important controls that you have to keep in mind while playing the game. There are controls to move your vehicle and controls to handle your Jüngle Gun.

Vehicle Navigation:
Depending on what platform you’re playing, there are navigation controls to look around, steer your cart in all directions and float up and down. Make sure to “boost” your cart whenever possible to save time and get to the top of the end of day ranking! Here are how the controls are on the PS Controller. Other controllers are most likely similar.

Playstation 5 / Controller Navigation Controls

Left Stick: forward, backward, sideways driving
Left Stick (press): Boost
Right Stick: forward, backward, sideways looking
Right Stick (press): GPS – A blue dotted line showing the way
R1: Hover up
R2: Hover down

Manipulation / Handling:
Working in the warehouse, you will have to handle packages and other things. Everything you do is done with the “Jünglegun”.

Playstation 5 / Controller Manipulation (Jünglegun) Controls

R2: Pull Jünglegun / shoot to grab item / shoot item after L2 – Primed for launch.
L2 (Hold): While holding an item – Prime for launch.
Arrows (down and up): Reel towards you and away from you.
Arrows (left and right): rotate package / item
Triangle Button (hold): Jüngle Gun mode change
Arrows (left and right): Used while in Jüngle Gun mode change. Left: Tagger, Right: Tracker

The Jüngle Gun holding a package to be sent off with the terminal at the background | camzillasmomcom
Jüngle Gun Primed for Launch


Since this is the first day, I will document the whole dealing process here. In the following days I will just point out if something changes. Your normal workday consists of the important task to “Deliver Dreams”. Those dreams are always inside one of the cart boxes in the shelves. When you’re at “normal” work – you’ll know what I mean – you’ll have to perfectly handle 5 packages to get a perfect rating at the end of the shift. Do following to achieve that:

1 – GPS

Start with the GPS. The blue dotted line will guide you to your package. If for some reason the GPS does not work, look at the map that is displayed above your cart’s steering wheel. The target is in green, the delivery point is blue and the recycling terminal is red.

2 – Pick up the package

The package in the rack is marked with a green light. Use the Jüngle Gun and check the status (is it damaged) and the stickers (size, weight and special). If special stickers are important in a shift, they are announced at the start.

The rules for an acceptable package in a glance | camzillasmomcom
Size and weight rules

If the package is alright, the outside is not damaged, the size and weight matches, you can send it off. If something is not alright, you have to label the reason on the package before you use the recycler. On this day there can only be two reasons. Either the package is “Damaged” or it is “Incorrect” when the weight or the size don’t match. For the weight, put the package down on your cart. There is a display in the centre console of the cart that shows the weight of the package.

3 – Package Drop-off

Time to send the package off. When you’ve spotted a fault and there’s a sticker, the GPS will guide you to the “recycling” terminal. Otherwise to the “Send to customer” terminal. Once arrived, pick up the package with your Jüngle Gun, “Prime Launch” and shoot it to the terminal. You will get a quick info about what you’ve just sent and then start the process again with the GPS.

For now, continue with the tutorial until you get to start the new day.



Apply what you’ve learned (the worklist above) to make it through the day. Remember to boost frequently and successfully send off 5 packages to get a top rating but you only need a rating above “F” to pass.

Back in Kurt’s room, pick up the breathing mask when he can’t breathe to end the day.

Kurt | camzillasmomcom's sparse room with a can of frankfurters and a mouldy piece of bread on the table before him.



Jüngle will talk to you at the start of the shift. Listen closely because he will tell you what to pay attention to at this shift. Today, a green Jüngle Pronto sticker is important. You have to be extra quick with those packages if you see this sticker.

| camzillasmomcom



After the shift, you’re not allowed to sleep yet, you are invited to a race. If you loose you get fired. Three rounds against a bot. Pick up a package, race the course with it and drop it off at the send-off point.

In the third round you’ll get help from a little drone. Follow the bot and the drone into the vent. At the white wall, the drone will tell you to boost when it says so. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me. For the story to continue, I had go get as close to the white wall as possible, so I could get past the EMP without the boost. If you have the same issue, try that!

| camzillasmomcom
Me, with my face at the wall!

After you’ve passed the EMP you’ve won the race. In your room, you finally get to hear from the drone what is going on…


Release: March 30th, 2023
Developer: Oiffy, Wolf & Wood Interactive Ltd
Publisher: Wired Productions
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom