Sons of the Forest – Questions and Answers to the Video Game

Welcome to the Sons of the Forest Video Game Questions and Answers, where you find all important things to know about how to play the game!

Q: Any advice for a new player?

A: The game can be a bit overwhelming at start but here are a couple of things that could be useful to you:

  1. Just at the start, go back to game settings and lower the game graphics grass quality. This will make all the collectibles like herbs and mushrooms pop out and you can pick them easier.
  2. You can bind weapons to slots from one to zero on the keyboard. Just go to your inventory and put the cursor on top of a weapon. Now you can click the number you want it on on your keyboard.
  3. Regarding the inventory: Time stands still when you use it. So if you need to eat, heal or just take a break just hit the inventory and all will be fine.
  4. You can change the mode of the schematics guide by holding the “X”. Then you can see different items and buildings.
  5. Keep exploring and collecting materials, even though you feel like you don’t need them. This will unlock new blueprints. Make sure to explore different parts of the forest to find a variety of plants. Some like their special areas!
  6. Crouch! You can hide in bushes and hunting is much more efficient. – Also the more noise you make, the more enemies you attract! So keep that in mind while cutting trees or building your dream house.
  7. Speaking of noise: If you’re too lazy to cut trees, you can also use explosives and grenades to bring in a little fun and maybe some cannibals.
  8. Regarding cannibals: Get a bow as soon as possible. You can keep away enemies more efficiently and close combat can be very dangerous. Especially at the beginning.
  9. Cannibals don’t swim. You can use that advantage by either hiding or fleeing into deep water.
  10. Avoid the caves at the beginning until you have a good weapon, armour and light source.

Q: How to revive Kelvin?

A: You can only revive Kelvin by manipulating the save file. If you want to do that follow those steps:

  1. Find your save file. You can normally find it under “C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\Endnight\SonsOfTheForest\Saves”
    If you can’t find it there, open the File Explorer and search for “SonsofTheForest”. This should give you the game folder with the saves in it.
  2. Open the Notepad (you can use search in windows and type notepad to find it). Open the save file you would like to change and look for “IsRobbyDead\”:true” and change it to “IsRobbyDead\”:false”. Save the file.
  3. In the same save file, search for “\”State\”:6”. There should be  “TypeId\”:9″ above it. Change the “\”State\”:6” to “\”State\”:2”. Then look for “Health\”:0.0″ and change it into “Health\”:100.0″. Save the file again.
  4. Kelvin should be alive again. – The dead body remains… (type removeDead if you have console access – see below)

Q: How to befriend Virginia?

A: Virginia is a very shy woman that will run away if you approach her. She is mainly in warmer, sunnier areas. You won’t find her in the snow. Follow these steps to befriend her:

  1. Try not to more when she’s coming closer and keep your weapon away.
  2. Keep still a couple of times until she will offer you berries and other things she finds useful.
  3. Soon she will accept something from you. So you can give her weapons and clothes and later also the GPS locator.

Q: How to open the bag quickslots?

A: Default is to hold the “I” button. But I would recommend to change the settings to the TAB button, which, in my case, is more straight forward.

Q: How to use cheats in single player?

A: Console Commands can only be used in single player mode. Here’s how to use console without a trainer: After start, just type cheatstick on your keyboard. You don’t need anything to type it just type it where ever you are ingame.

Next, press F1 and you can use the console. Type load to see all commands.

Release: February 23rd, 2023
Developer: Endnight Games Ltd
Publisher: Newnight
Official Website:
Guides by camzillasmom

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