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The Last Worker – Against the Automated World

When I approach a new game, I won’t read much about it, I just like to be surprised. A bit like opening a present or the famous praline box – you never quite know what you get until you bite into the first praline. It’s the same with The Last Worker. And the flavour of this praline is something else!


The Last Worker is a new narrative adventure game all around the last worker at the world’s biggest retailer. It starts off with getting huge claw attachments for your hands in an environment that looks like an area in “Borderlands” – the drawing style is just as similar. Right after, round, yellow bots are attacking and Kurt, the protagonist, has to smash your way through towards a non defined end point. At some point he shouts: “I can do this all day!” and me, not as loud, answering: “I surely won’t!”, thinking that this game would be another one for the bin pretty soon. – Now I’m glad I stuck with it! It was all a nightmare!

Kurt is the last worker in the futuristic retail centre “Jüngle” – like amazon in the future – “Delivering Dreams” to people. There used to be thousands of workers but, for some reason, had been all fired and replaced by AI workers – the same round, yellow bots from Kurt’s nightmare that – in his real world – fly around the facility, picking up and shipping packages. This is Kurt’s – hence, the player’s – day-to-day job: Waking up in the morning in a not so inviting room, heading to work, sending off packages, get rated by the boss, going to sleep. Rinse and repeat.

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X mas is expired Easter is coming

After the tutorial on how to send and recycle faulty packages yourself – which is quite a nice game all by itself – you get hit by the surprise that there is much more! Kurt is saved by a resistant member from being fired. She was able to sneak in and looks like a tiny bird drone, telling curt that there is much more about Jüngle that he thinks. Something much, much darker…

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Dont get caught by the evil bots

You – as Kurt – get to sneak deep into the facility to see and uncover “Jüngle’s” shocking schemes. Is it really just dreams that are delivered? Just good dreams or the nightmares, too? It’s just something I want to find out more about and keep playing! In the next couple of Kurt’s days, I just get to send off the bare minimum of packages, have to sneak past nasty robots, track my companion down to his secret hideout and save my friends from a huge, hungry robot. If that’s just the start of it, where else will I go? I’m definitely ready to find out!


The Last Worker is a pleasant surprise all in all and a joy to play. The basic warehouse work is fun and plays like a time management game, where you have to evaluate packages due to a handful of rules and then decide if it’s acceptable to deliver to the customer or recyclable – you even get to see what’s inside the packages! The other part of the game is different, requires more skill in sneaking and – not too intense – puzzle solving. It’s this balance that makes it so special. Kurt has to stay the Last Worker in the retail centre and perform well in the package delivery sector to continue to do his underground work, or else he never uncovers Jüngle’s dark secrets! And just when you think you’ve seen it all or you have all the tools that there are, you get another ability to go on even further! The Last Worker is a fresh surprise compared to what there is to play and I want more of that! – Be aware: A lot of explicit language though!