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Steelrising 2022

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Jean Sylvain Bailly

Why so little?

Hi there!

You may wonder why there’s only one tiny Echoes Locations guide out and here’s the answer: I stopped playing this game about 6 hours in – and even though I already documented a bunch of Notes and Echoes collectibles, I didn’t want to publish them, since I haven’t played a big amount of the game.

The reason being, I was just put off by the amounts of game breaking bugs. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a mom and a – sometimes – patient person. Even after I’ve encountered a bug at the moment, where I had to repair the workshop elevator and the quest step wasn’t triggered and still asking me to repair, I restarted the game in good faith. The second time ’round, the quest was triggered, but then I had another not-trigger bug when the game crashed in the Luxembourg castle Boss fight and after a reload, the quest trigger was hanging at “Go to Luxembourg” castle, and never recovered…

Even after this, I tried to go for another Main Quest, but after a while, I just got tired of the repetitive game play, the lack of visual candy (it all seems to look the same). You know, it gets boring when you see the same old broken horse coach in the alley, all barrels and boxes looking the same and the fights… well… let’s say, time is precious and there are other things to do that excite me more. The game just lacked the love that kept me playing.

Some piece of thought. I don’t know if we’re still in the pandemic aftermath, but it seems to me as if the recent games that came out seemed to be on the buggy, not so inspired side. Give me back the joy, of not being distracted by glitches and game breaking bugs. Just breathe and be true to yourself when you answer following question: Is this thing stable / playable / performing the way we really want it to perform?

Thank you, Spiders / Nacon. Try again and I’ll be there.
Tatah, camzillasmom <3

Release: September 8th, 2022
Developer: Spiders
Publisher: Nacon
Official Website:
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