All Jean Sylvain Bailly Echoes Locations in Steelrising

The Jean Sylvain Bailly Echoes are scattered all over The Tuileries and sometimes hard to find. There are 3 in total and look like a “Notes” collectible with a bright shine. In the order as they show up as you make your way to Bailly’s Observatory.

The Representatives Assemble

In the Main Quest “Troubled Waters” you have to find get to Bailly’s Observatory at The Tuileries.

After you’ve spoken to him, he gives you the keys to the big gate in front of the townhouse. Go through that gate and defeat the big round robot further on. Leave the big round robot square by jumping over a barrier and continue to press on until you reach a big round square. Here, all the normal paths forward are blocked. So you need to climb the scaffolding and use the ledges to get inside a room through an open window. In this room is the Echo. – This is also the normal Main Quest Path.

The Tuilleries – Climb up the scaffolding.
Into the room with the Echo.

Save Yourselves if You Can.

Still in the Main Quest “Troubled Waters” where you have to find get to Bailly’s Observatory at the Tuileries.

Just after you’ve picked up the previous echo, you’re making your way through the Louvre Gardens towards the Louvre. On the other side of the gardens you’ll have to climb up a white wall to advance. Once you’re up there look in a small garden to the right. There’s the second Echo.

Climb the white wall at the Louvre Gardens and look behind the hedge.
Here’s the Echo in the small garden.

Final Hearing

In the Main Quest “Troubled Waters” you have to find get to Bailly’s Observatory at the Tuileries and find Monsieur Bailly.

To do so, you have to cross the Louvre Gardens, have a Boss Fight at The Grande Gallerie, move over to the Quai du Louvre and then enter the Louvre Apartments. Monsieur Bailly’s Observatory is on the top of Louvre Apartments but he’s not there. Exit the Observatory through the third floor exit door and go downstairs to find Monsier Bailly.

Instead of leaving the Louvre Apartments through the Window to find him, follow the corridor straight ahead to the back, where you find the third and last Echo.

Downstairs after you’ve been to the Observatory.
Straight ahead in the corridor.

Release: September 8th, 2022
Developer: Spiders
Publisher: Nacon
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